cherry christmas

The C word

I'm doing that thing again. The paper piecing thing. But this time with diamonds instead of hexagons. Downloading the paper templates for these shapes was probably the root cause of my troubles from last week. So piecing these has been bittersweet.
I'm also doing that other thing again. That Christmas in July thing. I'm blaming the weather, something about those soaring temperatures outside (hottest ever in my lifetime) just makes me want to get busy with robins and reindeers.
It all seems so wrong somehow but sometimes wrong is the only thing that is right don't you find? :)

The C word

The C word

The C word

step inside


As promised last week, I'm back to show you around a little of my new home.  Unsuprisingly it was my sewing room most of you wanted to start with so here we are.  As expected there is a ton of fabric.  In fact there is a whole wall of fabric ;) 


It's nice to finally be able to have it all out displayed on shelves instead of shovelled into many drawers.  The shelves are Billy Bookcases from Ikea and they are ideal for storage because only the middle shelf is permanantly fixed, the rest are easily adjusted, which is good if like me you are always chopping and changing your mind.  Annie at The Village Haberdashery very kindly saved up the bolts for me and it only took me about a week of ironing and pinning to get things done.






In complete contrast to the colour explosion belonging to the wall of fabric, the opposite side of the room is stark in it's whiteness.  I intended to add some colour in the form of accessories but I kind of enjoy the plainess over here.

(Cupboards and desk are Expedit, drawers are Alex, from Ikea)


Next to Alex is my sewing table (at least it will be soon, I haven't sewn a stitch in over two months).  The table is Liatorp (again from Ikea) and I have it at the full extended width.  I am revelling in it's hugeness, which will be a welcome relief after years of coffee table quilting.  The chair is Ingolf.


See what I mean about the whiteness (even matches my radiator).


Which takes us over to the big window (still no curtains after two months, although we have got around to ordering them at long last).


Over the other side of the big window, more shelves, more fabric and more colour.


And another little window.


And more fabric


And back to the wall of fabric.

And that's it.  Kind of turned out exactly as I'd planned in my head all those months ago.  I'm sure it's pretty much what you expected too?

the frosty quilt


May I present to you in all it's starry eyed glory, the finished Frosty Quilt.  

This one just made itself, all I had to do was be present and hold the fabrics together whilst the machine sewed them up for me (like magic).  It's called the frosty quilt on account of the colour scheme, mainly blues and greens with a few unexpected burgundies/browns and blacks.



There's a good old mix of my fabrics (Sherbet Pips, Cherry Christmas, Sew Stitchy and a couple of the minty green prints from the forthcoming Posy line) plus a good spoonful of Pez, a couple of bella solids - Robin's Egg and Misty and a sprinkling of other prints.

You can find the tutorial I used to make the blocks here.



I quilted in a chevron pattern, binding is Jolly Holly in Noel from Cherry Christmas.


Backing is Little Robins in Aqua also from Cherry Christmas.



This is going to be my last post for the year, I need to take a break from the internet and spend some long overdue time off with my family.  I expect to be back, recharged and ready early next year.

Until then, please do enjoy yourselves a lovely, crafty and relaxed Christmas with the ones you love.

All the very best until 2013 

Love, aneela xx









On Monday, I decided I really wanted to make a new winter-y quilt.  I don't have time to make a quilt, so I thought I could control myself, stick to making four quilt blocks and make them into a pillow instead.

That's how it started in my head, anyway.  Somehow I managed to make 6 blocks by accident and then mistakenly cut out more squares when I wasn't looking and now it looks as if this quilt is making me make it whether I own the feasible quilt making hours or not.

So I guess it seems this quilt is going ahead.  (It would be kind of nice to have a little company if anyone's interested.  I'm using this tutorial and these are fun blocks to make).



Yep!  We got our Christmas tree on the weekend.

The girls love decorating it so much I just leave them to it.  The short one decorates the bottom and the tall one deals with the top bits.

My job is just to remember where I've stashed all that quilty sew-y stuff I've made over the years and fling it here and there to Christmas up the view.


First there are the cushion's on the sofa - despite having my first Christmas fabric line out this year, so far I didn't manage any new seasonal cushion-y goodness (big fail) but I do like to repeat to myself that  'there is still time'.


I got my Cherry Christmas 'Vintage Holiday' quilt out and I'm feeling so happy I got this one done over the summer while I had the time.  Pattern can be found here.


Table runner - I used the blocks from my Jolly quilt pattern to make this - again it got squeezed in sometime in July.


This is my seat -  Yep! Right next to Le Christmas Tree.


Here's an overview - My house is tiny but I prefer to call it cosy, can you see how everything is jigsawed in there?





That's it for now.  I'm sure I made a few more bits and pieces and I'll be showing you those just as soon as I remember exactly where I put them :)

The Cherry Christmas that never was


It's that time again!  Just for fun and for the sake of looking at the possibilites that were never to be, these are some of the rejected colourways for my fabric line Cherry Christmas. 

Above we have a delightfully girly colour way in tones of pink.  The colours are not at all co-ordinated with the seasons BUT I would have loved to have presented Christmas this way.  Just think of all the pretty bedding and stockings (not to mention dresses) that could have given little girls everywhere a holiday season to remember.


These are a few of the rejected blues,  I love the frostiness of that light blue but it sadly didn't make the final cut.

I know people are very red and green when it comes to colour for the holidays but what do you think?  Surely a pink Christmas has a certain appeal!!????

still running


It's been a productive July, I planned to get a head start on a certain forthcoming holiday and for once (finallllly) managed it.


This snowball table runner is my latest addition to be added to the holiday cupboard.  I made 10 blocks following my Jolly pattern, assembled them in 2 rows of 5 blocks each then added a narrow border.  I planned to listen to some holiday music whilst sewing but completely forgot until the end I was so lost in my stitching (love it when that happens).


I went for my favourite cheat-y quilting method (again) by using an embroidery stitch from my machine in vertical rows.  It kind of has the look of party streamers don't you think??


This is stitch 74 on my Pfaff, I just enlarge it to maximum stitch width and it probably takes me 10 mins to quilt the entire runner.


I've done pretty OK so far - a quilt, a quilt top, coasters, sewing pouch, stocking and a runner.  

Not bad but I think I've earned myself a little break for now.  How about you?????? Did you manage any holiday sewing so far?? or are you cursing me for asking?

Finished vintage holiday quilt, a quilt a long and a giveaway


So I finally finished my Vintage Holiday quilt and I feel like celebrating.  This one came together so fast because those fabric baubles are just plain fun to piece up (I only started working  at a leisurely pace when it came to binding the thing).


091 (2)



Fabrics used are all from my Cherry Christmas line plus Moda Bella Solid in White Bleached.  I quilted it using my favourite la la loopy quilting.

Pattern is Vintage Holiday by Thimbleblossoms


vintage holiday quilt top done!


Hello Monday morning!  I have a little picture fest for you today.  I managed to complete my Vintage Holiday quilt top on Friday afternoon and snapped a few pics in the girls bedroom.  I pretty much stuck to the same colour placements as Camille used in her original quilt as luckily the colours for both the Vintage Modern and Cherry Christmas lines are very similar.


I rarely do sashing from prints or borders so this pattern was a good excercise in branching out of my auto pilot tendencies.  I used the grey Wreaths print to sash and red Presents for the border.  The white is bella solid in white bleached.



This morning so far, I have pieced together a batting from two large pieces, moved the furniture about to make space for basting and pinned all the layers together.


Now with the sofa moved back to its usual spot, I have begun the quilting but stopped a third of the way through to write this blog post :)  Hopefully two more hours should do it.

I love the process of basting and quilting but I do get to that saturation point in a few short hours where I've had enough.  The trick is to push ahead and get the hard work done before I get there.  Talking of which, better get back to it.

vintage summer holiday


Outside the sun is shining and it's feeling decidedly summery.  Meanwhile, I have decided to have a holiday from summer and spend a little of it in winter (fabrically speaking) with the help of my Cherry Christmas prints.

I loved Camille's Vintage Holiday quilt pattern when she showed it at the end of last year and as soon as I got my fabric I knew that this would have to be the first quilt I made from it.  So I purchased the pattern two days ago and right now I am almost 12 bauble blocks down.  Block one - above - is my current favourite but that changes every minute or two so actually means very little.


I had fun pretending to be all jolly and merry and ho-ho-ho whilst stitching these, each block looks so different yet they are so simple to put together.


Each one comes with that dah dah dah daaaahhhh!!!! moment when the finished fabric bauble is revealed.



Here's an action shot from my sofa right now.  I'm planning a few Chrissy quilts this year so I guess I'd better stop rambling and get back to the stitching.