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spoonflower 'skip-ity' fun!!

munki nuts

Oh dear, the above picture and title were meant for yesterday's post but in my haste to present the goodies I forgot.  The above was taken to show you the nutsome length's I go to in obtaining the fabrics I want,  Dash to the haberdashery dept.???  Oh no!!  far too easy(!).  I have to get people as besotted as me, to buy me munki pyjama's in the states, so they can send them to me, so I can cut them up, chop off the buttons and button holes and quilt with them.  Please tell me you do similar things and aren't thinking 'I knew she was a loop but this....'

An easier way to go about munki attainment is of course to swap for them, which is where these beauties came from.  I was unsure how to use these exceptional cuties as they are printed on flannel and I am a little dubious of them not wearing too well in a quilt.  So I decided on stockings!!!!  quilted ones!!  
I just cut out a newspaper stencil in a stocking-ish shape to use in making a patchwork for each one using the munki and of course my own 'deck your quilt's' and 'christmas washing line' fabrics - don't they look pretty in there!!!!!!  Then I made two stocking shaped quilts (ie. front and back) for each one.  Note the top edge of each needs to be sewn before you baste and quilt.  Then I just pinned and used my favourite toy.........trusty little foot guide (again!!) to knock up some more quilty trellis' and voila........done.  Though Asha says she prefers her old stocking so I suppose I will get to use hers:)