I think it's time for a little party
comic strip quilt

sometimes I sew.....


It warms my heart to know that deep down we are all the same whatever corner of internet land we are hiding under.  Your comments on the true extents of your procrastinating have made me giggle out loud over the last couple of days but only because I identify with all that laundry dodging and 'dinner can wait' logic.

Any how it might amuse you to know that sometimes, I really do find time to sew and here is some um evidence.  This is the progress on my pickledish quilt so far.  I have now completed 64 of my 128 pieced arches and most of those have now been formed into ovals too (but I'm too lazy to get my camera out right now).  This is what I worked on over the weekend quilt market was on, wishing I had gone myself, sigh.