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take it away


Today, I finally started packing for my imminent trip to market.  The clothes bit didn't take too long - 3 pairs of very similar jeans, 5 cardigans, a handful of tops and a pair of boots or thereabouts - The most important bit I have to consider is what I should take with me to pass the time for the 10 hour flight.  This involves taking lots of pretty stitched bags crammed with stitchy goodies, although no scissors and only short needles are allowed on the plane so you can see why this takes a bit of thinking and preperation beforehand.  

Thankfully I am travelling in the company of Katy and Lu on this trip and for some reason or other they have decided I am some kind of crochet whizz kid and asked me to teach them the art of the granny square, you can see a little yarn and a crochet hook peeking out of the pouch above right.  The cute little hexagon pouch is what I always use to house my camera when I'm out and about and I have Katy to thank for stitching up this little beauty for me.  On the bottom right you can see the clutch I made earlier this year and use all the time on account of it's many handy compartments inside, pattern can be found here.


I'm also taking this handy tote bag again too, theres lots of pockets inside and out and its just a handy size, I used the tote bag pattern from Cath Kidston's book 'Sew' to stitch this up.


These are a couple of handy pouches that will hold some embroidery and hexagon bitty bobs to keep me happily stitching between take off and landing.


I whipped up these cute drawstring bags the other day using Jeni's pattern which is very well explained and super easy to follow.  I need to make lots more of these, perhaps a little red one next?


I also had a go at making some handy needle book's, I made up my own pattern and included a zip pouch at the front to add even more stuff.


Very handy, inside...

and out!!

sugar drop


Introducing my 'sugar drop' quilt pattern.

I've had this pattern dancing around in my head doing the twist for months now, I almost made it from 'Little Apples' (perhaps I still shall) but I'm glad I hung on for the new line as I'm hugely delighted with the way it turned out.


I promise the piecing is not at all as wonky as it appears above but it's obvious I can't take a straight on quilt photo to save my life!


Quilt pattern is available here (or it will be as soon as I've listed it) listed!

All sugar, no calories!

a walk in the woods precuts and a giveaway


Today I thought that you might to take a little peeky at the pre-cuts for my new line 'a walk in the woods'.

You can possibly expect a limited amount of these to go on sale around December before the full launch which will be March of next year.  So if you want to get a hold of some early keep those eyes peeled.


There will be the fat quarter and fat eighth bundles,


the charm packs,


and of course the jelly rolls and layer cakes.


welcome home


On Friday we welcomed back a long gone 'fancy' quilt!

Missed by some more than others (see photo above).

I made this quilt back in April for my eldest daughter, telling her it would be hers as soon as market was over.  Only it didn't end up coming straight back home with the other goodies but went travelling around on a non-stop trade show party extravaganza instead (there's work to be done, even if you are a quilt).

And now at last it has come home to retire to a life of........

something to snuggle up in (again, see photo above) technicolour dreamcoat style,


a comfy place to rest on whilst doing your homework,


and of course, keeping a certain young lady's bed warm, day and night.


Quilt pattern here


There is but just one thing to add to this post, the small matter of the raggedy rag blanket my eleven year old daughter loving-ly refers to as her na-na.  

Everytime my daughter asks for a new quilt, I say yes on the pretext that she finally throws her long beloved (raggedy rag thing) blankie in the bin.

Can you guess if this has actually happened yet?

If you said 'no' I'll give you a clue, you might be right.

Here's a closer look so you can see how ragged those edges really are.

So.  Today's question is.....should I put raggedy rag blankie in the bin one day when she is not looking (ie. at school)???????

After all she has got several quilts out of promising to do so and she has only had it since she was about 2 months old but really the thing is falling to bits and she will never be short of blankets.......

a walk in the woods




Introducing 'a walk in the woods', my third line for Moda and very quite possibly my most one favourite yet.

The main print in this group was inspired by this little embroidery of mine which was stitched up a couple of years ago.  I developed this into a story book-ish theme with little foxes, bluebirds and a few mushrooms as well as some simple geometric coordinates to compliment the collection.

This group premiers at Houston Quilt Market at the end of this month and yardage goes on sale in March.

You might not know this but it's a very nerve wracking day for me when I show you something new so I really hope you like what you see???????????