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winners and a showcase


Today I thought I'd bring you a little showcase of pretty things I've seen made up in Hello Petal by some of you!  These are always a pleasure for me to come across and of course give me lots of idea's for future projects.  First up is this delightful quilt (above) by Jodi of Tickle and Hide - If you click over to her website you'll also find a free tutorial for making the quilt.  I'm pinning it for future reference, gotta love the words quilt, tutorial and easy all in the same sentence :)

12229083575_74dddd295b_z (1)

This night gown by At Luce Ends really made me smile too.


Love this drawstring bag by Amanda, definitely need to make one just like it.


And finally, more cats, this time made into a pouch by Jessica :)

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spell it with fabric blog hop

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Hello and welcome to my day on the Moda - Spell it with fabric blog hop.  My name is Aneela Hoey and to date I have designed 7 collections for Moda.  My newest collection is called Hello Petal and it is now available in stores.  I've been busy sewing away with it as you will see below.  For this hop, Moda have put together an entire alphabet of quilt blocks for you to use as you wish.  As you visit each of the blogs on the hop you will be able to download pdf's for making each letter.  As you might have guessed from the photo above my letter is A.  You can find the pdf for making the A block here.

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Here are a few of the things I have been making with Hello Petal - Granny square blocks.

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Economy blocks (these are actually a mix of Hello Petal and some of my older lines along with a few fabrics from my stash).

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This one is my Tobacco leaf quilt top which I'm working on getting quilted.

Magicstars 023 (2)

And finally my Magic stars quilt top.  This one is still on the wall waiting to be quilted, I really need to do that soon.  You can find the pattern here.

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As part of the hop, we were each asked to answer a few questions -

My letter is  - A

My initials are - AH

Favourite quilt block I want to try - Arkansas Traveller

Favourite author - Agatha Christie

Favourite sewing notion - Aurifil thread

Favourite word - abracadabra (my daughter is teaching herself magic, so I'm hearing this alot)

Favourite quote or motto - A stitch in time saves nine

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granny squares and scraps, scraps, scraps


I've been making granny square quilt blocks the last couple of days, I love how they are turning out!  I've got 24 done already, so a few more and I'll get a nice big quilt's worth.  My husband keeps complaining my quilts are never long enough (well the ones I let him use).  This makes me laugh since my hubbie is not that tall, also I explain to him that you can only make quilts as big as your available basting space will allow.  That keeps him quiet. Sometimes.  

I'm using Jolene's marvellous tutorial here.  I'm in love with her original Posy version and also Nicole's super cute Little Apples one,  in fact I still want to make a Little Apples one exactly like hers.