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little apples pre-cuts

I don't think I have ever sewed as much as I have these past two weeks.

Been getting some quilts and other stuff ready for my little corner of the Moda booth.  Quite how I have managed to sew with both girls at home for the holidays and possibly the hottest Easter break I can ever remember I don't know.

I need a break before I actually break, so I'm taking a little time to show you a first glimpse of the precuts for the new line.  The layer cake above has already been made into a quilt(!) the top print you can see is the lead design this time 'round and round' in lollipop.

There's the charm packs,


Jelly rolls,

Fat quarter packs and all new super cutie patootie fat eighth stacks! (my girls call these mother and baby).

If you are going to sample spree at quilt market (I think this is on Thursday?) or know someone who is, a little heads up for you - you will be allowed to pick up one of each of the fat 1/4 and fat 1/8 stacks (ie. both).

Time to take my seat back at the machine, I'm hoping to share some of my projects with you this week as well as a little story with a royal twist on Friday.

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are, catch a few rays for me please. 

little apples!!!!!!!!!!!


May I introduce to you a peek at my new fabric line with Moda?

Without further ado, a look at the collection,





'Little Apples' is what I came up with when I was asked to design a collection for fall.  I took the idea of fall literally and came up with a group around this theme, kind of interpreted through the eyes of children.  So we have kids playing games in the park, apple trees, tortoises talking to snails, autumn outfits and a few simple fun co-ordinates to go with.  

You might also reconize the dancing quartet???

It's a much bolder and more graphic look than 'sherbet pips' with a strong bright colour story.  I've been doing a little sewing with 'the apples' over the last few days and they are FUN prints to play with.

This group will debut at quilt market next month and goes on sale in the fall.

So what do you think??

Got any room left in your stash for a few of the 'little apples'????????

As always, I would love to know your thoughts??????

Sherbet pips is now shipping!!!!

Thank you so much for all the fabric love for the peek at my new line, I am honestly floored with the response :)

Meanwhile, the pips are now all on a ship coming to a store near you soon!!!


Bella Solids that coordinate with the pips

bleached white (990097) - this is the solid I used in my pickledish quilt

white bleached (990098) - this one is a bright white

gray (99083) - this is the solid I used in my comic strip quilt

scarlet (990047)

30's pink (990027) - matches the darker pink in the line

baby pink (990030) - matches the light pink


Sherbet pips snowball quilt
You can find a free pattern download of the snowball stripe quilt I designed for market here.  

I would love to see any finished versions of the above quilt in my flickr group!

I would also love to hear if you have ordered your pips yet and what you all plan to make?  From what I hear it is selling pretty quick so please don't delay.

Happy shopping!!!

new fabric peek!!!!!!

Introducing 'little apples' - my newest fabric line for Moda.

This one will be premiering at Spring Market and I will be there too for my first ever market experience (eep!).

I'm so so excited to share with you this first little peeky, there will be more, much much more to come (including all the little stories behind the characters) but for now I just hope you all like what you see and would love to hear what you are thinking.

Are you as excited as me???!!!!!!!!!!!!


little superstar quilt top

I've had the pedal to the metal all last week stitching up this star top. I used the wonky star tutorial here but instead of giving my stars wonky points I did even ones.  I added the wonkiness when I placed the blocks into my quilt instead (does that make sense?), just to ring those ch-ch-changes.

I'm liking how the colours played out in this one, it started out as a *****massy quilt but I think it turned out with a bit more year round useability than I thought it might.


Fabrics used include some from Bliss, pips, flurry, city weekend, fa la la la la as well as some robins egg and christmas red bella solids.  Top finished up at 40" x 57" (star blocks were 6 1/2" before sashing, blocks were made from 2 1/2" squares).


BTW - did you know it is now only a week or so until stores start to receive Sherbet pips yardage??????  Eeeek!!

Calling all Shop Owners and eagle eyed shoppers!!!!!!!!

I am getting a ton of requests asking which stores are carrying the entire line of prints so if you are a store owner or know of one who is please let me know.