at a glance pouches

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I made these 'at a glance pouches' late last summer.  I wanted somewhere I could store things neatly and orderly so I could see what I have in there all at once.  I can be quite messy at times but I always find if things are neat and tidy, I tend to be more productive.

These were quite quick to put together and I've found thery are perfectly sized to hold my essential tools as well as collections of Aurifil thread,

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or embroidery flosses,

031 (3)

or paper piecing projects.  Everything is all neat and flat and organised.

Which hopefully means that so am I!

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Like the projects I showed you last week, I've been working on a pattern for these for quite some time.  It's nice to get them neatly crossed off my to do list at last.

Don't be expecting any more patterns for quite some time though.  I think I might have wiped myself out working on these the past few weeks.  Thank you to my friend Hadley who thoroughly pattern tested these for me.

Hopefully I'll have some new sewing to show you soon :)


fold over sewing pouches

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Today I'm going to show you what I've been working away on recently.  I say recently but in truth this project started over a year ago.  I wanted to sew up a handy pouch where everything could be kept together but was compact enough to carry around too.  After a few attempts I came up with the idea of the fold over sewing pouch -  a pouch + pincushion + needle book + scissor pocket all in one.  It's the perfect thing for sewing on the go, English paper piecing, embroidery or just a handy kit all together when ever those sewing impulses take hold.

030 (2)

 It also folds up neatly and quite stylishly too! 

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I also wanted to make a few super small pouches because I'm always looking for a place to keep small items together and came up with this this mini pouch and needle book combo.  You can see how mini these are next to the Aurifil thread, they are tiny! The styling is the same as the sewing pouch even though the construction is surprisingly different.  Both of these fit rather neatly into the sewing pouch too.  The mini pouch is perfectly sized to hold things like binding clips.

076 (2)

The mini duo also work really well for knitting projects - I use the pouch to keep my stitch markers together and the needle book for darning needles.

You can find a pattern for the sewing pouch here

and one for the mini pouch and needle book here

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040 (2)

Even though I started working on these all those months ago, I only got around to finishing off the patterns over the last couple of weeks.  With the help of a couple of friends to pattern test and several billion hours spent working in illustrator and about the same in word (phew!).  They are finally ready.  

Now I just need to go and make a few more.

Oh and by the way, it feels so good to be back blogging :)


Christmas knitting kit with kittens on

Pbp 023

I finally got around to making myself a needle case for my knitting projects.  I searched online for a pattern then realised I had just the thing right under my nose.

Pbp 026

By changing the pocket sizes to fit my needle collection (so far) my Project Book Pouch was the perfect hold all to hold all those necessary accroutrements - circular needles (for socks and cowls), dpns, crochet hooks, cable needles, stitch markers.....  There's even space to add my knitting book in there plus any printed patterns (always losing those just when I decide I want to start on something).

Pbp 073

So I'm all set for sock knitting over the holidays.

Pbp 005

This is my collection of book pouches so far - the top one for knitting, the center one for EPP and the bottom for embroidery.  The top two were made out of my new Hello Petal fabric (shipping this week I think) and the bottom one is made in Sew Stitchy.

Pbp 016

Here they are all empty...

Pbp 083

And here all filled up and ready when I am :)

magic stars part two

Magicstars 016

Over the weekend I pieced up a new Magic Stars quilt top, this time all in Hello Petal.  For this one I decided to omit the borders and I much rather prefer it without.  This pattern goes together so quickly and it makes me so happy to admit that the pattern came about through accidentally piecing some blocks the wrong way up.  I love it when accidental turns out better than intentional.

Magicstars 033

Magicstars 081

Magicstars 076

This is how  my design space looks currently, Skip is on the left and Magic Stars on the right.  It makes for a very pretty site.  Both quilts are calling out for me to quilt them right now but I just so happen to have started another quilt...

I see December is going to involve alot of quilting and a binding marathon :)

Winter Snow

Photo 2 (14)

Now that we are into November already, I am really in the mood for some cosy stitching time whilst snuggled up in front of the fire sitting as close to the radiator as I can. This little embroidery of a red coated girl pulling along her snowman chum on his sleigh was originally stitched up for a Christmas magazine feature last year. I'd forgotten all about it and then stumbled across it in my embroidery box and thought it would be perfect to stitch up into a quick cushion for my festive sofa decorating this year.  I'm thinking of bordering it in one of my Cherry Christmas prints.......maybe one of the red ones?

In the meantime if you are feeling the urge to curl up with a little project of your own to stitch, may I suggest this one?  You can find the pattern here.

Photo (72)

magic stars


I somehow made this quilt block completely by accident.  I was piecing up a different idea for a quilt and clumsily sewed it up in the wrong order.  It didn't look the way it was supposed to look but I kind of liked it more than I would've liked whatever it was I was trying to stitch up.  

I love accidental quilt blocks.


So that is where the magic in the name comes from.  And stars because the patched up blocks turned into stars (more magic).  I also really liked that this is another one of those multi layered patterns - there's the star pattern, a trellis pattern and a four patch type thing going on all at the same time.

More is always better than one.



If you are interested in finding out more and discovering the magic for yourself, the pattern is now available here.  The piecing is very easy, it is not put together the way you might think.  There are no templates or any paper piecing involved, it's all super straight forward :)


Fabrics are again a mix from Sherbet Pips, Little Apples, A Walk In The Woods, Sew Stitchy and Posy.  All designed by me for Moda.


project book pouch


I made this project pouch almost a year ago.  I wanted something that could hold everything I needed in one place when I was in the middle of embroidering something.  When my book came out with it's pullout pattern pages I came up with this idea - a pouch that opened up like a book so you could see everything in it easily (so much easier than fishing things out of the bottom of a project bag don't you think?).

Even better this book is perfectly sized to hold your latest favourite craft book and any pattern sheets/pullouts or special papers plus all the notions and supplies you need for your current project all together in the same place.

Perfect for embroidery, applique or english paper piecing projects.


I use mine ALOT.  When I'm home, when I'm out, when I'm teaching.  Whenever I teach I keep getting asked if I have a pattern and I usually reply that I hope to do one soon.

But no more because I finally sat down for the last couple of days, drew up all the pictures in illustrator and got the pattern written.


If you fancy making one for yourself or for someone else, you can find the pattern right here.

The pattern is really straight forward and pretty quick to put together. Not quite a doddle but pretty much so I'd say.


Guaranteed to make you stitch faster, which is perfect if you embroider as much as I do!