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Make Time Projects

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Yardage for my newest fabric line - Make Time - is now shipping and has started to arrive in stores. I wanted to share some of the projects I've made with Make Time fabric so far. Unsurprisingly there have been a good number of pouches made (and there will be more to come). I created the samples here to both showcase the fabrics AND to use for organising my future projects. 

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I design all of my patterns to be used either on their own or in combination with each other. My Zip Up Tray Pouch and Make And Go Pouch work well solo or as a duo.

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I keep my pouches packed and ready to go for whenever I get some minutes to dive back into something.

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I use my small size of Booklet Pouch for organising threads. The large size works effectively for projects - each page can be used to store different tools, threads and project parts.

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_DSC4721 copy

My Inside Outside Pouch is one of my most used. Tools and threads can be kept in the vinyl pockets - there's one at the front and another at the back. The project can be housed in the main pouch. If that hasn't convinced you, it also has a nice sturdy base.

_DSC4615 edit

Here is an aerial view of the Inside Outside pouch (right) to get a clearer view of the pocket situation.

_DSC1909edit current

I used my Sampler print in Bluebell for the cover of this Make And Go Pouch sample. This is already one of my favourite and most used prints from this line. I created all of the little cross stitch images in Illustrator by lining up rows of crosses in a block. I then removed crosses one by one until I got the image I was after. The process was laborious but also strangely thrilling - like seeing a photo slowly develop and reveal itself.

The needle book on the left is also available with this line - look for it in your favourite quilt shop. There are two different sizes and various image options from Make Time available on the needlebooks.

_DSC4649 edit

All pouches in this post were made using Make Time fabric. See photo below for a closer look at the prints.

_DSC1643 copy

Ask for Make Time at your favourite fabric shop. I hope this post has inspired you to make something with the line.

You can find all pouch patterns here.

Make Time

Make Time 7

This month sees the release of my newest fabric line - Make Time - for Moda Fabrics. Precuts have already started arriving in stores with yardage due to follow in a few weeks.

I put this group together during summer 2020. Foremost in my mind was that the act of creating had become an essential part of getting myself through some of the trickier emotions thrown up as a result of the pandemic. 

I pulled together a collection of my artwork that reflected the tools, fabrics and textures that both facilitate and inspire me to make. There are the ever present scissors, simple cross stitch motifs inspired by samplers, pins, checks and woven details. I wanted to keep the group simple and fun with easy to use prints in soft and pretty colours.

_DSC1643 copy

If you know me at all you'll know that I was already dreaming up pouches and organisers while putting this group together. I wanted to create the kind of fat quarter bundle you could just grab and have fun auditioning fabric combinations for future pouch possibilities.


Or if quilts are more your thing, all you need do is decide between layer cakes...

_DSC3014 copy2

Jelly rolls..

_DSC1565edit copy2


_DSC3020 copy

honey buns?? or perhaps charm packs? or maybe back to layer cakes...

_DSC1385edit copy

Whatever you decide upon, I hope you have fun playing with the possibilities and making time to make.


_DSC3000 copy2

Make Time precuts are available now, yardage will be shipping soon.

Look for it in your favourite quilt store or search online for a stockist.

3-in-1 pouch

035 (3)

It's been a while but I finally have a new pattern to share with you today.  I've called this one the 3-In-1 Pouch.  It opens up nice and wide and has 3 pocket compartments to keep the contents nice and organized.  The construction involved is completely new and unique.  I have to admit it's taken me months to get it all figured out but now that I have it's all wonderfully straightforward to put together.  


Although I've written a couple of patterns for multiple pocket pouches before, the construction of this one is entirely different to anything I've done previously.  This is much simpler to put together (no head scratching or origami involved).  It's also very sturdy and can hold a lot whilst keeping its shape (very important when you actually put it to use).  It works perfectly for organizing your sewing tools or Aurifil thread.  I have a feeling it will be just right for EPP projects too.  I made several prototypes whilst I was writing the pattern and I knew I was on to a winner when all my prototypes were in use on my sewing desk before I'd finished them entirely.  Always a good sign!

I was in a nostalgic mood when I made the sample for these pictures and used a few of my older fabric prints from my lines for Moda Fabrics - Sherbet Pips for the exterior and Posy for the lining.  I really need to dig into the stash and use my hoarded favourites more because I love how it turned out.

016 (2)

You can find a copy of the new pattern here.

I hope you enjoy making this one!


at a glance pouches

013 (2)

I made these 'at a glance pouches' late last summer.  I wanted somewhere I could store things neatly and orderly so I could see what I have in there all at once.  I can be quite messy at times but I always find if things are neat and tidy, I tend to be more productive.

These were quite quick to put together and I've found thery are perfectly sized to hold my essential tools as well as collections of Aurifil thread,

021 (2)

or embroidery flosses,

031 (3)

or paper piecing projects.  Everything is all neat and flat and organised.

Which hopefully means that so am I!

019 (2)

Like the projects I showed you last week, I've been working on a pattern for these for quite some time.  It's nice to get them neatly crossed off my to do list at last.

Don't be expecting any more patterns for quite some time though.  I think I might have wiped myself out working on these the past few weeks.  Thank you to my friend Hadley who thoroughly pattern tested these for me.

Hopefully I'll have some new sewing to show you soon :)


spell it with fabric blog hop

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Hello and welcome to my day on the Moda - Spell it with fabric blog hop.  My name is Aneela Hoey and to date I have designed 7 collections for Moda.  My newest collection is called Hello Petal and it is now available in stores.  I've been busy sewing away with it as you will see below.  For this hop, Moda have put together an entire alphabet of quilt blocks for you to use as you wish.  As you visit each of the blogs on the hop you will be able to download pdf's for making each letter.  As you might have guessed from the photo above my letter is A.  You can find the pdf for making the A block here.

013 (2)

Here are a few of the things I have been making with Hello Petal - Granny square blocks.

023 (2)

Economy blocks (these are actually a mix of Hello Petal and some of my older lines along with a few fabrics from my stash).

043 (2)

This one is my Tobacco leaf quilt top which I'm working on getting quilted.

Magicstars 023 (2)

And finally my Magic stars quilt top.  This one is still on the wall waiting to be quilted, I really need to do that soon.  You can find the pattern here.

Wed2 039 (2)

As part of the hop, we were each asked to answer a few questions -

My letter is  - A

My initials are - AH

Favourite quilt block I want to try - Arkansas Traveller

Favourite author - Agatha Christie

Favourite sewing notion - Aurifil thread

Favourite word - abracadabra (my daughter is teaching herself magic, so I'm hearing this alot)

Favourite quote or motto - A stitch in time saves nine

072 (2)

135 (2)

Tobacco leaf quilt


I've finally finished my tobacco leaf quilt top.  I celebrated by flinging it over my bed to see how it fits and it's looking right at home already.  I used the pattern from Denyse Schmidt's wonderful book - Modern quilts, traditional inspirations and highly recommend it.  The instructions were spot on and Denyse's writing style makes me want to make everything in the book.

Making this quilt has been a labour of love in a kind of climbing a mountain style.  At times all the cutting and the teeny tiny piecing seemed like it would last forever.  This is the kind of quilt that is meant to be made over a period of time but because of the kind of quilter I am, I knew if I ever set this aside it would remain a wip forever.  Therefore from the outset I decided to do this in an all or nothing style.  Here are a few facts about how things went.

1.  I started this project on the day I had to do the Christmas present shopping.  The minute I got back I had to delve into making something worthwhile.  I am just not a shopping kind of person unless it involves buying fabric.


2.  I paper pieced the arcs made up of teeny triangles.  I tried it the regular way just once and it wasn't for me.  I made my paper piecing template by tracing it from the piecing diagram on the pullout template sheet then making duplicates on my copier.

3.  At least three quarters of the white fabric for the triangles came from scraps!  This quilt is a great scrap hoover.

4.  I went through FOUR rotary blades.  I have never gone through so many for a top.

5.  Making all the ovals took two weeks of sewing every spare minute I wasn't house-wifing.

6.  I made all the 50 odd yards of bias binding for the ovals without the aid of one of those gadget things.  It was a breeze and best done using a hot setting but no steam.  The only thing I wish I'd done different was to fling an old towel over my ironing board to prevent it getting all scorched.

7. Appliqueing the ovals on to the blocks took me just over two weeks.  I timed it perfectly as my holiday sewing project.

8.  The finished quilt top is so HEAVY.  I'm not sure why it never occured to me that it wouldn't be with all the binding and applique.  

9. I'm going to have a breather before attempting to quilt it.  I feel like that is like another mountain and I have to chill out in the valley before I attempt to climb that one.


Fabrics were all from my new Hello Petal line.  I used the Ditty Dots print in Lovely to make the binding. The background fabric is Bella Solid in Light Blue (9900 63).


076 - Copy

Talking of Hello Petal - my precuts finally arrived yesterday!  I can't stop smiling, I'm still so in love with these colours.  



Christmas knitting kit with kittens on

Pbp 023

I finally got around to making myself a needle case for my knitting projects.  I searched online for a pattern then realised I had just the thing right under my nose.

Pbp 026

By changing the pocket sizes to fit my needle collection (so far) my Project Book Pouch was the perfect hold all to hold all those necessary accroutrements - circular needles (for socks and cowls), dpns, crochet hooks, cable needles, stitch markers.....  There's even space to add my knitting book in there plus any printed patterns (always losing those just when I decide I want to start on something).

Pbp 073

So I'm all set for sock knitting over the holidays.

Pbp 005

This is my collection of book pouches so far - the top one for knitting, the center one for EPP and the bottom for embroidery.  The top two were made out of my new Hello Petal fabric (shipping this week I think) and the bottom one is made in Sew Stitchy.

Pbp 016

Here they are all empty...

Pbp 083

And here all filled up and ready when I am :)

new fabric peek!!!


Here we go, it's that time again where we look at the new fabric of the future.  In this case we are talking about my newest line for Moda called Posy and for this group I decided to make a few little changes with the addition of a some new colours and something you've never seen from me before - flowers!

Posy will arrive in stores next spring but for now, I hope you like what you see????!!

I'll be back soon with more pictures just for you :)

sew stitchy


I know what you might be thinking.  Maybe you feel like you've already seen Sew Stitchy but I don't think I have done a post that focuses on this collection, the prints and how they relate to my upcoming book Little Stitches.

So, let's start at the beginning.  I designed this collection right after I finished up doing the illustrations for the book, all the patterns and how to diagrams in the book were hand drawn by me.  Whilst drawing up the images, it occured to me that all the little stitchy pictures would also work very well in a fabric collection and the idea for Sew Stitchy was born.




I set to work to design a collection that encompassed all things sewing related - pins, spools, hexagons, embroidery, chain stitches, cross stitches, french knots and more.


One of the key differences between this collection and my four previous ones is -

Every single print (except one) is small to medium scale and multi directional.  You can just whip out the fabric and cut it any which way to make quilt blocks, clothes, bags, whatever.



The exception in this case is - The Panel.

The panel does not appear in any of the pre-cuts except the Fat Quarter bundle and is also available in yardage.  Each panel comprises of 28 images in a gridded format (there are 12 different images so you will get a few of each).  This makes it perfect for fussy cutting for quilt block centers, cushions, pockets and more.  You can see the cute little reindeer image above.


And this one is a cute little stitched birdie.  Each image is surrounded by frames of running stitches, chain stitches, french knots or pretty little lazy daisy flowers as above.


This little girlie is my youngest daughter's favourite, I made the little girl's hair into plaits (braids) because my she is obsessed with them.



Another thing I really want to point out - all these images have lots of tiny details which makes them perfect for cutting up into even the smallest pieces (the above squares are 1 1/4")







One final thing - this line has a slightly brushed finish, giving it the softest feel of all my lines so far.


So there we have it, a closer look.

I hope I've introduced you to a few things you never noticed before.

Sew Stitchy yardage should be shipping any day now, the question is 'Are you ready to get stitchy???'

introducing sew stitchy


Here it is, a little sneaky peek into the world of my newest line for Moda - Sew Stitchy.  This collection will be shown at Spring Market in Kansas in a few weeks time but you know me, always want to make sure my readers are the first ones to see ;)  I wonder if you would be up for a fun little game?  Now that you've seen a teeny glimpse - do you think that you could take a guess at what is behind this line?  Maybe, tell me what you think is going on in the fabrics up there or have a little prediction for what other prints in the line might be????

I'd love to know what you're thinking :)