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October 2016

a new wiksten tank


Here are the results of my smallish dressmaking spurt - I now have a the basics of a Vignette wardrobe!

Just looking at them all hanging together makes me glad I sew.


My latest addition is a new Wiksten Tank in the red Petal double gauze.  Again this is a pattern I've made before, so everything was ready to start cutting etc.  All of my previous versions have been made from a thicker quilting cotton.  It's great to finally have one made out of a soft and squishy substrate - so dreamy to wear.  Double gauze is perfect for this style.



And it adds a nice pop of colour to ensemble too.

Hopefully having all these wardrobe additions will convince me to make the time to sew more wearables.


fen number 2


If the Staple Dress is my favourite dress pattern then the Fen dress comes a very close second.  This easy to wear style is equally flattering and works great with sandals in summer or layered in the winter months.  I know this because I've been wearing my first version of this dress (see below) for almost a whole year now.  Although the pattern has a variety of style options (round or v neck/short or long sleeve/top or dress/shirt-tail or drop hem), I went for the exact same mix of these as I used last time.  Why mess with something that works?  Again, having the pattern all cut out was a bonus.

I also used the exact same substrate as last time - double gauze from my Vignette line for Cloud 9 but this time the teal Petal print.


A few pattern making notes - One of the tips I got from watching The Great British Sewing Bee this year was seeing how Charlotte speeded up the cutting process by holding her pattern pieces in place with weights and then cutting around them with a rotary cutter - Genius!  I applied this tip to most of my cutting for all of the makes I've been showing lately and it is a 'duh' lightbulb moment.  Obviously being a quilter and having a rotary cutter on hand helps and safety has to be observed at all times - always cut away from your body and keep fingers out of the way.  For curved areas of the pattern where it would be tricky to use the rotary, I use my regular chalk marker and cut with scissors.


These are the pattern weights I use, they're handmade and were gifted to me by the Cloud 9 team last fall market.  


Here are both my Fen dresses (so far) together.  I think I might need a few more.

You can find my previous post for the first Fen dress here.