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Flutter mini quilt

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Flutter is a new mini quilt pattern I've been busy putting together over the last few weeks.  I used to make mini quilts more regularly a few years back but after finishing this one I've been wondering why I don't make them more! - they are so quick to finish and I can't wait to hang mine up (once I can decide where I want it most).

This was a perfect first project for me to showcase my new Foxglove fabrics to you.  I loved putting it together.  And now that I've finished the mini, I'm getting started on a full sized version, I hope to bring you an update soon.




You can find a pattern for the mini quilt here.

You can find the Foxglove fabric collection now at all of these fine stores -


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the girl on the tree swing

This is the story of how the girl on the tree swing came to be.  

It began in the autumn of 2009 when I found myself doodling a few pictures of girls on swings.  I have 2 daughters as you may know, age 7 and 10 and consequently have spent many hours in a variety of parks pushing my daughters on one swing or another for several hours at a time.  As you may know, once a young child gets their little bottom onto the seat of a swing, it stays there superglued  until you come up with a clever distraction.  I always think that I have never seen my daughters happier than when they have been sat swinging away to their hearts content.  So back to the sketching, it wasn't going well as the swings looked kind of clunky and angular until I 'married' two of my favourite things to doodle, girls on swings and trees!!!

Around this time, I was really wanting to try out a few stitching techniques I had seen online.  I was really inspired by this doll quilt of Tacha's and thought my girl on the tree swing image would be a perfect one to try something similar in.  So I came up with the girl the tree swing mini quilt you can see above which I then came up with the idea of giving away. 

I don't know why but it did seem a good idea at the time.

The giveaway and the quilt were very popular, I think that there is something so sweetly idyllic in the tree swing image that we all identify with either ourselves or when we see our own daughters happily swinging away.  It takes us to a place we all want to be.  So by popular request, I decided to write a tutorial for the quilt.  Above are just a few of the quilts made by others using the tutorial, posted in my flickr group.

A few months later, I thought it might be a good idea to recreate the tree swing image (and keep it for myself this time!).  I was in an embroidery mood this time, so my girl was recreated in stitch.  One of the striking things for me looking at this embroidery now is how carefree and dreamy it looks.  I say this because when I was stitching this up, I was in a lot of pain (I later found out that this was due to a bladder infection - not nice at all).  It's funny to think how the embroidery completely belies the pain I was in.

If you are interested, I have a tutorial for making the filling stitch in this embroidery here.  The girl on the tree swing embroidery pattern can be found here.

This embroidery has been so popular ever since I launched it, that I thought where else can I take this?  The answer of course was fabric!

First there were spoonflower prints, these were handrawn and coloured illustrations of mine scanned into the computer, with just the background added in windows 'paint'.

Then came (or will come soon!) the Moda fabric - 'girl on a tree swing print from my 'Sherbet pips' collection.

One thing I love about this print is the way Moda printed it.  When I designed the print (you can see a cropped image of my original illustrator artwork in the banner at the top of this blog) it was made up of two girls swinging, one with a red dress and the other blue.  Moda decided to repeat some of the images as mirror images and this is what makes the fabric itself 'swing' (look at the fabric and see how those little girls all look like they are in motion!) very clever.  Another thing they did was to change the hair and dress colours of the different images across the print.  Surely one of these reminds you of a little girl you know?

As for the girl on the tree swing, you just never know where she might turn up next...........

fan(tastic) tree quilt

I think this one is my favourite tree quilt mini so far.


I have always wanted to make a fan type tree block ever since Katy made this dreamy one for the Ten Make Two Bee a year or two ago.  For a while I hoped someone else would make one for me and added Katy's pic every time I made a flickr swap inspiration mosaic, wilfully wanting one to magically appear.

But in the end, I had to do it myself.

I didn't use a pattern or paper piecing but just winged it.  Adding each piece where I thought it should go. I was very tempted to hang a little tree swinging girl off the tree but decided it might make it OTT.

And so the little wall forest of the future grows.  I think may be two more and I'll be done (is 5 a forest?).

Hope you are up to some good quilty fun too?! 

little trees


I like BIG quilts.  Big quilts are the business for snuggling under and hiding from the cold.  But big quilts can be a huge operation to mastermind in the making particularly if you, like me, turn your front room into a sewing studio by day and living quarters by evening.  Sometimes I get tired of trying to hide all the STUFF that goes into big quilts.  At times like this I start to think about making small quilts.  Small quilts are pretty useless as quilts unless you want to keep one hand warm (at a time) but they make excellent make overs for walls everywhere in need of a little dressing up.  Small quilts are particularly useful to hang up and stare at whilst cosying up under a big quilt.

This little small quilt is what I was making when I wrote this post (yes, wayyyyyyy back).  It took a long time to actually get the binding on because life's like that.

Now, all I need to do is finish off (stitch the binding on) a few other little quilts with trees on and I can show you my very own little fabric wall forest (every wall should have one).

Bet you can't wait?????


playing with the pips

I have had a little time to spare in the past couple of weeks, so of course I had to spend it hanging out with my new babies 'The pips'.  

When I designed this collection, I had to imagine the way it would all work, co-ordinate or gel (for want of better vocabulary), in my head.  But in truth, I didn't really know how it would all look once cut up and sewn.  I was really just crossing my fingers and hoping that they would all be friends, balance out each others weaknesses (the way good friends do) and we could all live happily ever after in my little patchwork heaven.

So finally, the moment of truth has arrived....................



What do you think?????

clouds in hexagons

All clouds should be made out of hexagons............

Especially clouds of computer grief, you really shouldn't get because you bought a new computer last week and this week your internet decides to laughingly play hide and seek.............................causing you to spend the entire day sorting it and then not having enough time to write a proper blog post on account of having to run up to your daughters school to watch her do a New Zealand dance and eat New Zealand biscuits.

And then I shall return and plonk a mug or two on a few more hexagons disguised as a coaster................................whilst stitching a few more.....

Not that I'm addicted or ANYTHING...

boats for quilters


Today, I was hoping to show you the big quilt I made with these fabrics BUT silly me - I forgot to make use of the sun's rays for the last several days to do the photo's and today it is of course raining.

So instead, I'm bringing you the little quilt I made with the scraps.  A sailboat with a patchwork sail made up of the highly lickable 'Dream on' by Urban Chiks for Moda.  Warning! these fabrics are made of pure sugar.

The story behind this quilt because EVERY quilt has one.................

Before I ever owned a house or was married or had kids, before I had a mobile phone and even before I had made ANY quilts, I bought a boat.

Not a sea worthy sail boat but a quaint little riverboat called Stroller, all river boats you see must have their very own unique name.  My boat was a Dawncraft (it slept 4, had a fridge, toilet, table and sink), made in the 70's and one day I shall own one again.  Just so I can make some lovely little quilts and things especially for it.

Things I found fascinating about owning a river boat.  You do not need any kind of license to drive/steer one.  People riding boats around the river thames frequently do so with a glass of red in hand, it is it seems perfectly acceptable.


Something I really loved about having the boat was painting pictures of it, above top.  And painting pictures of other boats whilst sitting and dawdling on my boat, above below.  I hardly ever paint these days, the acrylics have been replaced by fabric and thread.  Expect a few more little fabric boats from me to come.