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delightful quilt


With the rain lashing down endlessly again; I have decided to live in denial for a few minutes by feeding you the impression that it is in fact fairly beautiful outside.  These lovely pics of my finished Delightful quilt were taken a couple of weeks back, when we were living (as we should be) in spring.


This quilt pattern uses a simple block arrangement to give a pinwheel with a twist.  When I first drew it up back in December, the blocks reminded me of those pinked edges you get on the end of ribbons.  A couple of my readers have also commented on how the blocks resemble the letter M, which is something I really didn't see until it was mentioned.  I really love the movement that is created when you look at this pattern - my eyes kind of go fluttery as they go back and forth looking at the jiggedy-ness created - do yours do it too? (or is it just these eyes of mine).


Since this quilt is named delightful - I thought it only correct to wake my eldest daughter up early one morning in the Easter holidays, then drag her outside to hold up the quilt whilst I took a few snaps (before she'd had her breakfast).  As you can make out, she really was delighted to be my little quilt elf and did not complain that her arms were aching. Not even once.


Not even when I took this one.


The garden bench was slightly more helpful but that is probably because it can't speak.


Of all the quilts I have ever quilted, I think this one was my all time favourite quilting experience.  Maybe I have finally got used to my machine after only three years of use.  I quilted it in lines of loops going across the width - it took a whole day to quilt but I am definitely doing the loops again.

Fabrics are from my Sew Stitchy line (available in August) and moda bella solid in white bleached.

hold those pots


In an effort to pretty up my kitchen and convince my own self to spend a little more time in there, I have found myself a new found love of making - pot holders.  I am not 100% sure what pot holders actually are, I think they are to put hot pans onto? or perhaps to protect your hands whilst holding hot pans - see why I am in the need of spending more time in the kitchen area?


Anyhow, once I completely cover my cooking and washing up space with fabric, I really doubt I will have to try too hard to blow the dust off a few old family recipes and hang out there for more than a few minutes at a time.


I'm hoping anyway.


Potholders inspired by Nettie's, tutorial is here.  I used a layer of Insul Fleece in place of batting and made them wholly with scraps :))



I'm not sure how much you think you know about me but if there is one thing I love it is this - a cup of tea. I practise my love of tea several times a day with cups of the ordinary (otherwise known as builder's brew), peppermint (to wake me up) and cammomile (to calm me down).  My daughter's ask me how I drink so much when they don't drink any and I can merely tell them that one day, they will be just like me - sitting around, doing things and drinking endless tea.

Given a couple of other things you might already know I love - fabric & patchwork, it's a no brainer really that when I saw the new Sew Ichigo Kitchen Classics pattern set, my first port of sewing call would land at the dock of the tea kettle.  This is only my second ever attempt at paper piecing.


Things went really well with this block, I had my seam ripper close to hand but never used it once.  



Now that my first block is done, I need to think about what I could make it into.  I really would like to make something for my kitchen area, above.  I'm just trying to work out if I should make a new tea cosy, a decorative pot holder or mmmmm not sure, might need to drink another cup and think on that one.


cover star


Yesterday I finally got to see a copy of new Better Homes and Gardens special issue 'All Small'.  This one has been out for a little while and I was slightly more than hugely delighted a few weeks ago when I discovered that my Sew Sweet pillows had made the cover. Not just the cover but, you know the main picture and everything. I spent all my spare minutes yesterday with my eyes glued to the pages of this issue, the photography inside is just beautiful and I get to hang out in the company of some great people.


The issue features both my double dresden plate pillow -  which you might recognize as the original inspiration for my Bloom quilt - and my pink and white square marshmallow pillow.  The double dresden one is perfect if you want to try the bloom pattern but in a more manageable project size.


Here are both my cover stars hanging out on my daughters bed with their sibling the triangle pillow - who sadly did not manage to follow their path to fame.

The one teeny thing I am sad about is, I really really wish these magazines were on sale in regular stores in the UK, I would LOVE to have popped one in my shopping trolley in the supermarket this week.  So please feel free to tell me if you have seen this issue for sale in your local store or one made it into your shopping basket and I will gladly live vicariously through all of you :))

finished bloom quilt


Bloom quilt is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please excuse the overload of exclamation points).


I'm so happy this one is done - I really enjoyed thinking it up and pulling it all together.  The seed for this quilt began last September when I made my double dresden pillow.  I knew right then that I wanted to go for a triple or even quadruple dresden but it took a while in the thinking, planning and making stages.

As well all having the big bloom of a dresden in the center I also wanted to have a lot of space around it and made a show of the quilting on the background fabric to draw the eye back to the center again and again by echo quilting around the outer edge of the largest dresden with lines 1" apart.  Took a while but it was worth the trouble.



Fabrics used are Sew Stitchy (out in August) and Moda Bella Solid in Sisters Pink for the background.

You can find further posts about this quilt here.

Big tick off the to do list - done!!

Edited to add - Bloom quilt pattern is now available again and can be found here.