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a bedroom in dresden


Thank you so much for all of your support both in the comments and by email to my last post :) and a big thank you too to my first sponsors now snuggled up right there on the top right.  Things are feeling a little lighter now and I have you all to thank for that.

For today's post we are returning to a favourite quilt block destination of mine -


The dresden plate.  I will never tire of playing around with those petals or blades or whatever you like to call them.  I made these projects just over a year ago for a book submission and despite having got them back about a month ago, they have been sitting around all folded up on my nice little quilt shelf, waiting (and waiting).

But no more.


This little number has been placed lovingly onto the bedside table of my daughters - it'll no doubt soon be smothered in hair bobbles and lip balm (so this might one day be a 'before' photo).


And this is the 'sister' to the table cover - a quilted floor rug  (which also makes a mighty fine wall hanging or baby quilt).


Here are my feet, testing out the performance quality of that rug-ability for my daughters. 


Let's just hope they notice the home dec updates when they got home.

The patterns for both these projects are available in the new Moda Bakeshop Book - Sweet Celebrations (along with a boatload of other good stuff it has to be said).




Today seemed a perfect day to pull out this star quilt I made last year.  It's one of my most favourite quilts and I love it because it's wintery without being too Christmass-y so perfect for right now.  I love it because it has prints from my first fabric range Sherbet Pips - which already seems like it came out forever ago.  It makes me feel nostalgic for that time and nostalgia is part of the love of a quilt.  Don't they go hand in hand? the yearning of the time that has past and the quilty goodness that is winter warmth and cosiness (that makes you want to hide away and think about all the things you want to do and not those you have to do).

That's me today - hiding under my quilt, trying not to think about all the things I have to get done later and feeling starry eyed for the future and all that it holds.


Well that and a little knitting.  

I can't do this all day but while it lasts I'll be the happiest girl that ever made her own quilt and sat under it.




Photo (21)

(Holiday snowglobe pattern from my book)

Lately there has been so much organizing and sorting going on, that there has none of the fun stuff to make my days that little bit brighter.  I think it has been at least a month since I sewed or designed anything.  The little creative person in me is sadly neglected and not very happy at all about it.  But there is stuff to be done and no-one else to do it and so the stuff has taken over.

On Saturday, I at last got the opportunity to let a little sunshine in.  Not that I got to sew but I got to teach a few lovely ladies all I know about embroidery and oh my, what a happy day I had!


The embroidery class took place at a lovely fabric shop in Islington, London which goes by the name of Ray Stitch (but honestly I would just rather call it an emporium of fabric heaven).


Even better than that, there are eats to go with those fabric treats - home made cakes, rustic breads and coffee you can sip on whilst surrounded by cloth and haberdashery galore.


The class took place downstairs - where ten of the most charismatic and fun ladies joined me for an afternoon of stitching (surrounded by even more bolts of the fabric stuff).


It was hard to believe everyone had just met because as soon as we started it seemed so did the camaraderie and everyone was chatting away like we were a group of sewists who had been meeting regularly over the last few months.


As we are edging nearer to Christmas I thought it would be fun to teach the Holiday Snowglobe pattern from my book Little Stitches and this went very well.  It's an easy pattern but fun to stitch with French Knot snow and a couple of other basic stitches.


I'm hoping to teach again at Ray Stitch in January (I'm pretty much packing my bags in my head as I speak). Update : New class has been announced -sign ups are here.

in transition


I really didn't expect to have taken so long to get back in the blogging seat.  BUT.  For the past couple of months there have been a few big changes going on in the home/family sense.  There was the slight interruption of the trip to quilt market, which was highly welcomed by me and involved a few schoolhouses, multiple book signings, an embroidery demo and a lot of hanging out (and somehow no photo's got taken of the hanging out bit so I have nothing to show but it was very much enjoyed by me).


Stash Books had a cute little display of some of the handiwork from my book.

Photo (15)

And I got to spend some time standing on this bit of artificial grass next to a plethora of Posy precut's in the Moda Fabrics booth talking to anyone who dropped by and handing out mini charm packs.

It all went too fast and I was back home before I knew I had got there.

Sadly I crash landed back into reality with a lovely mix of jet lag, antibiotic medication for an insect bite I managed to receive in Houston airport and the biggest pile of paperwork you have ever seen.  

More on the reasons behind the paperwork next week, when hopefully it is good news.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me that it is because all is looking very wobbly at the moment.