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a quilt in time


Previous experience is a good thing.  Previous experience when it comes to making quilts in time for Christmas has taught me to start on the early side of early.  After two whole years of quilting, I decided early in the case of me meant that even July was too late, I needed to start in April.


This entire quilt was pieced and sashed, basted then quilted in a herringbone style (of all the quilts I've made, the quilting on this one is my most favourite ever, expect lots more herringbone quilting to come) then I machine bound the quilt on the front and started handstitching the binding to the back, went three quarters of the way around, then promptly put the quilt on a shelf and forgot all about it until last week.  Yep! it took 8 months to get around to stitching up those last 15".


These blocks were made 6" square.  Instead of making the stars wonky and uneven, I made them pretty consistent in size and then wonk-ed the blocks when I sashed them instead.

Fabrics used include Sherbet Pips, Flurry by Kate Spain, Bliss by Bonnie and Camille, Kei honeycomb dots, City Weekend by Oliver and S and the deer print is from Caramel Town by Lecien.  Solids used are from Flurry, Fa la la la la by French General and bella solids.  The binding is from City Weekend.

Not bad for a quilt that only took 3 years to get around to make.


Just a little.  Teeny bitty peek, at the newest fabric I have been very busy working on.

This line will be called 'a walk in the woods' and is due for launch next spring.  I know that is a fair bit of time away but I couldn't resist a quick little spilling of the new beans...

I just hope you all like foxes????

designing fabric - strike off's


Now that 'Little Apples' is readily available for a short slice of time, I thought it might be fun to look some of the colourways that didn't make the final cut.  The 'could have beens'

When I submit a new fabric collection, I also send in a sheet of colour swatches.  This is used by the mill in the initial printing phase, otherwise known as the 'strike off's' phase.

This is a very exciting time in the fabric designer's calender, as it is the first glimpse at your new designs on actual fabric in a multitude of dazzlingly different colour combinations.  After lots of oohing and aahhhing (often for several hours) some very tough decisions need to be made.

The pictures in this post are just some of the rejected colour ways for apples, the top photo shows a pretty pastel colour scheme which would be idea for spring but all wrong for fall.  

 This picture shows some of the rejected co-ordinates, again these are just too light and summery to fit in for fall so these too have to go and live on the 'no' pile.  Can you start to see how hard this is?

Now this colourway would be perfect for fall/autumn (sorry the colours are a little bleached out in this pic due to my camera's inadequacies).  I love how it looks so grown up compared to the other variations but even when colours fit in perfectly, they still may not make the final selection.  A colourway may just not 'play' well with the other definites or it might just make the collection too big.  In an ideal world, we would love to print all the colourways we liked but that line just has to be drawn somewhere.

And finally we come to the fabrics that 'made it' became stars and went to live happily ever after in a selection of precuts (before all of you start slicing into them with your rotary's that is).

I hope you have enjoyed today's lesson in how these quilting collection's come to life.  Of course I find anything to do with fabric design, development and production infinitely fascinating so I hope you like the insight too!

little apples pre-cuts

I don't think I have ever sewed as much as I have these past two weeks.

Been getting some quilts and other stuff ready for my little corner of the Moda booth.  Quite how I have managed to sew with both girls at home for the holidays and possibly the hottest Easter break I can ever remember I don't know.

I need a break before I actually break, so I'm taking a little time to show you a first glimpse of the precuts for the new line.  The layer cake above has already been made into a quilt(!) the top print you can see is the lead design this time 'round and round' in lollipop.

There's the charm packs,


Jelly rolls,

Fat quarter packs and all new super cutie patootie fat eighth stacks! (my girls call these mother and baby).

If you are going to sample spree at quilt market (I think this is on Thursday?) or know someone who is, a little heads up for you - you will be allowed to pick up one of each of the fat 1/4 and fat 1/8 stacks (ie. both).

Time to take my seat back at the machine, I'm hoping to share some of my projects with you this week as well as a little story with a royal twist on Friday.

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine wherever you are, catch a few rays for me please. 

little apples!!!!!!!!!!!


May I introduce to you a peek at my new fabric line with Moda?

Without further ado, a look at the collection,





'Little Apples' is what I came up with when I was asked to design a collection for fall.  I took the idea of fall literally and came up with a group around this theme, kind of interpreted through the eyes of children.  So we have kids playing games in the park, apple trees, tortoises talking to snails, autumn outfits and a few simple fun co-ordinates to go with.  

You might also reconize the dancing quartet???

It's a much bolder and more graphic look than 'sherbet pips' with a strong bright colour story.  I've been doing a little sewing with 'the apples' over the last few days and they are FUN prints to play with.

This group will debut at quilt market next month and goes on sale in the fall.

So what do you think??

Got any room left in your stash for a few of the 'little apples'????????

As always, I would love to know your thoughts??????

little superstar quilt top

I've had the pedal to the metal all last week stitching up this star top. I used the wonky star tutorial here but instead of giving my stars wonky points I did even ones.  I added the wonkiness when I placed the blocks into my quilt instead (does that make sense?), just to ring those ch-ch-changes.

I'm liking how the colours played out in this one, it started out as a *****massy quilt but I think it turned out with a bit more year round useability than I thought it might.


Fabrics used include some from Bliss, pips, flurry, city weekend, fa la la la la as well as some robins egg and christmas red bella solids.  Top finished up at 40" x 57" (star blocks were 6 1/2" before sashing, blocks were made from 2 1/2" squares).


BTW - did you know it is now only a week or so until stores start to receive Sherbet pips yardage??????  Eeeek!!

Calling all Shop Owners and eagle eyed shoppers!!!!!!!!

I am getting a ton of requests asking which stores are carrying the entire line of prints so if you are a store owner or know of one who is please let me know.

on page 5...

This time last year I worked my weekends away at a department store in a neighbouring city.  Every Saturday I would dutifully take the half hour train ride to get to work and each Saturday became more boring than the last.  In order to 'prepare' myself for the graft to be, I developed a habit of taking an earlier train than I needed to so that I could arrive at my destination a whole half hour earlier.  Said half hour was then spent in a large newsagent en route, swooning my way through the pages of one quilting magazine after another.  It was my equvialent of an early morning pick me up so that I could begin the day inspired and on a high.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that less than a year later I would see an advertisment for my new fabric line on page 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  of one of these inspiring magazines - American Patchwork and Quilting.

Wow! is all I can say.

and isn't it amazing where a year can take you????!

Big, big thank you to Jenny for spotting and sending me a copy of the magazine so quickly.  You my dear are a doll.

Jenny also hid this piece of fabric from the 'Hello Betty' collection by Chloe's Closet of a few years ago just because she knows I love it. Hello Betty along with Swell and Sweet by the Urban Chiks are amongst the fabrics I am always on the lookout for (so if you know of a supply, please lemmeknow ;)

BTW: In case you're interested the quilt pattern shown in the ad will be available as a downloadable pattern from the United Notions site come April.

I'd love to know your thoughts if you read any of the big quilting and patchwork magazine titles, do you follow the quilt patterns in them or just use them for inspiration and to keep up with the news?????

Also do you have any recommendations for magazines you love?

pips, pillows and a give-away!

Welcome to the Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop!!!

For those of you that are new to my blog, let's start at the beginning.  My name is Aneela Hoey and I am a new designer with Moda.  My first fabric collection 'Sherbet Pips' will be available from April (though there are some pre-cuts already out there).

For the Pillow Hop I was asked to make one that described myself but I think that this is something that we all do inadvertently anyhow.  When we make something, it always describes how we are feeling, what kind of mood we are in, whether everything is organized neatly or chaotic and all over the place.  I think that my pillow shows that I live in organized chaos!  It also shows what my life is like day to day - The characters in my prints were inspired by my daughters playing, there is lots of movement (jumping, swinging and riding) going on - in the character prints, co-ordinates and also in the composition of my blocks themselves.

For the next part of the hop I was asked to answer a few 'Pillow Talk' themed questions -

What is a little known fact about yourself?  -   I am completely rubbish at driving.  It took me five attempts before I passed my test and in the two years I actually continued to drive, I had a number of scrapes like crashing whilst manoeuvring myself out of a multi storey car park at rush hour (not into another car I hasten to add) or crashing into a pump at a petrol station.  No people were injured in any way whatsoever during said scrapes and I stopped driving before that had a chance to happen. I haven't driven for over 15 years now, I walk everywhere.

How do you relax?   -  I bind quilts, browse the internet or sketch.

What do you sleep in -  PJ's or NightGown?  -  I sleep in a set of matching t-shirt and lounging style pants.  My husband hates it and always says I look as if I should be going out for a run.  I dread to think what he would actually like me to wear.....

What kind of pillow do you like, Hard or soft, foam or feather? And why?  -  Medium soft feather pillows, I like to be able to sink into my pillow.

When you were young did you sleep with  a  stuffed animal? If so what?  -  I think me and my sister shared a one eyed teddy that we took in turns to sleep with (it was those hard up olden days my daughters get fed up of hearing about).

Do you sew in bed? Read? Watch TV? eat? -  I wish I could sew in bed but I am dreadful at losing needles and the bed is probably not the best place to lose them.  Mostly I browse the internet on the Ipad.

How many nights have you or your spouse spent on the couch?  - None, as far as I can remember.  

Night-time toddy?  -  Camomile tea ( is that a toddy?)

Early to bed or all-nighter?  -  Always early.

Who would you most like to have a pillow fight with?  -  Both my daughters, children are the best for pillow fighting with.


fan(tastic) tree quilt

I think this one is my favourite tree quilt mini so far.


I have always wanted to make a fan type tree block ever since Katy made this dreamy one for the Ten Make Two Bee a year or two ago.  For a while I hoped someone else would make one for me and added Katy's pic every time I made a flickr swap inspiration mosaic, wilfully wanting one to magically appear.

But in the end, I had to do it myself.

I didn't use a pattern or paper piecing but just winged it.  Adding each piece where I thought it should go. I was very tempted to hang a little tree swinging girl off the tree but decided it might make it OTT.

And so the little wall forest of the future grows.  I think may be two more and I'll be done (is 5 a forest?).

Hope you are up to some good quilty fun too?! 

little trees


I like BIG quilts.  Big quilts are the business for snuggling under and hiding from the cold.  But big quilts can be a huge operation to mastermind in the making particularly if you, like me, turn your front room into a sewing studio by day and living quarters by evening.  Sometimes I get tired of trying to hide all the STUFF that goes into big quilts.  At times like this I start to think about making small quilts.  Small quilts are pretty useless as quilts unless you want to keep one hand warm (at a time) but they make excellent make overs for walls everywhere in need of a little dressing up.  Small quilts are particularly useful to hang up and stare at whilst cosying up under a big quilt.

This little small quilt is what I was making when I wrote this post (yes, wayyyyyyy back).  It took a long time to actually get the binding on because life's like that.

Now, all I need to do is finish off (stitch the binding on) a few other little quilts with trees on and I can show you my very own little fabric wall forest (every wall should have one).

Bet you can't wait?????