a finished quilt top and new threads are here


It's been a little while since I've sewed up a quilt top.  I did a little calculation and estimate that 'while' to be around 2 1/2 years!!  How did that happen.

Obviously since that calls for a photo or two (to celebrate if nothing else) it is raining outside, so indoor photos will have to do.  I want to get this baby basted asap.  Given how long it took to get back to sewing quilts I think that is sensible.  I'm thinking of hand quilting the entire thing (more on that below).

The Flutter pattern I wrote and used to make my quilt is now available as a free download from Cloud 9 fabrics.  You can find a direct link at the bottom of this post :)


Whilst the top was up on the wall, I thought it would be good to get a size comparison shot with my mini version.


In other news my Aurifil box of co-ordinating threads has started to arrive in shops.  You can already find it here!  

The box is a mixture of the 50wt, 28wt, and 12wt threads, so there are lots of options for machine sewing, hand quilting, making bags and more.

I'll be using the 12wt threads to hand quilt my Flutter quilt, I'll keep you posted on how that goes.  


You can find the download for the Flutter pattern here

The download for the mini Flutter is here

Fabric stockists for Foxglove fabric can be found here.

Foxglove thread box available here.


granny squares and scraps, scraps, scraps


I've been making granny square quilt blocks the last couple of days, I love how they are turning out!  I've got 24 done already, so a few more and I'll get a nice big quilt's worth.  My husband keeps complaining my quilts are never long enough (well the ones I let him use).  This makes me laugh since my hubbie is not that tall, also I explain to him that you can only make quilts as big as your available basting space will allow.  That keeps him quiet. Sometimes.  

I'm using Jolene's marvellous tutorial here.  I'm in love with her original Posy version and also Nicole's super cute Little Apples one,  in fact I still want to make a Little Apples one exactly like hers.



magic stars part two

Magicstars 016

Over the weekend I pieced up a new Magic Stars quilt top, this time all in Hello Petal.  For this one I decided to omit the borders and I much rather prefer it without.  This pattern goes together so quickly and it makes me so happy to admit that the pattern came about through accidentally piecing some blocks the wrong way up.  I love it when accidental turns out better than intentional.

Magicstars 033

Magicstars 081

Magicstars 076

This is how  my design space looks currently, Skip is on the left and Magic Stars on the right.  It makes for a very pretty site.  Both quilts are calling out for me to quilt them right now but I just so happen to have started another quilt...

I see December is going to involve alot of quilting and a binding marathon :)

big paw little paw


I finished up my bear paw pillow that I started last week.  As soon as it was done I couldn't help but make a quilt version.


With the arrival of quite a few sunny days in a row, me and my girls decided that what we really needed was a nice picnic quilt to lounge about on on the lawn in our  back garden.  I finished it up on Friday and it has been in use everyday since then (my favourite kind of end result).


The sunshine is definitely influencing me in all kinds of ways.  I quilted both the pillow and quilt versions using yellow thread (I normally only ever quilt using white).  The colour is perfect and adds just the right amount of zing without over cooking things.  

Fabrics are mostly from my Little Apples line for the dark 'paws' and a mix of low volume fabrics from all my lines for the background.  For the yellow thread I used Aurifil 28 wt thread in shade 2130.


I used a grey/red Play Dot from Sherbet Pips for the backing.


I also got my green fingers on and did a little planting out in the back garden much to the dismay of my husband.  My absolute favourites are these white Rhondathemums ( I hope I've spelt that right).


And then there are these pretty little lilac-y marguerites, so pretty.  I can't wait for them to get growing so I can have dinky little vases of them in the house.  Maybe I'll get my girls to sing to them to get them to grow.  They always fall for that one.

hanging out


I made the most of the warm weather over the weekend by spending lots of time outside, including going for a fun cycle ride around our new neighbourhood with my littlest daughter and spending a little time finishing up the binding on my Meow quilt, sitting out on a picnic blanket in the back garden chatting with my girls.


I finally sorted out a quilt hanging solution for my sewing room.  I invested in a custom made curtain track and paid to have it fitted for me by the folks at John Lewis.  I'm still using the silver hanging clips that came with my Ikea Deka hanging wire, so the purchase did come in handy after all.  The track is called Silent Gliss 1080, is really sturdy and takes the weight of the quilt no problem. 


The bendy look of this shot is all down to my photo taking skills, the track is thankfully nicely straight.


I quilted this one with an all over flower pattern which was quite easy.  I'm not sure if is was the best option for this quilt as the design is lost in amongst all of the prints but I hope once its washed and a little shrunk the flower pattern will stand out more.


Meow for now :)



Yesterday I got on with pin basting my Skip quilt.



I haven't free motion quilted a quilt for a long time now.  I keep meaning to try some different quilting designs and even bought Angela Walters'  Free Motion Quilting book last year to give me some idea's.  But every time I get to the quilting stage I chicken out of trying something new and go for easy styles that I go to time and time again.  And there's nothing wrong with that except I really really want to try branch out and get quilting more creatively. So that is how I came to quilting this one in Clamshells, using an idea from Angela's book.  


And despite feeling a little anxious I am really REALLY enjoying it.


I love how doodle-y they look, they fit perfectly with the playful nature of this quilt.  I am already three quarters done and can't wait to show you the finished quilt!







This is the other quilt I have been busy working on.  I wanted to make something that was quick and easy to put together but had a wonky playful feel.  It took me a few hours to sew up the blocks. I am dying to make it up in Hello Petal but the digital preview below will have to do for now.  December please hurry up and get here now...

Meow quilt


This quilt started in my head several months back when I started to think about quilts I could make in my forthcoming line Hello Petal (especially with those Kitty Cat prints).  Once I got the idea of using the sillouhette of a cat face as the basis for a quilt block I couldn't wait to put one together.  I had never seen another cat quilt block but I am certain that many have been sewn over the years because cats and quilts go together like tea and sugar.


I made a few practise blocks, wrote up the pattern and lots of work deadlines got in the way until finally last week I was able to sew up the blocks.


As I don't have any Hello Petal fabric just yet I decided to make this quilt top from a mix of some of my other lines.  Mostly Sherbet Pips, Little Apples and Posy.  It's been fun to see how these lines combine with each other.



These blocks are simple to put together.  They involve only the most straight forward piecing, no tricky templates or paper piecing.  Their big size means they come together quickly and they are ideal for using even large scale prints.

The pattern is now on sale in my shop and is an instant download PDF so you can buy, download and start sewing straight away.

If you'd like to see how the quilt would look made up in Hello Petal the cover image below gives you an idea.  I will definitely be making another in December!

Meow pattern cover





trip is over


My scrappy trips around the world quilt is finally finished.  I am totally smitten with it, I loved making it and I'm going to love dragging it around with me from room to room like some kind of magical magnificent lucky charm because that is what it is - my technicolour dream quilt.







All those pretty little squares make my heart race and normally this kind of quilt would be too tedious for me to consider but the tutorial I used make it, made it fun to put together.  I highly recommend it.  

Finished stats: 72" x 72" (36 of the 12" square blocks)

Fabrics include lots of my Posy line for Moda as well as some Sew Stitchy and some Sherbet Pips.  Lots of Denyse Schmidt and a bit of Lizzy House as well as some Mono Pez by American Jane.  The deer print is an old line by Lecien.

Backing is Meadow in lilac from Posy, binding is Stripe in hollyhock from Posy.  I quilted it in a herringbone/chevron pattern.





One last thing - About quilt hanging for photography.  I always find the photography part quite challenging, the weather in the UK is tempremental to say the least.  I thought I might have found the ideal solution in this Deka hanging wire I bought from Ikea (see pics above).  It's not proving as robust as I thought, it really is made for hanging light curtains so the product itself is not to blame.  We tried a number of wall fixings including anchor screws and butterfly/toggle fixings (we have plasterboard walls).  And while it is still hanging in place, I don't think it will last which is a shame because it made photographing this quilt a breeze.  I'd love to know what hanging devices any of you who photograph large quilts use for indoor photography?  I'm thinking I may have to resort to an actual curtain pole, I'd love to know if any of you use one already? or if you have any thoughts on this?

Scrappy trips quilt


My Scrappy Trips Around The World quilt top is done.  I might rename it the speedy trip around the world because I started out last Thursday evening cutting the strips and sewed the last row on to the top yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

I made 36 blocks which makes a 72" square quilt.  There's something like 2000 odd 2 1/2" squares but it's all strip pieced using this genius tutorial which makes it one of the most enjoyable quilts you can make.  My twelve year old daughter has already cut out 6 strips so she can try a block for herself (she's making it in school for her textiles class).

I knew I had to make this quilt after I looked up the tutorial one night right before bed and dreamt that I cut out all my strips and started piecing my blocks.  Disappointed as I was when I woke up I decided that I HAD to make it in real life. 









It's been quite a trip but I'm sure this wont be the last scrappy trip I make ;)