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Posy fabric


Stuck at home in the snow earlier this week I took the opportunity of taking some pictures of the Posy fabric I was cutting up for a new quilt project.  These designs are perfect if you are over the coldness of the weather right now and looking forward to spring arriving (it cannot get here fast enough in my eyes).  So if you fancy a fabric stroll through spring, this post is for you.









I'm so happy with the way this line turned out and I can't wait to see what you all do with it.  If you need some idea's, here are a few projects I've made with it -

Ice cream top

Hopscotch skirt

Book report dress

Playful quilt

Baby quilt

Sidekick tote

I also used a good amount of Posy mixed up with other fabrics from my stash for my Scrappy Trips quilt.

Yardage of Posy has just started arriving in stores.

This will be my last post for a while, things have been a little busy here behind the scenes lately - We are hoping to move house in just a few short weeks and so I'll be taking a little break from writing the blog until all that stressful stuff is done.  Until then, I hope you have a fun spring and I look forward to catching up with you very soon :)

book report dress


As my girls get older, I find that it is dresses that they are getting the fussiest about.  Lots of styles that work on younger girls don't seem to suit the tomboy tendencies of girls just a few years older.  Right now, I can forget about looking at all those pretty dress patterns with lots of gathers around the waist area and likewise for anything with frills or bows. Those are met with lots of eye rolling and even more heavy sighing in that silent 'you just understand me' tone.  In short anything too girly is a no go area.

Which is why I am glad for styles like this - The Book Report Dress.  A straight style with a couple of pleats here and there, cute button detail and hidden pockets.  It has just the right amount of pretty but it feels grown up and wearable.  My littlest (age 9) gave it an instant thumbs up.  She even helped me sew the pockets (she pressed the pedal whilst I moved the fabric).

This is the first time I purchased one of Liesl's PDF patterns rather than the paper version.  I think I am now converted.  Not only do you get your pattern instantly but you also have the advantage of reprinting the pattern as many times as you like which is an advantage if you want to make the dress for two different aged girls or want to re visit the pattern in a year or two when someone has grown out of their current size.


Something else I like about this style is it good for the changeable weather of spring or autumn.  It looks perfect with shoes and bare legs or with tights or leggings and boots or lace ups.






I made my dress in the 'Ditsy' print in Hollyhock from 'Posy'.  My daughter picked the fabric herself (because I wouldn't want to make a mistake in that department either).

stop start hexagons

Photo (25)

This  is a little project that I have going on right now.  I started a few months ago and I only work on it in dribs and drabs, whenever I have a little time.  It's coming along nicely and now measures around 20" square.

Photo (26)

I recently pulled out all the paper shapes in preparation for turning it into a cushion but now I am not so sure on that idea.  I kind of fancy doing a off-centred hexagon block in the middle of a quilt sashed in a pale coloured solid but I can't make my mind up if that is the best plan.  

We shall see...

January icecream


Following on from yesterday's post, another recent winner in the little lady dressmaking department was this sweet little Icecream Top (one of the 3 options offered in this pattern).  This time I used this print from my Posy line called Meadow, which shows (amongst other things) cute little girls in stripy tee's holding baby chicks in their hands whilst seated next to a kercheif wearing chicken.  The print in the white colourway is my absolute favourite since it most closely resembles a little illustration from a sketchbook (the artist in me can't help but love that).


Lucky for me, the little satorially discerning lady is also a fan and willingly wears it of her own free will (the phew factor is high here).







Apparently it goes very well with tutu's as well as the stripy hopscotch skirt I showed you in yesterday's post - Not that I know these things, I am told them.

stripy hopscotch


As my daughter's grow older, I find that it is getting more difficult each passing year to sew them clothes that they will actually wear.  They are getting very fussy particular about what they will or will not wear (there is a lot of competion from all those jeggings and leggings they love).  When I designed my newest fabric line Posy (yardage will be shipping any day now), I took my colour inspiration from those items in their wardrobes they loved.  They both adore this coral shade (and have an army of skinny jeans and tees to prove it).

So in the hope of sewing them something that will get worn lots, I added this candy stripe to the new collection (also available in a purpley pink and a minty green) and sewed my youngest daughter up this Hopscotch skirt from it.



The verdict - She has had it for one week and already worn it five times.  I think I will call that a result.


Some styling tips from the lady herself - team your stripy skirt with grey/flouro pink lace ups. I am pretty sure if I was her age right now, I would be doing likewise :)

Scrappy trips quilt


My Scrappy Trips Around The World quilt top is done.  I might rename it the speedy trip around the world because I started out last Thursday evening cutting the strips and sewed the last row on to the top yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

I made 36 blocks which makes a 72" square quilt.  There's something like 2000 odd 2 1/2" squares but it's all strip pieced using this genius tutorial which makes it one of the most enjoyable quilts you can make.  My twelve year old daughter has already cut out 6 strips so she can try a block for herself (she's making it in school for her textiles class).

I knew I had to make this quilt after I looked up the tutorial one night right before bed and dreamt that I cut out all my strips and started piecing my blocks.  Disappointed as I was when I woke up I decided that I HAD to make it in real life. 









It's been quite a trip but I'm sure this wont be the last scrappy trip I make ;)

then this happened..


I usually try to avoid starting a new quilt at 9.30 pm on the 3rd of January but as soon as Megan started showing off her Scrappy Trips quilt in progress at the end of last year I fell hopelessly in love and all future resistance was tragically futile.

Today, I laid out all 36 of my finished blocks and started planning my layout.  I can honestly say in my 4 year long quilting experience, that I have never enjoyed making a quilt quite as much as this one.  It's so misleading looking as all those squares because this quilt is strip pieced using a very clever shortcut technique that had me oohing and ahhing everytime I pieced a new block.  Even my girls were intrigued, transfixed even with how 'magic' the method was.  If you fancy making one yourself the tutorial can be found here.  There's also a flickr group here



There's a good deal of my new line 'Posy' in there (did you see that precuts are now on sale?) along with some 'Sew Stitchy' and lots of others. I'm hoping to get this one stitched up (and maybe quilted??) by next week.


We'll see.

Little Red redo


Happy New Year!

I hope you've enjoyed a good start to the year of 2013?


I started out as I mean to continue, by stitching up my Little Red Riding Hood embroidery, again.  I stitched the original 3 years ago and she was promptly given away in a swap.  So this little miss is staying here to live with us.  It was fun revisting something I've stitched already, I changed a few minor details but she is pretty much a twin.  There are lots of helpful tips for making all the stitches I used in my book.


This year is going to be busy and I start as I mean to go on!