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September 2010

Heaven is..........

.....playing with yummy fabric all day,

I don't think I have had this much fun sewing in ages, probably because I'm using all my most highly hoarded fabrics all at once.

 And it feels surprisingly exhilarating, even while knowing this might cause me to (gasp) run out of some of them.*

*Best done while not actually thinking about this bit though.

I have got to admit, it might actually be worth running out of a few fabrics for this one.

New fabric designs by me for Moda!!!!!!

You know the big secret I was talking about a couple of weeks ago...

This is it!!!!!!

My new fabric collection for Moda fabrics is launching at Fall quilt market!!!!  And I couldn't be more excited to finally be able to tell you.  The collection is named after some favourite sweets of mine, have you ever tried sherbet pips?

There will be more revelations soon but for now I'll leave you with the image above, taken from one of the fabrics.

EEeeeeeeekkk  I hope you're as excited as me!!!!!!