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side saddle pouch

_DSC5067 long CURRENT

I finally have a new pattern release.  The Side Saddle Pouch is a pattern I've been slowly working on and finessing over the past two years.  I've made multiple versions in that time and wanted to make sure the instructions and illustrations were as good as I could get them.  I like to create with purpose and only put out patterns that are well thought through and will stand the test of time.  Both in terms of making and using.  Although I could have rushed this one out about 18 months ago, I know for certain that the pattern has matured well over that time.  

The Side Saddle Pouch has many attractions - It is sturdy with a spacious box shaped interior.  The zipper allows it to open into a wide basket shape when the pouch is in use.  There are two zippered pockets - one each side of the pouch that will hold a multiple of additional tools/pens etc.

_DSC5127 2

I made up these samples using fabrics from my newest collection for Moda Fabrics called Meander.  I put a lot of thought into the prints for this group - I wanted designs that would mix and match well for making projects like this one.  Meander is in shops now (or will be soon depending where you live).

It's going to be another long wait until the next pattern arrives (if ever).  I'm hoping this one keeps you busy until then.

You can find the pattern here.

tiny friends coloring book


I have something fun to show you today.  Last year I was approached by C&T publishing and asked if I would be interested in having some of my drawings featured in a new coloring book they were putting together.  I didn't really have to think about the answer.

Roll on a year later and the book - Tiny Friends Coloring Book is finally available.  There is the work of three artists featured in the title - Marisa Anne Cummings (who also designs fabric for Andover under the name of Creative Thursday), Erin McMorris (who designs fabric for Free Spirit) and myself.  Each artist has their own section of the book and my drawings take up the middle pages (around 15 pages worth).  Pages are printed on one side only with a perforated edge if you wish to tear out and display your finished drawing.

The pages are perfect for both children and adults, there are lots of fun images included.



There are many of my favorite elements from past fabric lines including the Girl on the Tree Swing..


Little Red from A Walk In The Woods..


and my Bouquet design from Posy.  There are also images included from my embroidery book Little Stitches.


I obviously had to spend a little time testing the new book for, you know, research.  I might have been there a while..

You can find the book here.

p.s. the boxes shown in the photos were made from this book.



Say Hello to my newest fabric collection - Foxglove!

Designed by me for Cloud 9 fabrics, Foxglove is a group of 12 prints on quilting cotton, inspired by the english countryside and designed with quilt making in mind.  I wanted the prints to have a modern yet timeless feel and for the designs and colours to work for both children and adults. The collection features foxes and florals including foxgloves, primroses and cowslips.  There are small and medium sized prints as well as a super useful basic - stem dot. 

043 (2)

We kept to a small group of colours for the prints so everything co-ordinates beautifully.


The best news about Foxglove is that it just arrived in stores and is available at all of these fine retailers -



Fat Quarter Shop


Hawthorne Threads

Indeed Fabric

Sew Modern

Fancy Tiger Crafts

Phat Quarters



The Village Haberdashery

M is for Make


Sew Yellow

Blonde Design



Dragonfly Fabrics

Fabric Spot



Bella's Patchwork





I'm hoping to get sewing and sharing what I make as I go.  I hope you will join me by picking up a bundle and sharing what you make too.  I would love to see, so please share what you sew!  You can use the hashtags #foxglovefabric and #aneelahoey on instagram or tag me on facebook, 



size matters blog hop


Hello and welcome to my day of the Moda size matters blog hop.  You have just hopped on to the blog of Aneela Hoey - Moda fabric designer of lines such as Sherbet Pips, Posy and A Walk In The Woods.  You can see all of my lines so far in charm pack form in the photo above.  And below are the images from my forthcoming line Hello Petal which arrives in stores in December this year.

Hello petal color 2

Hello Petal by aneela hoey

This line is all girls and sugar and flowers and cats, which is kind of me in fabric form.

Photo (68)

As well as fabric, I also put together quilt patterns.  The one above is called Skip, I also have Meow (if you like cats) and Magic Stars (if you like magic) and lots of others you can find here.  I am also the author of the book Little Stitches published by Stash Books.

Photo (70)
For the blog hop, I chose the Bear Paw block. 
Photo (39)
I started out at 6" and made 9 little blocks.
And made myself a happy little pillow.
But I couldn't stop there because as this hop is called size matters, I thought it was only fair if I went bigger too.  So I made a big daddy bear paw (made with 18" blocks this time) picnic blanket to go with the baby bear paw pillow.  Don't they make a nice family?
Attachment (6)
I used fabrics from my Little Apples line mostly for the blocks along with some puppy dogs from Sherbet Pips and lots of light fabrics from all my lines for the background.
You can find the instructions for the Bear Paw block right here.  
So does size matter?  I don't think so.  My motto for all things in life is to always goes smaller.  But that might be because I'm quite short height wise.  Small is perfect for me - except when it comes to fabric ;)

hello petal strike offs

Photo (59)

A few months back, around 4 days after we moved house and when we were sans internet I got to see the strike offs for my new Hello Petal line.  In between putting together Ikea furniture and unpacking boxes,  I decided on my final selection from the prints, took a few snapshots with my Ipad, changed my mind a million and a half times, took more snapshots and then quickly sent the package back before I had a chance to change my mind again.

Photo (51)

I came across the pictures again the other day and thought that you might like to see them too.  These photo's pretty much show the final line up but there were a few changes so the odd print has been swapped out and changed.

Photo (53)

It's fun to see the fabrics all laid out together (although those navy prints look quite bleached out in these pics they're not in real life).  Hello Petal is being shown to the quilt shops this month for orders that will ship in December.  If you'd like your favourite store (whether online or bricks and mortar) to stock this line, now is the time to let them know.

Photo (55)


I sneaked a peek of this cat print from the line a few weeks ago on my instagram feed, I have to say I was more than a little shocked to have got those 299 likes.  Fun to see such a good response though!

Now if only December would hurry up and get here.

Cherry Christmas!!!!!!!


Fancy a closer look at my new line Cherry Christmas???  Well here we go :)

This one is my first holiday line for Moda, more than Chrismas itself this line celebrates the run up to the big day and all the anticipation that it brings.  I don't know about you but in my house this is when plain old boring t-shirts are replaced by Santa ones, the socks start getting stripy, my mugs, tea towels and oven gloves are all replaced with special holiday ones I only use at this time of the year.  We also have Christmas books and Christmas domino's and Christmas anything else that any designer has ever dreamed up in the holiday part of their imagination.

The road to this collection has been a long and windy one that began almost three years ago here.  For this line, those original sketches have been tweaked and tweaked until I got exactly the colourful, fun and modern look at Christmas througn the medium of fabric I was after.

But enough talk, here are the pics!







So what do you think? I would love love love to know! Will you be shopping for a few cherries this Christmas!!!  (remember not long to go now because it's out in July :))))))

introducing sew stitchy


Here it is, a little sneaky peek into the world of my newest line for Moda - Sew Stitchy.  This collection will be shown at Spring Market in Kansas in a few weeks time but you know me, always want to make sure my readers are the first ones to see ;)  I wonder if you would be up for a fun little game?  Now that you've seen a teeny glimpse - do you think that you could take a guess at what is behind this line?  Maybe, tell me what you think is going on in the fabrics up there or have a little prediction for what other prints in the line might be????

I'd love to know what you're thinking :)

little apples!!!!!!!!!!!


May I introduce to you a peek at my new fabric line with Moda?

Without further ado, a look at the collection,





'Little Apples' is what I came up with when I was asked to design a collection for fall.  I took the idea of fall literally and came up with a group around this theme, kind of interpreted through the eyes of children.  So we have kids playing games in the park, apple trees, tortoises talking to snails, autumn outfits and a few simple fun co-ordinates to go with.  

You might also reconize the dancing quartet???

It's a much bolder and more graphic look than 'sherbet pips' with a strong bright colour story.  I've been doing a little sewing with 'the apples' over the last few days and they are FUN prints to play with.

This group will debut at quilt market next month and goes on sale in the fall.

So what do you think??

Got any room left in your stash for a few of the 'little apples'????????

As always, I would love to know your thoughts??????

the girl on the tree swing

This is the story of how the girl on the tree swing came to be.  

It began in the autumn of 2009 when I found myself doodling a few pictures of girls on swings.  I have 2 daughters as you may know, age 7 and 10 and consequently have spent many hours in a variety of parks pushing my daughters on one swing or another for several hours at a time.  As you may know, once a young child gets their little bottom onto the seat of a swing, it stays there superglued  until you come up with a clever distraction.  I always think that I have never seen my daughters happier than when they have been sat swinging away to their hearts content.  So back to the sketching, it wasn't going well as the swings looked kind of clunky and angular until I 'married' two of my favourite things to doodle, girls on swings and trees!!!

Around this time, I was really wanting to try out a few stitching techniques I had seen online.  I was really inspired by this doll quilt of Tacha's and thought my girl on the tree swing image would be a perfect one to try something similar in.  So I came up with the girl the tree swing mini quilt you can see above which I then came up with the idea of giving away. 

I don't know why but it did seem a good idea at the time.

The giveaway and the quilt were very popular, I think that there is something so sweetly idyllic in the tree swing image that we all identify with either ourselves or when we see our own daughters happily swinging away.  It takes us to a place we all want to be.  So by popular request, I decided to write a tutorial for the quilt.  Above are just a few of the quilts made by others using the tutorial, posted in my flickr group.

A few months later, I thought it might be a good idea to recreate the tree swing image (and keep it for myself this time!).  I was in an embroidery mood this time, so my girl was recreated in stitch.  One of the striking things for me looking at this embroidery now is how carefree and dreamy it looks.  I say this because when I was stitching this up, I was in a lot of pain (I later found out that this was due to a bladder infection - not nice at all).  It's funny to think how the embroidery completely belies the pain I was in.

If you are interested, I have a tutorial for making the filling stitch in this embroidery here.  The girl on the tree swing embroidery pattern can be found here.

This embroidery has been so popular ever since I launched it, that I thought where else can I take this?  The answer of course was fabric!

First there were spoonflower prints, these were handrawn and coloured illustrations of mine scanned into the computer, with just the background added in windows 'paint'.

Then came (or will come soon!) the Moda fabric - 'girl on a tree swing print from my 'Sherbet pips' collection.

One thing I love about this print is the way Moda printed it.  When I designed the print (you can see a cropped image of my original illustrator artwork in the banner at the top of this blog) it was made up of two girls swinging, one with a red dress and the other blue.  Moda decided to repeat some of the images as mirror images and this is what makes the fabric itself 'swing' (look at the fabric and see how those little girls all look like they are in motion!) very clever.  Another thing they did was to change the hair and dress colours of the different images across the print.  Surely one of these reminds you of a little girl you know?

As for the girl on the tree swing, you just never know where she might turn up next...........

from idea to design

This post is one I have wanted to do for a while and goes through my design process from original idea to final design.  I'm kind of intrigued by the way different people design and if you are a designer too, I would love to know more about your process. One thing I have noticed is that I don't use mood boards to pin up idea's in the form of photo's, postcards and fabrics to draw my idea' from.  This may be because, my workspace is in my front room but also I think I just never have worked that way.  My mood board seems to be in my head, idea's and thoughts are constantly added and only the strongest survive, which I think is a good way of eliminating the weaker ones.  I also constantly jot and doodle in a couple of notebooks and always go back to these when I start a project.

So you may have guessed by now that this post is about the making of my Scoot fabric.  The above picture was taken last week and shows my youngest daughter home from school out on her scooter.  I have spent many many hours out the front of my house watching this very view that even without a photograph it is an image that exists in my head that I can draw from memory.  Notice the grey tights, school shoes (I think those shoes appear in pretty much all my embroidery patterns) and the stripy scarf ( I knitted this for her and she wears it every day :)).

This time last year I was on an embroidery kick and the idea of starting a new one based on my daughters out on their scooters appealed to me.  I made a quick sketch of the image I had in mind.

There was a bit of space on the back of the scooter, so on jumped a pup, who is in fact a fictional dog as my real life dog looks like this,

((BTW - I still don't think she has forgiven me for being ignored in favour of a dog of fiction.))

The idea of the sketch is just a loose mapping out of a plan.  This embroidery was being made on a snowy day around this time last year and this is the reason my stitched girl is all wrapped up in cosy sweater and scarf!  It's the mum in me, I can't help it!!!

A few months later, I revisited this design to create a spoonflower fabric and this picture shows my original illustration which was scanned into the computer and the actual printed fabric.  The design was made in felt pens and a fine liner and the background was added on my computer using 'Paint'.

When it came to doing my first designs for Moda however, I decided I wanted to begin to design digitally and I decided with the help of online tutorials to teach myself to use illustrator.  The whole of the sherbet pips line was designed in illustrator and the drawing part was done by using a wacom bamboo tablet.  I don't find the tablet as easy to draw with as a pencil, it doesn't lend itself easily to the kind of sketchy drawing I like as illustrator likes to smooth out and auto adjust all the marks you make, which drives me a little nuts but I'm getting kind of used to it!

So I'm going to stop my post here, really I could write a heck of a lot more but look how long the post got already!!

I hope you enjoyed it, if not, let me know and I promise I'll never bring you the story of how the girl on the tree swing came about.

Have a fun weekend - sewing, designing or just thinking about it!!!