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boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoonflower fabrics

When I showcased my 'skip-ity' fabric a few weeks ago, a couple of you requested I design some boy fabrics.  Jo (bellsjo) particularly requested something along the lines of 'Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, which is all very well until you have a go and then realise how hard it is to come up with a fabric that is not too gory (which little boys would love but mum's, well wouldn't).  So here is my fabric interpretation of the rhyme...............I hope it appeals to mums and sons alike.

Poor pup!!!

For my second design, I went for that old boy-ish!!!  but decided to take a different road to the usual.  I've gone for the young boy as wannabe inventor, as that to me is boy-ish-ness in a nutshell.  Boys are always intrigued by the workings of anything and fascinated by designing their own supercars from a young age, that is what this one is all about.  So mum's of sons, as a mum to two girlies, have I got the boy thing wrong or right??!!!  I am intrigued to find how this goes!

new spoonflower fabrics!!!


Well the new fabrics are already on their journey over to me!!!  So I suppose I had better reveal what's instore (or will be!).

Four new fabrics in total, I'm showcasing the two girly ones today and the boy-ey ones tommorow, though they are all already listed in the shop so go take a look if you really have to. 

First up in the original incarnation of the lovely belle.  'Belle the cloudbuster', with her stripy leggings, balloons and bobble hat is here to put your frowns to bed and send you to an altogether floatier, dreamier place, somewhere I would far rather be!!!  All belle's clouds have a silver all clouds should!! 

 Definately my very favourite bit!!!

Secondly I have gone for that old favourite, little red riding hood in 'little red runs very fast indeed!'.  She runs from the house, she runs from the tree's.  She relaxes whilst hiding behind another tree and hangs her cape out to dry!!!  Well, storybook character's have to do the laundry like everyone else you know;)

My favourite bit of this one, as it actually appears printed on fabric (a sample).

New fabrics will be here by the beginning of next week, pre-orders are now being taken, you know where.