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comic strip quilt

At last!!  I finally made a big 'proper' quilt from my pips!!!!

In actual fact, I finished it TWO weeks ago but that is how long I have had to wait for 'photography weather' in the British isles at this time of year.  I have had this quilt in my head for a long time because right from when I designed the pips they have always reminded me of characters from comics. 023

The sashing is moda bella solid in Gray,


..lots of ....puppies......scarves and squiggles....


Thousands of puppies on the back.............

But then something very strange and spooky happened last week..............

I popped over to Sherri's blog to find that she had just completed a strikingly similar quilt from the pips, go take a look.................

How spookily V. similar is that?  We both even used the EXACT SAME BINDING! Does this mean Sherri and I are now officially quilting twins? If there was such a thing as a Who's who book of quilting, Sherri's entry would read simply - Makes PERFECT quilts at lightening speeds...................really - is there anybody you would want to be more similar to?

sometimes I sew.....


It warms my heart to know that deep down we are all the same whatever corner of internet land we are hiding under.  Your comments on the true extents of your procrastinating have made me giggle out loud over the last couple of days but only because I identify with all that laundry dodging and 'dinner can wait' logic.

Any how it might amuse you to know that sometimes, I really do find time to sew and here is some um evidence.  This is the progress on my pickledish quilt so far.  I have now completed 64 of my 128 pieced arches and most of those have now been formed into ovals too (but I'm too lazy to get my camera out right now).  This is what I worked on over the weekend quilt market was on, wishing I had gone myself, sigh.

I think it's time for a little party

I think it's time we did a little celebrating.

So I can say thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes about my new line for Moda.  You know the one.

and because you've been so patient while my blog posting has developed an acute case of disappear-i-tis whilst I finish off some projects, like my piece above for the scrappy hoops swap on flickr.

Sherbet pips at market

xxx to Katy, who took a photo of the Sherbet pips quilt I designed (but someone else stitched up for me) to showcase the line at market.  I think this pattern will be available as a download when the fabric is released next year (I'll let you know).