then this happened..


I usually try to avoid starting a new quilt at 9.30 pm on the 3rd of January but as soon as Megan started showing off her Scrappy Trips quilt in progress at the end of last year I fell hopelessly in love and all future resistance was tragically futile.

Today, I laid out all 36 of my finished blocks and started planning my layout.  I can honestly say in my 4 year long quilting experience, that I have never enjoyed making a quilt quite as much as this one.  It's so misleading looking as all those squares because this quilt is strip pieced using a very clever shortcut technique that had me oohing and ahhing everytime I pieced a new block.  Even my girls were intrigued, transfixed even with how 'magic' the method was.  If you fancy making one yourself the tutorial can be found here.  There's also a flickr group here



There's a good deal of my new line 'Posy' in there (did you see that precuts are now on sale?) along with some 'Sew Stitchy' and lots of others. I'm hoping to get this one stitched up (and maybe quilted??) by next week.


We'll see.

the frosty quilt


May I present to you in all it's starry eyed glory, the finished Frosty Quilt.  

This one just made itself, all I had to do was be present and hold the fabrics together whilst the machine sewed them up for me (like magic).  It's called the frosty quilt on account of the colour scheme, mainly blues and greens with a few unexpected burgundies/browns and blacks.



There's a good old mix of my fabrics (Sherbet Pips, Cherry Christmas, Sew Stitchy and a couple of the minty green prints from the forthcoming Posy line) plus a good spoonful of Pez, a couple of bella solids - Robin's Egg and Misty and a sprinkling of other prints.

You can find the tutorial I used to make the blocks here.



I quilted in a chevron pattern, binding is Jolly Holly in Noel from Cherry Christmas.


Backing is Little Robins in Aqua also from Cherry Christmas.



This is going to be my last post for the year, I need to take a break from the internet and spend some long overdue time off with my family.  I expect to be back, recharged and ready early next year.

Until then, please do enjoy yourselves a lovely, crafty and relaxed Christmas with the ones you love.

All the very best until 2013 

Love, aneela xx









On Monday, I decided I really wanted to make a new winter-y quilt.  I don't have time to make a quilt, so I thought I could control myself, stick to making four quilt blocks and make them into a pillow instead.

That's how it started in my head, anyway.  Somehow I managed to make 6 blocks by accident and then mistakenly cut out more squares when I wasn't looking and now it looks as if this quilt is making me make it whether I own the feasible quilt making hours or not.

So I guess it seems this quilt is going ahead.  (It would be kind of nice to have a little company if anyone's interested.  I'm using this tutorial and these are fun blocks to make).

a bedroom in dresden


Thank you so much for all of your support both in the comments and by email to my last post :) and a big thank you too to my first sponsors now snuggled up right there on the top right.  Things are feeling a little lighter now and I have you all to thank for that.

For today's post we are returning to a favourite quilt block destination of mine -


The dresden plate.  I will never tire of playing around with those petals or blades or whatever you like to call them.  I made these projects just over a year ago for a book submission and despite having got them back about a month ago, they have been sitting around all folded up on my nice little quilt shelf, waiting (and waiting).

But no more.


This little number has been placed lovingly onto the bedside table of my daughters - it'll no doubt soon be smothered in hair bobbles and lip balm (so this might one day be a 'before' photo).


And this is the 'sister' to the table cover - a quilted floor rug  (which also makes a mighty fine wall hanging or baby quilt).


Here are my feet, testing out the performance quality of that rug-ability for my daughters. 


Let's just hope they notice the home dec updates when they got home.

The patterns for both these projects are available in the new Moda Bakeshop Book - Sweet Celebrations (along with a boatload of other good stuff it has to be said).




Today seemed a perfect day to pull out this star quilt I made last year.  It's one of my most favourite quilts and I love it because it's wintery without being too Christmass-y so perfect for right now.  I love it because it has prints from my first fabric range Sherbet Pips - which already seems like it came out forever ago.  It makes me feel nostalgic for that time and nostalgia is part of the love of a quilt.  Don't they go hand in hand? the yearning of the time that has past and the quilty goodness that is winter warmth and cosiness (that makes you want to hide away and think about all the things you want to do and not those you have to do).

That's me today - hiding under my quilt, trying not to think about all the things I have to get done later and feeling starry eyed for the future and all that it holds.


Well that and a little knitting.  

I can't do this all day but while it lasts I'll be the happiest girl that ever made her own quilt and sat under it.



playful quilt




Freshly quilted and bound at the end of last week, this is my Playful quilt - made from my new Posy line for moda, stitching this up made me forget about the blustery weather outside and made me feel like I was living in spring.  It has a nice homey scrappy look and my girls are currently fighting over who will own this one as they know my quilt output has slowed down considerably.  Neither of them wants to wait until next year to get their Posy quilt.  Secretly I want to keep it for myself because I've never made a quilt and not let someone else claim it as their own.


Playful cover

The pattern finishes at the above size and is made from a layer cake plus a little yardage for the borders.

 I'd love to see it made from a Christmas or Halloween line of fabrics, I'm hoping to squeeze in making a couple of Christmas quilts when I get back from market so that may yet happen.  We shall see.




a posy baby quilt


I never got to make baby quilts for my girls.  They were both way past the baby stage by the time I got into this quilting lark.  Consequently I've always made big quilts that my family could use - bed and lap size numbers, never knowingly under 55" in any direction.

So when my little sister gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago - a little cutie, who she named 'Pearl'.  I finally got the chance to make a baby quilt for a little person I love.  Quite handily by circumstance, I happened to have yardage of a certain forthcoming fabric line called Posy knocking about the place, so it was kind of a no brainer what I would use for this baby quilt for this new adorable little person.


The best thing about making a quilt this size?  It was cut, basted, quilted and bound in a day. I know some people manage making a big quilt in that time but not me (3 days is fast for me). 


The quilt like the baby has now been delivered and is being enjoyed as we speak!  

Apologies for the positoning of the baby duckling in the top photograph - I really should concentrate more when taking photo's.

Finished vintage holiday quilt, a quilt a long and a giveaway


So I finally finished my Vintage Holiday quilt and I feel like celebrating.  This one came together so fast because those fabric baubles are just plain fun to piece up (I only started working  at a leisurely pace when it came to binding the thing).


091 (2)



Fabrics used are all from my Cherry Christmas line plus Moda Bella Solid in White Bleached.  I quilted it using my favourite la la loopy quilting.

Pattern is Vintage Holiday by Thimbleblossoms


vintage holiday quilt top done!


Hello Monday morning!  I have a little picture fest for you today.  I managed to complete my Vintage Holiday quilt top on Friday afternoon and snapped a few pics in the girls bedroom.  I pretty much stuck to the same colour placements as Camille used in her original quilt as luckily the colours for both the Vintage Modern and Cherry Christmas lines are very similar.


I rarely do sashing from prints or borders so this pattern was a good excercise in branching out of my auto pilot tendencies.  I used the grey Wreaths print to sash and red Presents for the border.  The white is bella solid in white bleached.



This morning so far, I have pieced together a batting from two large pieces, moved the furniture about to make space for basting and pinned all the layers together.


Now with the sofa moved back to its usual spot, I have begun the quilting but stopped a third of the way through to write this blog post :)  Hopefully two more hours should do it.

I love the process of basting and quilting but I do get to that saturation point in a few short hours where I've had enough.  The trick is to push ahead and get the hard work done before I get there.  Talking of which, better get back to it.

delightful quilt


With the rain lashing down endlessly again; I have decided to live in denial for a few minutes by feeding you the impression that it is in fact fairly beautiful outside.  These lovely pics of my finished Delightful quilt were taken a couple of weeks back, when we were living (as we should be) in spring.


This quilt pattern uses a simple block arrangement to give a pinwheel with a twist.  When I first drew it up back in December, the blocks reminded me of those pinked edges you get on the end of ribbons.  A couple of my readers have also commented on how the blocks resemble the letter M, which is something I really didn't see until it was mentioned.  I really love the movement that is created when you look at this pattern - my eyes kind of go fluttery as they go back and forth looking at the jiggedy-ness created - do yours do it too? (or is it just these eyes of mine).


Since this quilt is named delightful - I thought it only correct to wake my eldest daughter up early one morning in the Easter holidays, then drag her outside to hold up the quilt whilst I took a few snaps (before she'd had her breakfast).  As you can make out, she really was delighted to be my little quilt elf and did not complain that her arms were aching. Not even once.


Not even when I took this one.


The garden bench was slightly more helpful but that is probably because it can't speak.


Of all the quilts I have ever quilted, I think this one was my all time favourite quilting experience.  Maybe I have finally got used to my machine after only three years of use.  I quilted it in lines of loops going across the width - it took a whole day to quilt but I am definitely doing the loops again.

Fabrics are from my Sew Stitchy line (available in August) and moda bella solid in white bleached.