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New Fabric!!!!!

Hello Petal picture

So in between the packing, the moving house, the finding new schools and the fiasco of internet loss.  I did manage to create a new fabric line.  I still have absolutely no idea how I squeezed that in.

Hello Petal will sell to shops this July and be in stores this December.

I love this line, hands down it's my favourite so far.

I hope you enjoy the peek up there?  There might be more to show you very very soon.

If you want to see more that is??


trip is over


My scrappy trips around the world quilt is finally finished.  I am totally smitten with it, I loved making it and I'm going to love dragging it around with me from room to room like some kind of magical magnificent lucky charm because that is what it is - my technicolour dream quilt.







All those pretty little squares make my heart race and normally this kind of quilt would be too tedious for me to consider but the tutorial I used make it, made it fun to put together.  I highly recommend it.  

Finished stats: 72" x 72" (36 of the 12" square blocks)

Fabrics include lots of my Posy line for Moda as well as some Sew Stitchy and some Sherbet Pips.  Lots of Denyse Schmidt and a bit of Lizzy House as well as some Mono Pez by American Jane.  The deer print is an old line by Lecien.

Backing is Meadow in lilac from Posy, binding is Stripe in hollyhock from Posy.  I quilted it in a herringbone/chevron pattern.





One last thing - About quilt hanging for photography.  I always find the photography part quite challenging, the weather in the UK is tempremental to say the least.  I thought I might have found the ideal solution in this Deka hanging wire I bought from Ikea (see pics above).  It's not proving as robust as I thought, it really is made for hanging light curtains so the product itself is not to blame.  We tried a number of wall fixings including anchor screws and butterfly/toggle fixings (we have plasterboard walls).  And while it is still hanging in place, I don't think it will last which is a shame because it made photographing this quilt a breeze.  I'd love to know what hanging devices any of you who photograph large quilts use for indoor photography?  I'm thinking I may have to resort to an actual curtain pole, I'd love to know if any of you use one already? or if you have any thoughts on this?



I've been dress making crazy these last few weeks.  I'm hoping being wardrobe ready will help speed up the arrival of some warm weather.  It hasn't happened yet but I'm ready for when it does.

This number is my first attempt at The Staple Dress pattern, made in my Ditsy fabric from Posy.  It was so easy and I would definitely recommend even dressmaking beginners to give it a try.  The pattern is by April Rhodes and I think she named it just right, I will definitely be making a few more.

My fav part of this dress is that it has pockets!!  I love me a dress with pockets, somewhere to stash those tissues and keys or sweets.  They seem to be sadly lacking in many dress patterns.



In other exciting news, we finally got curtains!  After 3 months!  I was so ready for a little privacy around here.  I went for plain linen through the whole house and it's perfect.  

I am never going back to bare windows!

project book pouch


I made this project pouch almost a year ago.  I wanted something that could hold everything I needed in one place when I was in the middle of embroidering something.  When my book came out with it's pullout pattern pages I came up with this idea - a pouch that opened up like a book so you could see everything in it easily (so much easier than fishing things out of the bottom of a project bag don't you think?).

Even better this book is perfectly sized to hold your latest favourite craft book and any pattern sheets/pullouts or special papers plus all the notions and supplies you need for your current project all together in the same place.

Perfect for embroidery, applique or english paper piecing projects.


I use mine ALOT.  When I'm home, when I'm out, when I'm teaching.  Whenever I teach I keep getting asked if I have a pattern and I usually reply that I hope to do one soon.

But no more because I finally sat down for the last couple of days, drew up all the pictures in illustrator and got the pattern written.


If you fancy making one for yourself or for someone else, you can find the pattern right here.

The pattern is really straight forward and pretty quick to put together. Not quite a doddle but pretty much so I'd say.


Guaranteed to make you stitch faster, which is perfect if you embroider as much as I do!

my space










Life has been pretty good here, things are starting to come together but there are always little set backs being overcome (for the good of all, these are getting fewer and fewer).  One of these set backs happened just as I was about to upload a couple of weeks worth of around the house photo's ready to blog here.  At that exact moment, my camera's memory card decided it was damaged and had to be replaced (the photo's on the damaged memory card of course went down memory lane with the now useless card and I'm currently in the process of re-taking them).  In the meanwhile, I thought I would show you a few pictures of what I've been up to this week.  Mainly, quilting the scrappy trips quilt as well as getting the making clothes bug and fashioning up a new summer wardrobe (more detailed pics to come).  There were two birthday celebrations last week, mine as you know and my eldest daughter became a teen yesterday too.

Oh happy days are here!

some inspiration and some winners


Geranium top by Rose & Dahlia

Thank you to everyone who entered my pattern giveaway, the winners are Anna and Sonia  - Congratulations to you (I've just emailed you both)

I've been spotting so many cute things stitched up using Posy that I couldn't resist posting some eye candy pics for your viewing pleasure.  With the weekend fast approaching, I hope you'll see something that will set a seed for a future must make sewing project.  I hope you find something above or below that inspires you to get your threads and fabric out and get stitching.


Posy Honeycomb quilt top by Amy at nanacompany


Posy Granny Square Quilt by Jolene at Blue Elephant Stitches


Posy Squared quilt by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew


Cozy Posy Triangle quilt by Erica at Kitchen Table Quilting (tutorial here)

Photo (32)

The beginnings of a Marcelle Medallion baby quilt by Alex 

8458476293_8fe22fcaa9_z (1)

Posy Geranium dress by Janice at So-cal sewing mom


Posy Roller Skate Dress by At Luce Ends


Back of Posy dress by Party of Eight