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December 2012

the frosty quilt


May I present to you in all it's starry eyed glory, the finished Frosty Quilt.  

This one just made itself, all I had to do was be present and hold the fabrics together whilst the machine sewed them up for me (like magic).  It's called the frosty quilt on account of the colour scheme, mainly blues and greens with a few unexpected burgundies/browns and blacks.



There's a good old mix of my fabrics (Sherbet Pips, Cherry Christmas, Sew Stitchy and a couple of the minty green prints from the forthcoming Posy line) plus a good spoonful of Pez, a couple of bella solids - Robin's Egg and Misty and a sprinkling of other prints.

You can find the tutorial I used to make the blocks here.



I quilted in a chevron pattern, binding is Jolly Holly in Noel from Cherry Christmas.


Backing is Little Robins in Aqua also from Cherry Christmas.



This is going to be my last post for the year, I need to take a break from the internet and spend some long overdue time off with my family.  I expect to be back, recharged and ready early next year.

Until then, please do enjoy yourselves a lovely, crafty and relaxed Christmas with the ones you love.

All the very best until 2013 

Love, aneela xx









On Monday, I decided I really wanted to make a new winter-y quilt.  I don't have time to make a quilt, so I thought I could control myself, stick to making four quilt blocks and make them into a pillow instead.

That's how it started in my head, anyway.  Somehow I managed to make 6 blocks by accident and then mistakenly cut out more squares when I wasn't looking and now it looks as if this quilt is making me make it whether I own the feasible quilt making hours or not.

So I guess it seems this quilt is going ahead.  (It would be kind of nice to have a little company if anyone's interested.  I'm using this tutorial and these are fun blocks to make).



Yep!  We got our Christmas tree on the weekend.

The girls love decorating it so much I just leave them to it.  The short one decorates the bottom and the tall one deals with the top bits.

My job is just to remember where I've stashed all that quilty sew-y stuff I've made over the years and fling it here and there to Christmas up the view.


First there are the cushion's on the sofa - despite having my first Christmas fabric line out this year, so far I didn't manage any new seasonal cushion-y goodness (big fail) but I do like to repeat to myself that  'there is still time'.


I got my Cherry Christmas 'Vintage Holiday' quilt out and I'm feeling so happy I got this one done over the summer while I had the time.  Pattern can be found here.


Table runner - I used the blocks from my Jolly quilt pattern to make this - again it got squeezed in sometime in July.


This is my seat -  Yep! Right next to Le Christmas Tree.


Here's an overview - My house is tiny but I prefer to call it cosy, can you see how everything is jigsawed in there?





That's it for now.  I'm sure I made a few more bits and pieces and I'll be showing you those just as soon as I remember exactly where I put them :)