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I've been slowly working away on more blocks using my Vignette fabrics.  I'm delighted with how spring-like these blocks look, even if the weather isn't quite matching on the outside.  Things are blooming nicely along.  These blocks are mostly destined for smaller projects.  That way I can experiment with a few hand and machine quilting techniques I want to try out.


009 (2)

I'm in love with the colours and the contrast in these blocks.

I've also been re-familiarizing myself with my 'proper' camera.  I've gotten so used to snapping photos quickly on my phone, that I'd mostly forgotten how.  

Something else that's been keeping me busy is tidying up, here on the blog.  I've updated my Tutorials page already (just click on the 'Tutorials' tab under the blog header up there to go take a look). I'm also working on updating links and making my space here a little easier to navigate.

English wedding ring


I've been slowly making up a few test blocks to decipher what kind of pattern I want to use for a Vignette quilt.  I am a very undecided type of person and I've only fallen in love with each of the patterns I've tried so far.  So basically no progress has been made as far as decision making is concerned.


I'm really head over heels for this traditional English Wedding ring block.  I used some of the blender prints from Vignette along with some Essex linen in Silver.  The effect is dreamy.


I was feeling a little uneasy about the thought of all those half square triangles until I discovered this neat little trick using these Omnigrid marking rulers.  You simply lay the ruler diagonally across the wrong side of the fabric and mark along both long edges.  A whole stack of squares is marked in minutes.  Then just sew on the drawn lines!  It's opening my eyes to a whole world of patterns I wouldn't even consider otherwise.

I found the set of three rulers together, it's sold as a marking set.  It's made by Omnigrid so I guess you could find these easily at stockists of their other rulers.


I've been making a few stacks of  these up whilst I'm in the mood.  I can always decide on the final layout later.


You can find Vignette fabric in these fine stores.