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Little Stitches


Woohooo!!!!!!!!!  My new book Little Stitches is now on sale at Amazon and I couldn't be more happy that this day has finally arrived (I know it has been selling at book and quilt shops for a few weeks already).

To celebrate I thought I would give you a few more details about the book in case you are wavering on the 'is this the book for me' tightrope.

Little Stitches is aimed at both those new to embroidery and seasoned stitchers.  In it I go over all the basics from hooping up your fabric, transferring patterns and making the stitches to tips and techniques to help you on your way.  I show you how you can embroider scarves so they look knitted (see the scarf in embroidery above), how to add decorative stitches to already embroidered areas (see sweater above) as well as tips for stitching up faces for the little children you see in my embroideries.

There are 12 sewing projects in the book, each one starts with how to make the embroidery then continues with the sewing instructions.  Following each project you get instructions for three alternative embroidery options with full instructions - So you can tailor make each project to suit your tastes.  So that's 12 sewing projects with a total of 48 embroidery projects.

To add even more bang for your buck you will also find over 50 additional embroidery pattern images at the back of the book.  So that's a total of over 100 embroidery motifs.

Want even more value?  The patterns are offered on printed pages at the back of the book, which you can trace directly onto your fabric AND also every pattern is offered as an iron on transfer pattern on pullout sheets.  So you get TWO of each pattern, one you can trace and one you can iron on - The choice is yours.

OK I could go on but I won't.  If you want to see more pictures Amazon has the 'Look Inside' option for you to have a peek ;)

One last thing - I was elated to find that I had two reviews up on Amazon already for the book (Thank you speedy reviewers :)  I know a number of you have stopped by to let me know you have already got your copies, so I would be honoured if some of you would add a review of your own and let others know what you like about it (pretty please).

That's it I'll let you go, really I'd love you to stay but I won't be so greedy on your time :)


new fabric peek!!!


Here we go, it's that time again where we look at the new fabric of the future.  In this case we are talking about my newest line for Moda called Posy and for this group I decided to make a few little changes with the addition of a some new colours and something you've never seen from me before - flowers!

Posy will arrive in stores next spring but for now, I hope you like what you see????!!

I'll be back soon with more pictures just for you :)

sew little stitches


I warn you in advance, this is going to be a very long picture heavy post.  You might need tea, several cups and perhaps a biscuit or two (or an ice lolly).

This post is all the fault of my eldest daughter.  I was unable to make quilt market earlier  this year and as you know QM is a great place to showcase a collection and illustrate how it can be used.  It gives the designer a chance to say 'this is what I was thinking when I designed this stuff'.  So one evening, when I was wittering on to my family saying maybe I should have gone to market, my daughter said 'why don't you just do a booth in a blog post when the collection comes out instead?'  Children seem to have a distinct ability to simplify stuff don't they?


So here we go, a post all about what you can do with my newest fabric (shipping this week, I think) Sew Stitchy and also a little more about how it relates to my book Little Stitches.


For starters you can make stuff to keep your notions/haberdashery bitty bobs in.


Pouches obviously, for the one in the front, I used my pale blue Chain Stitch print and overlaid it with some machine embroidery using some Aurifil 12 weight thread (you can read a few pointer's for machine embroidery here).


I also stitched up another travel sewing pouch, pattern from the book Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman Hale using my grey Hexagons print and pink French Knot Dot co-ordinate.

The little needle book uses a square from the Panel which comes with the collection, the illustrations are all drawn up to look like they were stitched. 

The pattern for sewing the needlebook comes from my book Little Stitches.  As well as over 100 embroidery patterns the book also has 12 sewing projects to make from your embroideries but they can also be used with non-embroidered fabric just as easily.


These coasters were also made using one of the sewing patterns from my book and again the little deer is cut from the Panel print.

Something else you might want to know - there is a pattern for the embroidery version of the deer above, the squirrel below and the notions on the little needlecase above (as well as several of the other illustrations used in the Sew Stitchy line) in my book.  I wanted to make the fabric and the book work well with each other, so you can make embroidered and sewn items and then co-ordinate them with projects made from printed fabric too.  Lots of ways to play with the two together.



Here is another project I made by using a pattern in my book (again the book version is embroidered) - A couple of hot water bottle covers.  For the pink one, I made a scrappy fabric using this tutorial first and then followed the sewing part of the project.


Again the little girl is cut from the Sew Stitchy panel.



This is one of my favourite things that I've made from this line - my 241 tote, using my blue Hexagons print and grey French Knot Dots.  I have used this lots and love the bag pattern (by Anna, available here).



Tissue box cover - again using a pattern from the book.



This embroidery is one I did just for fun earlier in the summer.  I used the illustration from my Stitched Bird fabric and just took a little time out to play.




This is stitched from one of the bonus transfer patterns you'll find in my book.  You can bookmark this post and come back to it later should you ever want to stitch it up. 




Pillows made from the Panel print.


And there we have it.  I hope you enjoyed my little blog post version of a booth :)


sew stitchy


I know what you might be thinking.  Maybe you feel like you've already seen Sew Stitchy but I don't think I have done a post that focuses on this collection, the prints and how they relate to my upcoming book Little Stitches.

So, let's start at the beginning.  I designed this collection right after I finished up doing the illustrations for the book, all the patterns and how to diagrams in the book were hand drawn by me.  Whilst drawing up the images, it occured to me that all the little stitchy pictures would also work very well in a fabric collection and the idea for Sew Stitchy was born.




I set to work to design a collection that encompassed all things sewing related - pins, spools, hexagons, embroidery, chain stitches, cross stitches, french knots and more.


One of the key differences between this collection and my four previous ones is -

Every single print (except one) is small to medium scale and multi directional.  You can just whip out the fabric and cut it any which way to make quilt blocks, clothes, bags, whatever.



The exception in this case is - The Panel.

The panel does not appear in any of the pre-cuts except the Fat Quarter bundle and is also available in yardage.  Each panel comprises of 28 images in a gridded format (there are 12 different images so you will get a few of each).  This makes it perfect for fussy cutting for quilt block centers, cushions, pockets and more.  You can see the cute little reindeer image above.


And this one is a cute little stitched birdie.  Each image is surrounded by frames of running stitches, chain stitches, french knots or pretty little lazy daisy flowers as above.


This little girlie is my youngest daughter's favourite, I made the little girl's hair into plaits (braids) because my she is obsessed with them.



Another thing I really want to point out - all these images have lots of tiny details which makes them perfect for cutting up into even the smallest pieces (the above squares are 1 1/4")







One final thing - this line has a slightly brushed finish, giving it the softest feel of all my lines so far.


So there we have it, a closer look.

I hope I've introduced you to a few things you never noticed before.

Sew Stitchy yardage should be shipping any day now, the question is 'Are you ready to get stitchy???'

still running


It's been a productive July, I planned to get a head start on a certain forthcoming holiday and for once (finallllly) managed it.


This snowball table runner is my latest addition to be added to the holiday cupboard.  I made 10 blocks following my Jolly pattern, assembled them in 2 rows of 5 blocks each then added a narrow border.  I planned to listen to some holiday music whilst sewing but completely forgot until the end I was so lost in my stitching (love it when that happens).


I went for my favourite cheat-y quilting method (again) by using an embroidery stitch from my machine in vertical rows.  It kind of has the look of party streamers don't you think??


This is stitch 74 on my Pfaff, I just enlarge it to maximum stitch width and it probably takes me 10 mins to quilt the entire runner.


I've done pretty OK so far - a quilt, a quilt top, coasters, sewing pouch, stocking and a runner.  

Not bad but I think I've earned myself a little break for now.  How about you?????? Did you manage any holiday sewing so far?? or are you cursing me for asking?