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Open Out Box Pouch paper patterns


Finally, the paper patterns for my Open-Out Box Pouch are here!  I've been getting a good response with my first paper pattern for the Zip-Up Tray Pouch and thought I should offer another option.  The paper versions make life easier as there is no need to print off a copy from your computer.  The patterns have been re-formatted from the PDF versions so the text and image sizes are larger.  The Open-Out Box Pouch also includes an insert with the pattern template printed at full size - no more guess work to making sure that it prints at the correct scale.

 Shops wanting to stock my paper patterns can get in touch now for more details via this page.  

If you know a shop that may be interested, let them know!

Customers wanting to purchase a single copy of the paper pattern can find it here.


Stay Gold embroidery


I've been working away on a couple of new embroidery pieces in the evenings.  It's been relaxing just stitching simple stitches without over thinking things, I always enjoy mindless stitching the best.  Daytime activity has been more than stressful lately and I'm finding more and more that I need to balance things out with activities that can be soothing to practice.  


The Stay Gold embroidery floss collection I put together for Aurifil has just started to arrive in stores.

I also got around to stitching up a new pouch to house my floss colours in.  This is the See It All Pouch pattern from my new book, it keeps everything together plus you can see all the pretty stuff you have in there.  The pattern for the needlebook in the first photo can also be found in the book.

A pattern set for both the embroideries above can be found here.


I also stitched up a new version of my Springtime pattern.  This one has a lot more going on in terms of stitches plus it's fun revisting something you've already stitched.  I'm probably going to make this one a few times and then use the finished pieces together in a throw or something.

That's the plan anyhow!

Needlebook Plus


I sewed up a new version of one of my book projects over the weekend - the Needlebook Plus.  I really wanted to do some quick and easy sewing and this little number fitted the bill perfectly.  I've recently started to understand that it really is worth investing in different needle types for different aspects of sewing.  There are needles for quilting, applique, embroidery and so on.  I've noticed that once my needles are out of the original packaging, it can be hard to figure out which discipline they are for.  I'll be using this needlebook to keep my needles in order, applique needles on one page, quilting on the next and so on.  I also like to keep at least one needle in the original packaging (for future reference) and these can be stored in the pockets at the back of the needlebook along with a needle threader and a small pair of scissors -  I have a small pair somewhere but I've forgotten where I last left them...  Another reason to have made this book.


There is also a handy pincushion which can be stored in the even handier front inside pocket.  I'm currently using my needlebook for three different projects.  I'm almost finished on one and just starting the other two.  Having everything handily within reach for once means that no matter which project I pick up, I will have the right equipment on hand.

Which is always good when you just want to sew.

Pattern can be found in my new book.

Fabrics are from my new Stay Gold collection - stockist info here

stay gold


My new fabric line Stay Gold has been steadily arriving in stores these past few weeks.  I've tried to create a modern prairie style with the prints and you will find it a fun line to use for making quilts, pouches, children's clothes, toys and more.  The line features 8 prints on organic quilting cotton, I hope you are inspired to create.  You can find a list of stockists at the end of this post.



The line is perfect for making the kind of pouch projects I love.  You can find plenty of suitable patterns here including the Zip-Up Tray Pouch.  


Double Zip Box Pouch


Open-Out Box Pouch

There's also plenty more projects that will work in my book.


You can stock up on Stay Gold at the following stores -


Fat Quarter Shop

Hawthorne Threads


Owl And Drum

Bloomerie Fabrics

Bijou Lovely

Pink Castle Fabrics

Honey Be Good

Sew Organic Fabric

Simply Love Fabrics

Crimson Confection

Knit & Bolt

Sunny Day Supply



Mad About Patchwork



Olive And Flo Handmade

Maud's Fabric Finds

M is for Make

triple pouch


I wanted to share just one of the projects from my new book Stitched Sewing Organizers with you.  The Triple Pouch is one of the projects I was most excited to share in the book.  It's a super useful pouch that opens up to reveal 3 separate compartments as well as a couple of hidden pockets.  The construction of this one took a long time to work out.  Let's just say me and my seam ripper were on first name terms for a while.  There were many times that I woke up in the middle of the night and thought 'what if I tried to do it this way'.  Quite often I would wonder if I should crawl out of bed and test my idea's before I forgot them by morning...  Anyone else do that?  Once a sewing enthusiast, always a sewing enthusiast.

Finally after keeping this one under wraps for the past two years, I get to show it to you at last :)   

A couple of other points I should mention are that the book is fully illustrated with step by step instructions and it comes with a pullout pattern sheet - all of the template patterns are printed at full size so you can get straight on with the sewing part.  


I hope you enjoy all the projects in the book.  I would love to see what you make, if sharing on Instagram please use the hashtags #stitchedsewingorganizers and #aneelahoey so I can see them easily.  You can also tag me on Facebook.

If you have already purchased your copy of the book, I would love it if you would leave a little review on Amazon.

Stitched Sewing Organizers is available now -

as a signed copy in my shop

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Fat Quarter Shop

and many other quilt shops, book shops and online stores.

Stitched Sewing Organizers


Finally!!  My new book Stitched Sewing Organizers is now shipping to stores :)

This book is full of sewing projects to use up your stash and organize your sewing room!  Learn to install zippers, sew with vinyl and how to use the correct interfacing to give your project the structure it needs. I hope you enjoy sewing projects from it.

I now have a limited number of books available here.

double zip box pouch


I'm sharing a fun new pattern with you today - the Double Zip Box Pouch!  

This one has been in the works for a while.  I've had many ideas for multi-pocket pouches over the last few years and made some to try out.  Generally I've found that they don't hold very much in total.  My main goal with this project was to create a pouch with two SPACIOUS pockets that hold a lot.  This is a box shaped pouch with BOX shaped pockets, each pocket has a good sized capacity for whatever it is you wish to keep in them.  

To give you an idea - I'll use common sewing item, the Aurifil thread spool as a unit of measure.  Each of the 2 pockets will easily accommodate 14 large spools of Aurifil thread.  So 28 spools in total if you wanted to keep just threads in there.


Or you could keep tools on one side and project components in the other.  Or maybe something completely different altogether - travel, stationery, toys...  Anyhow I'll leave that up to you.  You can find details of size dimensions and material requirements here.

The pouch comes together quickly and there is nothing tricky in the construction.  If you can sew a zipper, you'll find it easy.  I used some floral prints from my new Stay Gold collection for Cloud 9 fabrics.  The line just arrived in stores, such as here.

025 (2)

 I hope you enjoy the pattern!