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I'm pleased to announce that I'll be teaching next year at The MQG Sessions in Denver, Colorado. This will be my first time visiting Denver and I'm happy to be part of such a stellar line up of teachers.  The event runs from May 7-9th and you can find out more details by visiting The MQG Sessions website.

I hope to see you there!


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(Holiday snowglobe pattern from my book)

Lately there has been so much organizing and sorting going on, that there has none of the fun stuff to make my days that little bit brighter.  I think it has been at least a month since I sewed or designed anything.  The little creative person in me is sadly neglected and not very happy at all about it.  But there is stuff to be done and no-one else to do it and so the stuff has taken over.

On Saturday, I at last got the opportunity to let a little sunshine in.  Not that I got to sew but I got to teach a few lovely ladies all I know about embroidery and oh my, what a happy day I had!


The embroidery class took place at a lovely fabric shop in Islington, London which goes by the name of Ray Stitch (but honestly I would just rather call it an emporium of fabric heaven).


Even better than that, there are eats to go with those fabric treats - home made cakes, rustic breads and coffee you can sip on whilst surrounded by cloth and haberdashery galore.


The class took place downstairs - where ten of the most charismatic and fun ladies joined me for an afternoon of stitching (surrounded by even more bolts of the fabric stuff).


It was hard to believe everyone had just met because as soon as we started it seemed so did the camaraderie and everyone was chatting away like we were a group of sewists who had been meeting regularly over the last few months.


As we are edging nearer to Christmas I thought it would be fun to teach the Holiday Snowglobe pattern from my book Little Stitches and this went very well.  It's an easy pattern but fun to stitch with French Knot snow and a couple of other basic stitches.


I'm hoping to teach again at Ray Stitch in January (I'm pretty much packing my bags in my head as I speak). Update : New class has been announced -sign ups are here.

embroidery class


Last Saturday I held my first embroidery class in Henley on Thames.  I was quite surprised just how quickly this class sold out when I announced it last month and at last the big day came.  I went through some embroidery basics and a few tips and techniques before we began our project - my Girl On A Tree Swing embroidery from my new book Little Stitches.

I picked this one because it has been such a popular pattern since I started first started selling it in my shop.  Above is a picture of my student's work at the end of the day, they really got stuck into the stitching as you can see in the pictures below.


Honestly, these girls hardly talked, they were so engrossed in their work.


Look at how quiet and serene they all were (you know I'm winking at you don't you?)


This was more like it, just a bunch of girls talking about how big the biggest stitch they ever stitched was or something like that (at least that's what I think they were talking about).

Many thanks to Kelly, Annie, Amy, Hadley, Shevvy, Elena, Tammy, Fiona, Dorothy, Ruth and Linda for coming along and stitching with me.

And an extra special thanks to my friend Pennie, without whom this class just wouldn't have happened (and who kept the girls fed with the best food an embroidering girl could need).


Ruth's amazing tree swing girl.

If you missed out on this class, my next one will be at Raystitch in London - We will be doing an Christmas themed embroidery and please note the cost includes a copy of my book and Cherry Christmas FQ's.

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Just for fun, before we go - One of the above ladies just might have tried to bribe my eldest daughter with five whole pounds to do her embroidery for her.........can you guess who that might be? (tip: look for a guilty looking face)

Left to right - Tammy, Kelly, Elena, and Fiona.

Go on take a guess?????