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In just over one week's time, I'll be sat on an aeroplane, somewhere over the atlantic ocean on my way to quilt market.  Of course I had to make myself a new bag to keep me company for the eight hours I'll spend mid-air.  When I saw Anna's new sidekick tote pattern, I immediately knew that was to be 'the one' for me.


I love Anna's patterns, I always learn something new and end up with something I use endlessly.  The finished bags are always so wearable (and yes I do have to fight my daughter's off to keep them for myself).

I made the larger of the two sizes in the pattern and used fabrics from my forthcoming Posy line - Meadow in Daisy for the pocket, Ditsy in Hollyhock for the main bag and stripe in Hollyhock for the lining.



Now I just need to fill this up with a little sewing project and something readable and I'll be ready for all those hours in the sky.

playful quilt




Freshly quilted and bound at the end of last week, this is my Playful quilt - made from my new Posy line for moda, stitching this up made me forget about the blustery weather outside and made me feel like I was living in spring.  It has a nice homey scrappy look and my girls are currently fighting over who will own this one as they know my quilt output has slowed down considerably.  Neither of them wants to wait until next year to get their Posy quilt.  Secretly I want to keep it for myself because I've never made a quilt and not let someone else claim it as their own.


Playful cover

The pattern finishes at the above size and is made from a layer cake plus a little yardage for the borders.

 I'd love to see it made from a Christmas or Halloween line of fabrics, I'm hoping to squeeze in making a couple of Christmas quilts when I get back from market so that may yet happen.  We shall see.




moda sweet celebrations book tour


Welcome to my stop on the Moda Sweet Celebrations book blog tour.  Sweet Celebrations is a book put together by Moda and the bake shops chefs.  It is crammed with yummy ideas to make from fabric to help celebrate all our favourite festivities throughout the year.

Here's a peek at a couple of the projects......



And here's a teeny sneaky peek of my project in the book whilst still in progress....


To celebrate the launch of the book, each of the chefs was asked to answer a few short questions -


1. Do you prefer to celebrate with cupcakes, cake pops, or just plain old cake?

I don't even know what cake pops are but I'd love to find out!  Just give me cake, any cake with icing on the top and jam in the middle.

2. What is your favorite part of quilting – fabric selection, piecing, quilting, binding – and why?

Definitely fabric selection.

3. How do you press your seams?

I almost always press my seams open, just because it makes everything nice and flat.

4. Are rotary cutter blades reversible?

No but I wish someone would invent an everlasting one.

5. Are you holding on to a particular fabric that you just can’t bring yourself to use? 

Nope, I always use all my favourites first, life's too short for fabric to sit on the shelf.

6. What sewing accomplishment are you most proud of?

My Pickledish quilt, it lies on my bed and I smile everytime I look at it ( I have a tutorial for making one right here).



As we are celebrating it would be wrong for me to send you away without something sweet so here's my fav easy go to recipe for chocolate chip cookies




The Cherry Christmas that never was


It's that time again!  Just for fun and for the sake of looking at the possibilites that were never to be, these are some of the rejected colourways for my fabric line Cherry Christmas. 

Above we have a delightfully girly colour way in tones of pink.  The colours are not at all co-ordinated with the seasons BUT I would have loved to have presented Christmas this way.  Just think of all the pretty bedding and stockings (not to mention dresses) that could have given little girls everywhere a holiday season to remember.


These are a few of the rejected blues,  I love the frostiness of that light blue but it sadly didn't make the final cut.

I know people are very red and green when it comes to colour for the holidays but what do you think?  Surely a pink Christmas has a certain appeal!!????

an embroidery project pouch


A little project idea for you today, I recently made up a little pouch to hold all my embroidery supplies for my wips and projects.  I wanted somewhere where everything would be neatly stored ready for any spare embroidery minutes I can find during the course of the day.


Open it up and inside is stored everything I need - a copy of my book, the pulled out transfer pages from the book, floss, marking pens, scissors and a couple of embroideries awaiting stitching up into a little something.  There is plenty of room to keep a hooped up embroidery in progress too.

All right at the tips of my fingertips.



(The deer and sailboat embroideries can both be found in my book)


These are the colours I have picked out ready for my current project (more on that soon)


Of course there was one fabric line I could use to stitch up this little idea - Sew Stitchy.  I used my Hexagons fabric for the outside, Chain Stitch for the inside, Pins for the tab and two of the pockets and Spools for the other pocket.  The binding fabric is called French Knot Dot.

Both my daughter's have already tried to swipe my pouch from me for themselves - What is it with kids thinking everything you stitch up is really for them?  

though if they are good, santa just might bring them one this year ;)

a posy baby quilt


I never got to make baby quilts for my girls.  They were both way past the baby stage by the time I got into this quilting lark.  Consequently I've always made big quilts that my family could use - bed and lap size numbers, never knowingly under 55" in any direction.

So when my little sister gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago - a little cutie, who she named 'Pearl'.  I finally got the chance to make a baby quilt for a little person I love.  Quite handily by circumstance, I happened to have yardage of a certain forthcoming fabric line called Posy knocking about the place, so it was kind of a no brainer what I would use for this baby quilt for this new adorable little person.


The best thing about making a quilt this size?  It was cut, basted, quilted and bound in a day. I know some people manage making a big quilt in that time but not me (3 days is fast for me). 


The quilt like the baby has now been delivered and is being enjoyed as we speak!  

Apologies for the positoning of the baby duckling in the top photograph - I really should concentrate more when taking photo's.



It's been a little while since I did one of these posts but there has been so much good stuff being posted in to my flickr group.  I really couldn't resist any longer.  

It's been exciting seeing all the embroideries from my book popping in there, so I'm starting with those.

Cherry on the tree swing embroidery (above) is by Kelly - isn't she just perfectly stitched?


Another Cherry, this time with a blonde hair makeover stitched by Hadley


Girl reading embroidery by Mary


London bus embroidery by Kristan

Little Stitches top done

Embroidered mini quilt by Kristyne


Pillow by Kylie


Sampler quilt by Emily.  Can you see, she used scraps from all my fabric lines so far (except for Cherry Christmas) and mixed in a little embroidery?  Girl after my own heart :)


Teeny Dresden by Mary


Sew Stitchy hexagons by Charlotte

There was a ton more inspirational stuff I could have posted but I will now let you get on with your day cos I know you lot are a busy bunch.  Hope you found something to inspire you here today?!