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at a glance pouches

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I made these 'at a glance pouches' late last summer.  I wanted somewhere I could store things neatly and orderly so I could see what I have in there all at once.  I can be quite messy at times but I always find if things are neat and tidy, I tend to be more productive.

These were quite quick to put together and I've found thery are perfectly sized to hold my essential tools as well as collections of Aurifil thread,

021 (2)

or embroidery flosses,

031 (3)

or paper piecing projects.  Everything is all neat and flat and organised.

Which hopefully means that so am I!

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Like the projects I showed you last week, I've been working on a pattern for these for quite some time.  It's nice to get them neatly crossed off my to do list at last.

Don't be expecting any more patterns for quite some time though.  I think I might have wiped myself out working on these the past few weeks.  Thank you to my friend Hadley who thoroughly pattern tested these for me.

Hopefully I'll have some new sewing to show you soon :)


fold over sewing pouches

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Today I'm going to show you what I've been working away on recently.  I say recently but in truth this project started over a year ago.  I wanted to sew up a handy pouch where everything could be kept together but was compact enough to carry around too.  After a few attempts I came up with the idea of the fold over sewing pouch -  a pouch + pincushion + needle book + scissor pocket all in one.  It's the perfect thing for sewing on the go, English paper piecing, embroidery or just a handy kit all together when ever those sewing impulses take hold.

030 (2)

 It also folds up neatly and quite stylishly too! 

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I also wanted to make a few super small pouches because I'm always looking for a place to keep small items together and came up with this this mini pouch and needle book combo.  You can see how mini these are next to the Aurifil thread, they are tiny! The styling is the same as the sewing pouch even though the construction is surprisingly different.  Both of these fit rather neatly into the sewing pouch too.  The mini pouch is perfectly sized to hold things like binding clips.

076 (2)

The mini duo also work really well for knitting projects - I use the pouch to keep my stitch markers together and the needle book for darning needles.

You can find a pattern for the sewing pouch here

and one for the mini pouch and needle book here

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040 (2)

Even though I started working on these all those months ago, I only got around to finishing off the patterns over the last couple of weeks.  With the help of a couple of friends to pattern test and several billion hours spent working in illustrator and about the same in word (phew!).  They are finally ready.  

Now I just need to go and make a few more.

Oh and by the way, it feels so good to be back blogging :)


Its been a while..

I am a bad decision maker.

Not in the sense that the decisions I make lead to bad outcomes.  Just that I dither, um and ah and contemplate too much.  Needless to say, I am not a fan of having to make a decision, I'd rather some one else do it for me.  And as if to highlight this breif explanation, it's curious that some of my very best decisions have been made completely by accident.

The story that this introduction is leading up to happened several months ago.  It had been a perfectly ordinary day, when quite unexpectantly I came across a lump in my chest.  A very teeny - tiny lump but a lump nevertheless.  I ummed and I ahhed but thankfully I did decide to go and visit my doctor as soon as possible. A couple of weeks later and I was sat opposite a consultant at my local hospital where I found out that the lump I had found (the teeny one) was nothing to worry about.  However, the scan had concluded that there was a very suspicious looking mass nearby and this mass turned out to be breast cancer. 

It's not the kind of news that anyone is ever prepared for and it took a lot of getting my head around.  A lot has happened since that day regarding surgery and treatment.  It's been a tricky road but I'm thankful I have had good support  from my family and friends throughout.

It's not over yet by a long way.  There's been a lot of resting (and knitting), a long list of things I'm not allowed to do and an even longer list of things I'm not up to doing.  

I'm hoping I might see a return to being up to sewing soon but in the meantime I've been playing around on the computer with new idea's.  

It could take a while but if there is one thing I do have it's time!