Go Easy Tote

Go easy tote pattern by aneela hoey

Today I'm introducing my newest pattern, the Go Easy Tote.  I've been making variations of this one for the past couple of years and it has quickly become my go to pattern for a fast make that I can't find enough uses for.  

I originally created it because I wanted a strong tote that was large enough to carry multiple wholesale pattern orders to the post office but was also easy to fold up and throw into my bag once I was done.  I find a lot of tote patterns are either too small or require a long list of materials, hardware and so on before you can get to the sewing part.  I also wanted to create a tote pattern that could easily be made from my stash.  I built up the pattern around the ability to use a fat quarter for the feature fabric.  I tend to have more fat quarters than any other cut of fabric and I like being able to pick from what I have already and audition several options (side note - I usually end up making all the options but that's another story).

Another bonus to this pattern is that there is a choice of two variations - Sturdy (see top photo) is option 1 and creates a strong, robust tote that stands up on it's own.  This one is great to use as both an everyday tote or knitting bag.

Option 2 is the Slouchy version (see photo below).  This one is also very robust (perfect for carrying all those parcels I mentioned earlier) but folds up very efficiently to throw into your bag until you need it.  This version stands up only when filled.

Go easy tote pattern by aneela hoey 2

I hope that you give the pattern a try.  You can find it here.

Happy sewing!

In A Flap Pouch

In a flap 270edit

These past few weeks I've found myself wanting to sew more soothing projects that are quick, easy and mindless to put together.  As I learn more about my making style, I find I'm not good at working on things that are only nice to look at.  Crucial to any project I put together is that it has to be useful and should work well for its intended purpose.

These In A Flap Pouches have worked perfectly to fit this need.  I'm quite happy sitting at my machine producing them at semi-industrial pace.  The most taxing thing about them is which fabric combination to use.  All the ones I've made so far have 100% been put together from my scrap bins which does help to narrow the choices a little.

The Project is super fast to sew and can be made in 4 sizes.  There are no templates involved and if you use the leather strap option it speeds things up even more.  I've been using mine for holding sewing/knitting supplies and also to keep my headphones in.  


I hope you enjoy sewing up some of these.  

You can find the pattern here.

4 pocket case

 4PC 9920 PDF2

I have a new pattern to share today, the 4 Pocket Case.  This one works perfectly for most kinds of hand projects such as paper piecing, appliqué or embroidery.  The  design has 2 zippered vinyl pockets to keep threads and other supplies in AND 2 slip pockets.

There are instructions included to make 2 sizes of case.  The large size easily accommodates letter size/A4 sheets making it perfect for storing pattern sheets or your favourite craft book in the slip pockets along with supplies in the zippered vinyl pockets.  The small size can be used to store pattern booklets, templates or folded pattern sheets in the slip pockets.

 4PC 9819 PDF

I used some of the new CF Collection by Carolyn Friedlander to make the samples for this one along with some Essex yarn dyed linen.  The metal zippers are by Zipit on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy making the pattern.  You can find it here.

kit supply tote

Knit supply tote by aneela hoey 1

I released a new sewing pattern today, this one is called the Kit Supply Tote. As the name suggests it's perfectly sized for keeping together supplies whether you enjoy knitting or sewing.  The zipper opens wide so you can see everything easily and there are internal pockets on both sides of the lining; Handy for keeping tools organised and easy to reach.

The pattern has two size options - the small size will work well for keeping a project you are working on.  I think of this one as a great in-between size - larger than the average pouch but smaller than a regular tote. 

The larger size will be ideal for taking supplies along to a guild meeting, retreat or class.  You can fit several of my other pouches in this size with ease including the large size Booklet Pouch and the Flip Pocket Folio.

Knit supply tote by aneela hoey 2

You can find a copy of the pattern here.

I hope you enjoy making one!

Flip Pocket Folio video

Sometimes it's tricky to get across exactly what a pouch does in a single photograph.  So when my friend Stephanie (@sewbespokeandco) emailed me this video to show the Flip Pocket Folio she'd made I thought that this might be a fun way of explaining this pouch - how it works, how the pockets 'flip', a better understanding of the size, how it closes etc..

I hope you enjoy this more dimensional look at the new pattern!

You can find a copy of the pattern here.

flip pocket folio

Flip pocket folio pattern by aneela hoey

Today I released a new sewing pattern called the Flip Pocket Folio.  It comes in a portfolio style and opens up to reveal 6 stacked pockets, making it nice and easy to see all the contents at once.  It's going to be a useful one for keeping projects together particularly when you're working on something that requires lots of small objects to be kept at hand.

Flip pocket folio by aneela hoey

I can see this one appealing to anyone who loves to paper piece, appliqué or embroider. It would also be perfect for kids to keep pens or small toys in.  

I hope you try making one.  You can find the pattern here.

twice as nice pouch

Twice as nice pouch by aneela hoeyP8463crop

Today I'm releasing my new Twice As Nice Pouch pattern.  I've been a little bit obsessed with making quick and easy projects lately and this one definitely ticks both those boxes.  A fast finish is not only rewarding but done before I know it.

This one works brilliantly as a basic with a twist that you can return to again and again.  As well as a main zippered compartment, I've included a front vinyl pocket.  Easy to see and grab what you need quickly and easily.

Along with making these for sewing or knitting tools, they are going to be perfect for pens, make-up and more.

For this pouch sample I used some of the new Darlings and Grid fabrics.  Both are by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star Society.  The zippers are from Zipit on Etsy.

I hope you have fun making this one!  Pattern can be found here.



pop open pouch


I have a new pattern release to share today, the Pop Open Pouch.  I've been slowly making and developing this pattern idea over the past couple of years.  Like all my patterns, the design is formed out of the function/purpose of the bag since I like my pouches to be as user friendly as possible.  This is another one that opens out wide to give a full view of the contents while zipping up securely when not in use.  A few benefits to this design are that it goes together quickly and easily in a couple of hours.  There are no templates involved and only a few pattern pieces to cut.  As a bonus - there is no binding involved.

I used some of the new Darlings fabric by Ruby Star Society for my samples.  The colours in these prints are the best I've seen on fabric for a long time.  If you think it looks good on screen, trust me it's only better in person.

All in all, its my new favourite pouch basic.  

I hope you try one (or several - they are perfect for swaps or gifts).

You can find the pattern here.


make and go pouch

025 (6)

I recently decided to add a few new more basic pouch designs to my repertoire.  I feel like I have lots of options for more advanced pouches but sometimes I just want to sew something fast and useful using materials I have on hand.  The idea is to make things that complement and work well with the patterns I already have.  They will also be perfect for those of you who can make a basic pouch but want to work on building up your skill level.

I made up a couple of samples that I think fit this bill perfectly.  The Make And Go Pouch is a simple design which has three zippered pockets.  Two of these are clear vinyl for maximum visibility of contents.  There are also a handy pincushion and needle pages attached.  I decided to keep all pockets zippered because although slip pockets look useful on this type of pouch, in practice they don't keep contents secure when opening and closing.  Items can fly out easily and when those items are seam rippers and scissors, you don't really want that happening.


I wanted a relaxed easy going style for this one and decided on a simple wraparound tie feature to close the pouch.  This is nice and easy to make with no additional hardware required but also works perfectly whether your pouch is empty or full.

With summer on the way, I'm hoping that this will be the perfect pouch to take with you whilst out and about.  It will also work very nicely for when you need to make a quick gift.  If you want to use it as a non sewing pouch, just leave out the pincushion and felt and you have a handy travel pouch.  Kids would also love one for pens and small toys too.


I used up some of the new Ruby Star Society fabric lines for these samples.  For the top one (with the bird pincushion) I used a mix of Social and Spark by Melody Miller, Speckled by Rashida Coleman Hale and Add It Up by Alexia Marcelle Abegg.  I used all Anagram and Grid fabrics by Kimberly Kight for the bottom one.

I get asked a lot about where I buy my zippers.  The ones in these pouches are all from Zipit on Etsy which is where I purchase almost all of mine.  The metal ones at the top are the ones with donut shaped pulls.


You can find the pattern for the Make And Go Pouch here.  

I hope you make one and use it all summer (and beyond).


Just In Case Pouch

016 (5)

Today I'm releasing my newest sewing pattern, this one is called the Just In Case Pouch.  It's a nice sturdy case shaped pouch, perfect for keeping a small toolkit together for whatever you are working on.  It features a swing lid that stays fully open whilst in use but zips up securely for storage. I've also included a carrying handle on top.  There will be so many end uses that it will be perfect for.  Sewing and knitting obviously but also ideal for kids toys and travel.  

As with all my patterns its been in development for a long while, at least the last 8 months (and that is likely an underestimate).  There has been so much making of multiple prototypes, problem solving and editing that I feel hugely relieved that all is finally finished and ready.  It's a release in more ways than one.

Here you can see how the lid opens up..

090 (2)

And here is an aerial view of the open and closed pouches.

068 (2)

You can find the pattern here,  I hope you make one (or maybe more)!