project caddy


I've been working on this little project for a while now - something like a year, give or take a month.  Say hello to the Project Caddy.  This is my attempt at a more substantial pouch, something that will store more than just a few basic notions.  It's perfect for either keeping all your tools/Aurifil threads and such in one place or to keep everything you need for a project in progress all together in one place.


Quite a lot will fit inside and to make things even more useful, there's two interior pockets.  It's perfect for WIP's like applique projects, knitting or those La Passacaglia's everyone seems to be making.  It's sized to perfectly fit a couple of the small trays from my nesting boxes pattern at the base to keep everything organized and there's plenty of space for your WIP to sit on top.  

One of my pattern testers Emily made hers to use as a vanity case and used a vinyl lining which is pretty genius! you can see hers here.



Just to give you an idea of the size, here is the project caddy next to one of my hold it all pouches and a fold over mini needlebook.  At 10" x 8" x 6" t's pretty spacious in comparison.


As with all my patterns, I've spent a lot of time working out the least complicated way of putting it together without too much machine wrestling involved.  I hope you like it!

You can find the pattern here.

all in one box pouch

034 (2)

Today I'm introducing you to my newest sewing pattern - the All In One Box Pouch.  Just as the name implies, it's a box pouch with a little more handy pocket space.  I'm someone who likes to cart my sewing stuff around alot - around the house, in the car and out and about.  I can leave the kitchen sink behind but usable notions and haberdashery are always on my person.  Just as I like it :)

So this pattern is my take on a portable sewing room in a pouch (kind of).  The idea is that you could keep your current work in progress in the roomy main part of the pouch and all your threads, needles and such (hello Aurifil) in the handy front pocket. Once unzipped, this pocket folds down to reveal a vinyl interior so you can see everything you need to have on hand at a glance.


Here is how the pouch looks with the front pocket closed.  Everything is nicely packed away securely.  There's lots of ways you could use your fabrics to make this pouch.  The front pocket provides a good opportunity to use something you really want to showcase (hello hoarded stash).  I used my highly coveted collection of Catnap by Lizzy house for this one.


Inside the main pouch there's plenty of room and quite by accident I discovered that the small sized tray from my nesting boxes pattern fits really well in there.  I couldn't have planned it better - you can fit two trays in the base of the pouch or you can fit four in total by stacking another two on top!  


They are easy to get in and out as you need stuff but everything stays neatly organized.  So plenty of options depending on your needs.


There's also a handy double pocket on the back, the idea is that you could keep your scissors and pincushion here perfectly within reach as you sew.  There's perfectly sized pincushion instructions included in the pattern.  Also pictured here are my foldover mini pouches, these are super handy and make great gifts too!


And there we are.  So far I've made two, the second one uses my little red print from my A Walk In The Woods line.  I don't plan to stop there as I've found these to be super useful for travel too.


I hope you enjoy the pattern!  You can find it here :) 


double pocket pouch

118 (2)

Life has been busy with lots of non sewing, non quilty, non creative life stuff.  So I had to find an excuse to get myself into the sewing room and work on something.  I miss sewing!

So say hello to the Double Pocket Pouch  I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while - a folio style pouch that opens up to reveal zippered pockets and everything can be kept all neat and in its place. It took some time to get it to look the way I wanted, lots of trial and error involved in dreaming up new ideas!


What I really love about it is that the inside pockets are both see through, so handy to see everything at a glance!  It's the perfect pouch for storing all manner of threads and notions (hello lovely Aurifil thread collections!)  as well as paper piecing or embroidery projects.  One of my pattern testers Sarah, has been using hers to carry her Iphone in - she assures me it's the perfect size.  Also great for travelling and holding jewelry or kids toys.

100 010 005

For once, I decided to dig into my fabric stash to make these up.  Even though I design my own fabric, it doesn't stop me buying and hoarding any covet-able fabric that crosses my path.  I used fabrics from my own Posy collection for Moda as well as some Mustang by Melody Miller for Cotton and Steel and Lotus Pond by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud 9 fabrics.

And now I definitely need to find time to make some more.

The double pocket pouch pattern can be found here 

And incidentally PayHip have recently added a shopping cart feature to their site, hooray! :)

hold it all pouch

095 (2)

January has started off a little slowly for me. I've been doing a lot of sorting through and organizing type stuff and also quietly working away on a new pattern.  

This one is my hold it all pouch and it's taken me about three months to put together.  There's been a lot of sewing and seam ripping and starting again going on over here.  I've made pouches like these in the past but even though they came out looking quite nice in the photo's I was really disappointed with them because they were really flimsy in real life.  My main aim with this pattern was to put together something that stayed sturdy and upright and was not difficult to sew.  I'm not a fan of machine wrestling!

004 (2)

I wanted something handy for storing my ever increasing collection of sewing implements and also handy for carrying things around in.  So after months of trial and error, writing and checking and illustrating all the different steps the pattern is finally ready.  I hope you like it - It'll make it worth all of those long hours and hard work :)

110 (3)

039 (2)

049 (2)


099 (2)

You can find the pattern here.

pull out boxes

051 (2)

A few weeks ago, I found myself in my sewing room and something unusual happened.  After many many months of feeling tired and not quite up to it, I had a huge burst of energy.  And I sewed...

And sewed and sewed and sewed.

And these photo's are what I made over the course of a couple of days of sewing myself happy.  First up Pull Out Boxes - I've wanted to make something like this for a while and after a sudden light bulb moment I figured a simple way of doing it :)  No machine wrestling involved.

I need to make more of these, they are handy for everything!! But particularly threads and sewing stuff.  They are a great alternative to the pouch - open them up and everything is all neatly laid out.

You can find a pattern for the pull out boxes here.

056 (3)

Next up - Nesting boxes, this one came up due to necessity because there was a huge haberdashery explosion happening all over my sewing table.  Organizing was necessary and it had to be pretty.  The nesting boxes come in three sizes - you can use them together like above.

103 (2)

Or seperately like so.

My sewing table has never looked so happy.

You can find a pattern for the nesting boxes here.

011 (3)

Finally, I had to make some more pouches.  I wanted something for knitting projects, I'm always working on a few things at a time and needed some that were big enough.  I also wanted to play around with the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine.  I never seem to use them and I figured they might be fun to do.  The embroidery on these was done with the Aurifil 12 wt which is like a superfine wool so you get this lovely texture and it looks like you hand stitched it.  

You can find a pattern for the pouches here.  The embroidery element is optional but I've included plenty of tips if you'd like to give it a try.

174 (3)

065 (2)

185 (2)

022 (4)

I've been working slowly away on these patterns for the last few weeks.  They've involved a lot of work but if I don't write things down I never remember how to do anything!  

I hope you'll give them a try too!

a few pouches

Fold over pouch

This week I have been living vocariously through the sewing of others.  All the pouches in this post were made by friends of mine who pattern tested for me recently.  Not only did they provide lots of feedback and ideas for what to include in the patterns (and quite a few grammatical corrections).  They also produced some very pretty looking pouches as a result.  

First up, is this dreamy looking version of my fold over pouch, made by Charlotte.  She chose the prettiest Heather Ross fabrics to make them in.  You can take a look at the inside of the pouch here (if anything, it's even sweeter than the outside and well worth the click).

Fold over mini

She also made this co-ordinating set of my mini pouch and needle book.


Next up is another fold over pouch, this time made by Pennie.  She beautifully fussy cut her cover fabric to perfection - look at how accurately she matched up the horses!  I am in awe of Pennie, she sews as fast as she talks and it's pretty speedy.

FullSizeRender (2)

The inside is just as pretty as everything else she makes.

At a glance - hadley1

Last but never least, Hadley tested my at a glance pouches.  You can see how thorough she is, she made three just to be sure everyy instruction was fully tested.  She also assured me that her pouches were most likely to be filled with loom bands by her daughters the minute they got back from school.

All this looking at sewing done by others has finally got me back into my sewing room and stitching.  Everything is going a little slowly for now but I should have something new (finally) to show you very soon :)

at a glance pouches

013 (2)

I made these 'at a glance pouches' late last summer.  I wanted somewhere I could store things neatly and orderly so I could see what I have in there all at once.  I can be quite messy at times but I always find if things are neat and tidy, I tend to be more productive.

These were quite quick to put together and I've found thery are perfectly sized to hold my essential tools as well as collections of Aurifil thread,

021 (2)

or embroidery flosses,

031 (3)

or paper piecing projects.  Everything is all neat and flat and organised.

Which hopefully means that so am I!

019 (2)

Like the projects I showed you last week, I've been working on a pattern for these for quite some time.  It's nice to get them neatly crossed off my to do list at last.

Don't be expecting any more patterns for quite some time though.  I think I might have wiped myself out working on these the past few weeks.  Thank you to my friend Hadley who thoroughly pattern tested these for me.

Hopefully I'll have some new sewing to show you soon :)


fold over sewing pouches

016 (2)

Today I'm going to show you what I've been working away on recently.  I say recently but in truth this project started over a year ago.  I wanted to sew up a handy pouch where everything could be kept together but was compact enough to carry around too.  After a few attempts I came up with the idea of the fold over sewing pouch -  a pouch + pincushion + needle book + scissor pocket all in one.  It's the perfect thing for sewing on the go, English paper piecing, embroidery or just a handy kit all together when ever those sewing impulses take hold.

030 (2)

 It also folds up neatly and quite stylishly too! 

051 (2)

I also wanted to make a few super small pouches because I'm always looking for a place to keep small items together and came up with this this mini pouch and needle book combo.  You can see how mini these are next to the Aurifil thread, they are tiny! The styling is the same as the sewing pouch even though the construction is surprisingly different.  Both of these fit rather neatly into the sewing pouch too.  The mini pouch is perfectly sized to hold things like binding clips.

076 (2)

The mini duo also work really well for knitting projects - I use the pouch to keep my stitch markers together and the needle book for darning needles.

You can find a pattern for the sewing pouch here

and one for the mini pouch and needle book here

069 (2)

040 (2)

Even though I started working on these all those months ago, I only got around to finishing off the patterns over the last couple of weeks.  With the help of a couple of friends to pattern test and several billion hours spent working in illustrator and about the same in word (phew!).  They are finally ready.  

Now I just need to go and make a few more.

Oh and by the way, it feels so good to be back blogging :)


Christmas knitting kit with kittens on

Pbp 023

I finally got around to making myself a needle case for my knitting projects.  I searched online for a pattern then realised I had just the thing right under my nose.

Pbp 026

By changing the pocket sizes to fit my needle collection (so far) my Project Book Pouch was the perfect hold all to hold all those necessary accroutrements - circular needles (for socks and cowls), dpns, crochet hooks, cable needles, stitch markers.....  There's even space to add my knitting book in there plus any printed patterns (always losing those just when I decide I want to start on something).

Pbp 073

So I'm all set for sock knitting over the holidays.

Pbp 005

This is my collection of book pouches so far - the top one for knitting, the center one for EPP and the bottom for embroidery.  The top two were made out of my new Hello Petal fabric (shipping this week I think) and the bottom one is made in Sew Stitchy.

Pbp 016

Here they are all empty...

Pbp 083

And here all filled up and ready when I am :)

an embroidery project pouch


A little project idea for you today, I recently made up a little pouch to hold all my embroidery supplies for my wips and projects.  I wanted somewhere where everything would be neatly stored ready for any spare embroidery minutes I can find during the course of the day.


Open it up and inside is stored everything I need - a copy of my book, the pulled out transfer pages from the book, floss, marking pens, scissors and a couple of embroideries awaiting stitching up into a little something.  There is plenty of room to keep a hooped up embroidery in progress too.

All right at the tips of my fingertips.



(The deer and sailboat embroideries can both be found in my book)


These are the colours I have picked out ready for my current project (more on that soon)


Of course there was one fabric line I could use to stitch up this little idea - Sew Stitchy.  I used my Hexagons fabric for the outside, Chain Stitch for the inside, Pins for the tab and two of the pockets and Spools for the other pocket.  The binding fabric is called French Knot Dot.

Both my daughter's have already tried to swipe my pouch from me for themselves - What is it with kids thinking everything you stitch up is really for them?  

though if they are good, santa just might bring them one this year ;)