Just In Case Pouch

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Today I'm releasing my newest sewing pattern, this one is called the Just In Case Pouch.  It's a nice sturdy case shaped pouch, perfect for keeping a small toolkit together for whatever you are working on.  It features a swing lid that stays fully open whilst in use but zips up securely for storage. I've also included a carrying handle on top.  There will be so many end uses that it will be perfect for.  Sewing and knitting obviously but also ideal for kids toys and travel.  

As with all my patterns its been in development for a long while, at least the last 8 months (and that is likely an underestimate).  There has been so much making of multiple prototypes, problem solving and editing that I feel hugely relieved that all is finally finished and ready.  It's a release in more ways than one.

Here you can see how the lid opens up..

090 (2)

And here is an aerial view of the open and closed pouches.

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You can find the pattern here,  I hope you make one (or maybe more)!

all new double zip box pouch pattern

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Last year I made a new smaller version of my Double Zip Box Pouch pattern which I've found myself using a lot.  Since I'd worked out all the measurements anyway, I decided to add the new size option to the existing pattern.  Once I finally got around to it, I found myself making a few more adjustments including a leather handle option and new finishing instructions.  What should have taken me a few weeks has ended up taking several months.  I could probably have written a whole new pattern in that time....ah well.

The good news is that even though there weren't any problems with the older version the all new version is definitely much improved.  Things I love about this pattern are that it really does hold a lot and the pockets sit very neatly inside.  I use mine for keeping sewing tools and spools of Aurifil and have also found them handy for keeping pens and drawing tools in.

007 (2)

Recently I've been adding bits of leather here and there into my projects, I love the finish when using it for the handles here along with my favourite metals zips with donut shapes pulls.


Anyhow if you've never tried this pattern before (or even if you have,) I hope you decide to give it a try.  You can find the pattern here.

Happy sewing!

sweet stitches

Sweet stitches by aneela hoey

I have a new book out!  Sweet Stitches is a whole book full of iron-on embroidery pattern transfers.  There are more than 250 designs and they couldn't be easier to use - simply cut out the pattern, iron on to fabric and start stitching!  If you'd like to see a preview of the book, take a look at the video below.

There is a huge variety of patterns included with everything from cute to stylish along with plenty of sewing and knitting themed patterns and more.. I've included designs that will appeal to both grown-ups and children, girls as well as boys.  Each of the transfers can be used several times.  So this book will keep you all busy!

019 (2)

I've only just received my copy and this is one of the first pieces I've stitched.  I used Aurifil 12 wt wool thread and stitched on some yarn dyed linen


Here are a few of the designs from the book that I stitched up for the cover.  

The book has started to arrive in stores in the US and will start to appear elsewhere soon.  Ask for it at your favourite quilt shop or book store.  If they don't have it, let them know they can order copies from C&T Publishing/Stash Books.  You can also find the book at Amazon and all the usual online retailers.

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Happy stitching!

zippered basket pouch

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I have a new sewing pattern to share today - This one is called the Zippered Basket Pouch.

The design allows the pouch to open out in a basket shape, making it easy to see what's inside and grab what you need.  When not in use, it zips up securely for storage or travel.  It's a handy one for both sewing and knitting projects as well as kids toys and whatever else you might like to keep in pouches..

The best thing about it is, it's all done in straight seams making this a great choice if you are new to intermediate pouch patterns.


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I hope you make one (or six).  Trust me you'll find a use for them all.

You can find the pattern here.

speedy vinyl pouches


I have a new pattern to share with you today - Speedy Vinyl Pouches

I've been on a big organizing kick lately and have been making stacks of these.  They're fast to sew up and speedy sewing means speedy organizing!  The clear vinyl front lets you can see what's inside each pouch at a glance.  Even when everything's tidied away, I can find what I'm looking for quickly and easily.

I've made plenty of vinyl pouches before but I wanted to keep the construction of these as quick and simple as possible.  You can easily make your first one in under an hour and you can sew up a huge pile of these in a couple of hours. They are great to make for gifts or swaps.  You can use them for sewing, travel, kids toys and more.

Pattern includes instructions for three sizes.


I've found the medium size perfect for keeping exactly 10 spools of Aurifloss (or small spools of Aurifil thread).  Great for keeping colours together for a project you are working on.


You'll also find that these are great for using up scraps of both fabric and vinyl, leftover from other projects.  The small size is made from a couple of charm squares plus binding.  The medium can be made from one layer cake square plus binding :)

You can find more pattern details here

I hope you make one (or more).  I promise it will become your new favourite basic pouch!

sunflower tote

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I'm releasing a new sewing and embroidery pattern today called the Sunflower Tote.  This one came about as a result of two things - I wanted to start stitching some larger size projects and I seemed to always be in need another large size tote.  Why not address both these issues with one solution :)

I have plans to stitch up some more of these because this one has been in constant use already (so handy for taking packages off to the post office).  I'm also going to find it useful for my forthcoming sewing class, retreats, shopping...  I think with the colder months up ahead, these will be the perfect project to be working on.  I might even get some ready for gifts.


The tote is really roomy and holds a ton of stuff.  I like my totes to be fairly flexible though so when it's not in use..

It folds up neatly and compactly like this.  Perfect to take out and about in case you're in need of an extra bag.

009 (5)

I used some Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Steel to make this one and stitched it up using Aurifloss by Aurifil in the following colours - 4644, 2425, 2220, 1133, 5007,  2405, 2420, 1104, 2021.

I hope you'll make one too!

Happy stitching.

3-in-1 pouch

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It's been a while but I finally have a new pattern to share with you today.  I've called this one the 3-In-1 Pouch.  It opens up nice and wide and has 3 pocket compartments to keep the contents nice and organized.  The construction involved is completely new and unique.  I have to admit it's taken me months to get it all figured out but now that I have it's all wonderfully straightforward to put together.  


Although I've written a couple of patterns for multiple pocket pouches before, the construction of this one is entirely different to anything I've done previously.  This is much simpler to put together (no head scratching or origami involved).  It's also very sturdy and can hold a lot whilst keeping its shape (very important when you actually put it to use).  It works perfectly for organizing your sewing tools or Aurifil thread.  I have a feeling it will be just right for EPP projects too.  I made several prototypes whilst I was writing the pattern and I knew I was on to a winner when all my prototypes were in use on my sewing desk before I'd finished them entirely.  Always a good sign!

I was in a nostalgic mood when I made the sample for these pictures and used a few of my older fabric prints from my lines for Moda Fabrics - Sherbet Pips for the exterior and Posy for the lining.  I really need to dig into the stash and use my hoarded favourites more because I love how it turned out.

016 (2)

You can find a copy of the new pattern here.

I hope you enjoy making this one!


stitch and sew swap

Stitch and sew swap

The wonderful Amista Baker has been busy organizing a fun online swap based on my new book.  The #stitchandsewswap is perfect for anyone who enjoys sewing, swapping and online camaraderie.  The event starts today and you can find out more details about the swap, prizes and how to sign up here.

I hope you'll join us?

stitch into summer


Something I've noticed myself and others doing more of these last couple of years is handwork.  This can take many forms including embroidery, applique, english paper piecing and more.  One of the biggest benefits of handwork is the ease of portability.  With summer fast approaching, days seem to fill up with activity.  There is so much coming and going, I sometimes go into a mild panic thinking 'where am I going to fit in some sewing?'.  A little stitching as we all know is hugely therapeutic and calming when life gets busy and stressful.  Often when I'm rushing around, it's too late to start making plans.  Therefore advance preparation can be a huge advantage.  This summer I have big embroidery plans - armed with a copy of my new book, my aim is to happily stitch away in the sunshine (or under a shady tree), on a park bench, waiting at a train station,  (more) waiting for little gymnasts to finish and so on.  Finally I'll be able to stitch without book deadlines and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that.  I've already started to pack up my sewing organizers with projects ready to stitch.  This involves getting some designs transferred to fabric and hooped up.  Then piling them into an organizer along with a small kit of tools and flosses.  Everything is ready and waiting for whenever I need an emergency sewing fix to throw into a bag and literally run out of the door.  Please note that I am only ever this organized about things I like to do :)

One thing that I'm hopeful of is to convince more of you to try out embroidery.  If you already like to sew and have never tried it (or tried a long time ago) then I'm talking directly to you.  Embroidery is nothing more than stitching with colourful thread.  You can start by learning just one stitch and completing entire embroideries using just that one stitch.  You can learn more if you want to, mix things up and get as experimental as you'd like.  My book has all the info you'll need to get started even if you've never stitched before.  Just think, with a little organization, you can pack up a little stitching kit to keep yourself busy and by the end of summer you could have a nice little pile of stitched pieces ready to sew into projects (and my book has all the instruction for that part too).

To get things rolling, some idea's for organizing.  My Book And Tool Folio (pattern from my previous book Stitched Sewing Organizers) is perfect for stitching on the go.  You can easily fit a copy of my book, some hooped up fabric, threads and needles and you're ready to go.


If you want to take a larger selection of floss with you, my Booklet Pouch easily holds at least 25 spools of aurifloss (and that's the small size pouch).

I hope you're ready to stitch your way through summer!

Stitching to sew

Buttercup pouch  from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

I'd like to share a closer look at some of the projects and thinking behind my new book Stitch And Sew.  My original idea was that the book should include fresh, modern looking designs that had a grown up appeal.  I wanted the designs to be pretty but not overtly sweet and saccharine.  Most of the patterns originated from drawings in my sketchbook, which I developed in various pattern formations.  At the time I'd been playing around with the idea of mirrored repeats for fabric design but quickly realized that these also had great potential to be used for embroidery patterns.

I had also been thinking a lot about planning my projects better so that once I'd finished stitching up a pattern it didn't get stashed away and forgotten.  I concluded that if I could come up with some quick, simple sewing patterns that could really showcase the stitched pieces I'd solve that problem easily.  All I had to do was to develop a sequence of steps that kept the sewing project in mind when starting the embroidery.  Once the piece was completed I could cut out the remaining pieces and sew up the project.  Since all of the projects are designed to be used, it was also important that they should be durable and this needed to be addressed through the choice of fabric.  I picked out some Essex Yarn Dyed linen in Black by Robert Kaufman and used this to stitch up my first pattern idea and the result of that is the Buttercup drawstring pouch in the photo above.  As soon as I had finished making this project, I instantly knew I was working along the right lines and that this should serve as a blueprint for developing the other patterns in the new book.

Buttercup pouch 2  from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

I learnt so much along the way, even as someone who stitches a lot.  There is always something new to learn!  I kept a notebook of everything I found useful to know as I sewed my way through the projects and included all this information in the basics section of the book. 

Vintage pouch  from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

Here are some of the other pattern variations for the Drawstring Pouch project.  The above design is called Vintage and is stitched in cross stitch on unbleached calico fabric.  I've added detail with some lawn and cotton for the channel and ties respectively. Below is the Colorwork design which uses a variety of stitches and techniques for fun, playful effects.  

Colorwork pouch  from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

I contrasted the yarn dyed linen with some corduroy and leather for this one, along with some super soft flannel on the inside (leftover from backing a quilt).

Colorwork pouch 3 from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

Circles pouch  from Stitch And Sew book by Aneela Hoey

Finally, for today's post is the Circles pattern.  Another sampler style project, using a variety of stitches but only shades of pink this time.

I hope you've found something in today's post to inspire you to create!   

Stitch And Sew is now starting to arrive in shops.