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Belle the cloudbuster!

Introducing my newest baby, no night feeds or nappy changing for this creation:)  Belle was thought up whilst listerning to 'get off my cloud' by the rolling stones of all things when antiquebrowsingshelfhunting 2 sundays ago.  First she got turned into a new-coming-soon-I'm-so-excited-fabric-design, then I got bored waiting for that to arrive (oh spoonflower - why do you take so long!!!) and she got re-born in embroidery.  Asha keeps checking that she is going to live with us as little red riding hood is off course being sent away to live in her new home soon.

She has now been reborn again (nine lives style) in pdf format, in case any of you are as stitch crazy as me and long to re-create her in real live stitch.  Perfect for any little girl to dream along to!!!  Belle is exactly where I want to be, floating in the clouds with the helpful aides of colourful balloons wearing stripy leggings and a bobble hat!!



cheery cherry on the volcano of duty

I honestly am not purposely intending to be around as little as I am.  The fleeting prescence is due simply to the otherwise quite possible eruption of the volcano of other more pressing duties - it could get quite messy if things aren't attended to.  You can guess to the nature of these duties, many involve the prefixes of tidy or sort.  I wont bore you with the gory details, you might fall asleep!! 

I have managed a little of something enjoyable in the form of the cheery cherry of the title, my little red embroidery is all but finished and was extremely pleasurable to complete right to the very last minute!!  So pleased with the result was I that I decided to delve in to the murky depths of the world known as PDF-ing (see last thursdays post).  This came with several nightmares which thankfully due to the magic wand known as asking for help in blogland are now all well and truly sorted out!!  Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to that help - I have learned simply LOADS!!!!

So if you fancy creating your very own little cherry to cheer up your own volcano of duty, I have my personally instructionalized version with 2 sizes of miss red and a rundown of stitches I used in my version all ready to e-mail.  Available of course in my shoppy!!  And as it's neatly pdf-ed to you - no shipping!!!!

I have done a few crumbs of other bits........


hexing along nicely!!


more stitchy legs!

I asked last week if anyone had begun making anything from either of my christmas fabric designs and Jo was quick to show me her wonky stars for her christmas quilt, I LOVE it!!!!  Would love to see any more beginnings or ends out there!

spoonflower 'skip-ity' fun!!

Forgive me!!!!!  I think I am addicted to spoonflower!!!  Well in my defence I had to try a design that wasn't about christmas and see if I could go through with it, without the urge to stick in some sprigs of holly or red breast-y robins.  As you can decipher I haven't strayed far in terms of colour but one step at a time!


So I am going to call this wee number 'skip-ity' because you can't call any of my fabrics 'the red and aqua one'.  I don't know why I decided on the skipping theme but then why not???!  Who doesn't want to return to the heady days when your only worry may be how many you could do in a row without doing a trippy!!  This one should be arriving in a week or so but I thought I would get ahead of myself and get a little organised.  This first order only has three fat quarters for grabs and I've just listed those in my shop.  I can order more should the need arise but I never know if anyone is going to like my designs or not???!  Maybe I'm just a one trick christmas designing pony?  We shall see.......

What do you think? could you give these girls a home? or should I stick with the holidays???!

munki nuts

Oh dear, the above picture and title were meant for yesterday's post but in my haste to present the goodies I forgot.  The above was taken to show you the nutsome length's I go to in obtaining the fabrics I want,  Dash to the haberdashery dept.???  Oh no!!  far too easy(!).  I have to get people as besotted as me, to buy me munki pyjama's in the states, so they can send them to me, so I can cut them up, chop off the buttons and button holes and quilt with them.  Please tell me you do similar things and aren't thinking 'I knew she was a loop but this....'

An easier way to go about munki attainment is of course to swap for them, which is where these beauties came from.  I was unsure how to use these exceptional cuties as they are printed on flannel and I am a little dubious of them not wearing too well in a quilt.  So I decided on stockings!!!!  quilted ones!!  
I just cut out a newspaper stencil in a stocking-ish shape to use in making a patchwork for each one using the munki and of course my own 'deck your quilt's' and 'christmas washing line' fabrics - don't they look pretty in there!!!!!!  Then I made two stocking shaped quilts (ie. front and back) for each one.  Note the top edge of each needs to be sewn before you baste and quilt.  Then I just pinned and used my favourite toy.........trusty little foot guide (again!!) to knock up some more quilty trellis' and voila........done.  Though Asha says she prefers her old stocking so I suppose I will get to use hers:)



ship, ship, ship, hooray!!!

Never let it be said that I do not do enough to keep the postmen and women of this country and others in recession-proof employment.  I should maybe resort to just writing out some blank cheques and (ahem) posting them to The Royal Mail and be done.  Every other payment I make is magnifyingly scrutinised but posting..............just tell me how much you need.

And to increase the wealth of our posting friends even further, I have taken receipt of TWO of my spoonflower orders in the last few days and have been a busy a shipping them off into the hands of quilter's worldwide to ensure their quilting pleasure in the run up to this all is jolly as long as it is homemade season!!!!!!  If you are expecting a parcel from me check your order status, I will be updating those today and tommorow as I ship these goodies on their merry way.

I'm so glad my 'christmas washing line' came out so well as I took a bit of a gamble now that I am an old hand at the old spoonflower and ordered this one without sorting out a sample first BUT it came out brilliantly!!!!!!  So I am happy as can be except I am way too tired to know it as the onslaught of the six mile school walk daily takes it's toll and continues to make me a very knackered mummy indeed.