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February 2010

hootin' and cookin'

Owl embroidery 
Last weeks stitchy piece.  Some of the usual culprits (embroidery, mosaics......), some not so usual (owl!!!, little birdie, mushrooms and logs!!) and a new piece in stitch is born. 

Had a lot of fun with this one, playing around with some looser filling stitches.  I do like the way the log turned out, all logs should look like that!!! but the little birdie has to be my favourite bit, all egg yolky and looking a bit easter chick-a-likey.

This is another piece destined to fly away from me soon to go live with Rita under the guise of my contribution to her hoop-up theme, which was, can you guess??????

Woodland creatures ( I think, well......... hope!).


And just for complete contrast and nothing-to-do-with-the-above-ness let me just exhibit a photo portrait of Saturday's dinner.  In case you are none the wiser, this is in actuality known as Toad in the hole, why I don't know but please rest assured that no leaping amphibians are harmed in the making of (unfortunately, the same cannot be said of oinking pink farm animals with curly tails).  This is the kind of meal my husband rings up during the day to request for dinner (then promptly works overtime so his ends up decidedly on the just edible side of crunchy.

Well, that's it for the today's episode.  It said hootin' and cookin' in the title and hooting and cooking is what you got!  I do hope you found it a pleasure, please feel free to share your own weekend dinners below should you wish to do so!

Back soon!!

more mermaids! more tarantula's!!!!

Today I thought I would give a little insight into how I went about creating my mermaid embroidery for the hoop up swap - she seemed to go down quite well!

Jessica specifically asked for us to work from Heather Ross's mendocino fabrics for colour and subject, I knew straightaway that I NEEDED to do the mermaid!!!  I began by sketching her onto the fabric which is a linen type.  No ordinary pencil could handle this task!!! the marks would not show up on the dark colour but very luckily John had sent me the above super pencil!!!!!!!!!!  It marked better than all my other pencils put together!!!!!!


My next point of hurdle was how to do the face.............this bit actually scared me as I knew if the face was wrong the poor mermaid would be the laughing stock of the stitchy sea!!  I think it took me three go's.  First I decided to give her a white face and body to make her stand out of the background more but she just looked like an edwardian vampire...........  Second time round, the expression just wasn't mermaid-y enough!!  Third time though, phew!

She doesn't have the same expression as the original but I was not going to be so fussy as to pull these stitches out and try again.  The hair and body I 'sketched'  in thread using my drawing and the fabric right in front of me, observing and stitching as I went.................



I think she turned out pretty well....................though I  wish I didn't have to send her away:(


........the tarantula is born!!!!

Well it is not yet tarantula like but it will be........................85" square is the where this is destined, due to my husbands frequent complaints that his feet get cold at night because none of the quilts I make are big enough................................I wouldn't mind but he is hardly the eiffel tower of husbands...............................

Lastly this really interests me!!!!

The hat above is the knitted thing I was making over the last 2 weeks............

(the scarf was knitted for little C for Christmas),....can you tell I am a beginner?

Anyhow look at the colours of the hat and the this is subconcious but it is not the first time this week this has happened, go look at monday's post with scoot and my dresden plate!

Now I must dash, I have a web to spin....................  



 Introducing 'Scoot'!

Just because it's always good to start another week of stitch, stitch, stitch.

'Scoot' is another one of those images that popped itself into my head the other day and said 'stitch me now!!!'  Actually it wasn't the other day at all, it was instead the other week when there were meringue like dollops of snow everywhere......................that is why scoot is wearing a very cosy looking jumper!!! and an even cosier scarf and mittens AND an embroidery first for me...............tights! 

Had to keep her warm you see, once a mum always a mum.......................

Scoot mosaic 
I think this one is my favourite of all my recent embroideries.  It's the puppy dog!...............cracks me up with his little tongue hanging out, even though he looks like a rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can stitch up your very own little scootin' pup, here.

Before I showcase the second half of my brand new embroidery double bill.  Lets have a little break

 I'd love you to see this version of Cherry by the very lovely Cara.  Isn't she pretty?????!

Sweet dreams belle 

so onto a second helping of stitchiness in the form of a re-visit to belle.   SSssshhhhhH!!!  (she's sleeping).  My new 'sweet dreams belle' embroidery pattern, featuring you know who, as previously seen on  my 'belle' embroidery pattern and 'belle the cloudbuster' fabric.

I stitched this one for Marilyn but you can make one all for yourself or to share it with a sweet little belle of your own. 

 You'll find the pattern here.