so far so bloomy
finished bloom quilt

blooming and boothing


Ive been busy sewing (or sowing) up the seeds of -  you know that quilt I'm making, the one with the dresden explosion in the middle of it.  I've had to pick up my game and speed up with it having found out that the third sofa of our new set is going to be arriving tommorow.  Which means my available floor basting space is about to be sliced in half (leading to a slight panic of how I'm going to baste my future projects).  I decided to change my original choice for the flower centre from white to pale green but I'm not liking how its looking so that may get changed back after it's been quilted.  Other than that I am LOVING how it's looking so far.

Edited to add - Bloom quilt pattern is now available again and can be found here.


I'm also loving the surprise early birthday present I got yesterday - an Ipad 3.  I always ask my family not to buy me presents but sometimes they ignore me and come up with gems like this.  This little baby is getting a bit of a workout and is a highly distracting bit of gadget with fun stuff like the photo booth function (above) - I keep trying to put it down but it's hard :)