Recently I've begun to favour projects that involve more of the slower aspects of sewing that I enjoy the most.  These include techniques such as needleturn applique and hand quilting - I have long loved both the process and the finished look of these skills. As I venture into these more time consuming practices I have decided to keep my projects small and manageable whilst I explore and develop my skills.  Over the holidays I decided to try out the Ebb pattern by Carolyn Friedlander which has options for making quilt, pillow and tote versions of the design.  I chose to try the pillowsham, which was the perfect size for the time I was seeking to fill, I am really really happy with the finished result. 


Of course I chose to use my Vignette fabrics and teamed them with a Robert Kaufman yarn dyed Essex linen in silver for the background.  I used a selection of matching colours of Aurifil 50wt thread for the applique and a 12wt cotton for the hand quilting.  The colours from the top are 2610 (used for hand quilting), 2021, 2975, 2220, 2277, 2570, 5015, 2830 (this is the only one I used 28wt since that's what I had on hand and it worked perfectly), 4182 and 2785.


Here's a close up of the quilting.


A few notes on equipment - I used Bohin needles, both applique and quilting versions respectively.  These were lovely to use but the ones I had have super small eyes which were a struggle to thread until I remembered the needle threader I had picked up whilst in the states recently.  This one is made by Dritz and was a breeze to use, it even comes with an LED light so you can really see what you are doing!  My daughters both thought this was very hi tech for me :)  I also finally got around to getting a leather thimble - no more sore fingertips.  I'm looking forward to using more of these techniques and have several new projects in the works.

If you're looking for places to find Vignette fabric - I've put together a handy list of stockists,



Hawthorne Threads 

Gather Here - quilting cotton  / double gauze

Fancy Tiger Crafts

Harts Fabric


Jones And Vandermeer

Circa 15 Fabric Studio

Crafty Planet

Del Ray Fabrics


Once Around - 352 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley. CA 94941   Phone: 415.389.1667



The Village Haberdashery

M Is For Make

Simply Solids

Pretty Fabrics And Trims


I'll update the list as often as I can, in the meantime please let me know if you are a shop stocking the line and wish to be added.



big paw little paw


I finished up my bear paw pillow that I started last week.  As soon as it was done I couldn't help but make a quilt version.


With the arrival of quite a few sunny days in a row, me and my girls decided that what we really needed was a nice picnic quilt to lounge about on on the lawn in our  back garden.  I finished it up on Friday and it has been in use everyday since then (my favourite kind of end result).


The sunshine is definitely influencing me in all kinds of ways.  I quilted both the pillow and quilt versions using yellow thread (I normally only ever quilt using white).  The colour is perfect and adds just the right amount of zing without over cooking things.  

Fabrics are mostly from my Little Apples line for the dark 'paws' and a mix of low volume fabrics from all my lines for the background.  For the yellow thread I used Aurifil 28 wt thread in shade 2130.


I used a grey/red Play Dot from Sherbet Pips for the backing.


I also got my green fingers on and did a little planting out in the back garden much to the dismay of my husband.  My absolute favourites are these white Rhondathemums ( I hope I've spelt that right).


And then there are these pretty little lilac-y marguerites, so pretty.  I can't wait for them to get growing so I can have dinky little vases of them in the house.  Maybe I'll get my girls to sing to them to get them to grow.  They always fall for that one.



Right before I went to market, I was doing an awful lot of sewing with some of the pink and white fabrics from the new line.  I wanted to have a little bit of fun with piecing lots of fussy cut images into simple compositions.  


Cue the idea for this pillow, lots of tiny-ish pink and white squares sewn up into a checkboard pattern.  I call this my 'Marshmallow' pillow because that is what it reminds me of, those fluffy, oomphy, squishy cylindrical balls of sugary goodness.  Well maybe not goodness if you happen to be a dentist...


perfect for a squishy, oomphy pillow effect.


This is another pillow idea I was working on, a double dresden!!!  I can really see me playing with this idea and coming up with triple or quadrupal drezzies too.


Two perfectly squish-i-liscious covers to live happily ever after forever and ever with.


If you are a seasoned visitor around these parts, you will be assured of the knowledge that every few weeks or so there will be a post about cushions.

I'm quite partial to a project which involves covering up something with fabric to make it look all brand new and shiny and pretty.  When that task also involves utilising quilt blocks or patterns I want to try but can't justify making another quilt (I think I have enough of those ((for the time being at least))) for me it's a win/win sitch.

Despite recent posts and this one, believe it or not there is still a way to go before I make enough cushion cover's to go round and so on the pre - assumption that your not bored already, here's another installment of 'cushion covers I have made lately'.


CC no.1 - Dresden plate, I came excruciatingly close to starting up a new quilt with these but stopped myself just in time to realise that my daughters are home for the holidays and this could be a bad idea right now. I managed to quell the urge (just) and kept to making the cover.


RE: dresdens - I have always made my own dresden templates from card or template plastic although I'm so addicted to this quilt block I think I will have to cave and go buy a proper ruler soon.


CC no. 2 - Gigantic pineapple, this one was tough going to begin with but I loved making such a simple, repetitive block in only two fabrics and huge proportions.  My 'technique' did waste a ton of fabric though, so I would want to do more research before attempting this again.

CC's no's 3 & 4 - Hexagons, these were started in time for my trip to Whitstable and allowed me to have a handy on the go project so that I was never far from my paper pieces and needles whatever we were up to.

I made these by starting with one hexagon and stitching six others to each side of it.  I then continued by adding more hexagons in the same way until I had a piece of hexagoned fabric big enough to make the top of my cover.

I cover making paper pieced hexagons in this tutorial if you are interested but don't know how.

Four brand new cushion covers that are making me V. happy indeed today.


As you can see, I am partial to a particular fabric to use for my binding, a definite creature of habit and pattern.