Inside-Outside Pouch

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I'm kicking off the New Year with a brand new pattern release.  This one is called the Inside-Outside Pouch and it comes with a very roomy box-shaped interior AND two super useful vinyl exterior pockets.  This means that you can keep plenty inside the main compartment and everything you want to have handy in the outer pockets.  

It's a great way to use up some of those pretty fabrics in your stash.  Prints you want to sew into something that both shows them off and is perfect for organizing all your bits and pieces too.  I've been finding so many uses for the ones I've made so far, they are perfect for sewing, knitting, stationary, kids, travel or anything else you can think of.

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The long zipper allows the pouch to open fully wide so you can see all contents inside.  

In a bid to use up my stash, I've dug out some of my favourite fabrics and enjoyed grouping them into fun combinations.  I used prints from Menagerie by Rifle Paper Co, Mustang by Melody Miller and Zephyr by Rashida Coleman-Hale along with some basic prints.  All fabrics are by Cotton And Steel.


I hope you have fun sewing up the pattern!

If you are a shop interested in stocking a paper version of this pattern, please get in touch.

boxy clear pouch paper patterns


I added a new addition to my paper pattern selection this week - the Boxy Clear Pouch.  I had several requests as soon as I released the PDF version.  The new pouch design seems to have gone down very well and I've seen many finished projects already popping up over on Instagram.

If you would like to add this one to your PAPER pattern library, you can find it here.

If you would like a copy of the PDF version, you can find that here.

If you are a shop interested in stocking my paper patterns, please get in touch via this page.

boxy clear pouch

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Today I'm introducing my newest pattern, the Boxy Clear Pouch.  

The pattern comes with instructions for two handy sizes.  It features a see through pouch front and a sturdy box shaped base.  This makes it a great storage pouch for keeping threads, notions, hexagons etc. in a way that you can quickly see what's inside.  No more trying to remember which pouch you left a particular shade of thread in or where your bias tape maker is.

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It zips up securely to keep all contents together until you need them, great for sewing on the go, travelling, kids bits and pieces, knitting, stationary and anything else you can think of utilizing it for.

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The zipper also allows for the pouch to open fully wide.  The aerial view above gives an idea of the storage depth within each pouch.

Again, I used fabric from my stash in a bid to use it up and sew with the fabric I love.  Here I used some prints from Trinket and Basics by Cotton And Steel, along with a little Friedlander by Carolyn Friedlander and my favourite Essex yarn dyed linens by Robert Kaufman fabrics for the binding.  I used Aurifil 2600 for the small pouch and 5015 for the large, both in 50 WT.

You can find further details about finished sizes and material requirements here.

I hope you enjoy sewing this one up!

Open Out Box Pouch paper patterns


Finally, the paper patterns for my Open-Out Box Pouch are here!  I've been getting a good response with my first paper pattern for the Zip-Up Tray Pouch and thought I should offer another option.  The paper versions make life easier as there is no need to print off a copy from your computer.  The patterns have been re-formatted from the PDF versions so the text and image sizes are larger.  The Open-Out Box Pouch also includes an insert with the pattern template printed at full size - no more guess work to making sure that it prints at the correct scale.

 Shops wanting to stock my paper patterns can get in touch now for more details via this page.  

If you know a shop that may be interested, let them know!

Customers wanting to purchase a single copy of the paper pattern can find it here.


double zip box pouch


I'm sharing a fun new pattern with you today - the Double Zip Box Pouch!  

This one has been in the works for a while.  I've had many ideas for multi-pocket pouches over the last few years and made some to try out.  Generally I've found that they don't hold very much in total.  My main goal with this project was to create a pouch with two SPACIOUS pockets that hold a lot.  This is a box shaped pouch with BOX shaped pockets, each pocket has a good sized capacity for whatever it is you wish to keep in them.  

To give you an idea - I'll use common sewing item, the Aurifil thread spool as a unit of measure.  Each of the 2 pockets will easily accommodate 14 large spools of Aurifil thread.  So 28 spools in total if you wanted to keep just threads in there.


Or you could keep tools on one side and project components in the other.  Or maybe something completely different altogether - travel, stationery, toys...  Anyhow I'll leave that up to you.  You can find details of size dimensions and material requirements here.

The pouch comes together quickly and there is nothing tricky in the construction.  If you can sew a zipper, you'll find it easy.  I used some floral prints from my new Stay Gold collection for Cloud 9 fabrics.  The line just arrived in stores, such as here.

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 I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Zip-Up Tray Pouch paper patterns

Zip up tray pouch aneela hoey

After repeated requests, I have decided to try out a paper version of my Zip-Up Tray Pouch pattern.  I'm excited to now have the patterns in my hands and available here. The pattern is a 12 page booklet, printed on heavy paper with a silk finish.  It is perfect if you prefer to have a physical copy of the pattern when sewing and will make a great addition to your pattern library. 

Shop owners wanting to stock the pattern, please get in touch here.

If you can think of a store that may be interested, let them know!

The PDF version of this pattern is available here.



open-out box pouch


I have a new pattern release to share with you today - the Open-Out Box Pouch.  This one has been on my brain for a while - I wanted to create a fairly standard looking zip pouch that magically expands into a box shape when open.  This means that you can easily see and grab what you need then zip it up to keep contents secure when not in use.  It's a fun project to sew and has so many uses - perfect for projects, tools, travel, kids and more!


The overall style of the pouch has a very modern, angular look.  I used prints from my new Stay Gold fabric line for Cloud 9 fabrics (out in May) along with some favourite Essex linens, corduroy and Shetland flannel (all Robert Kaufman fabrics).

This is a great pouch for showcasing a fun lining fabric as it will be fully visible when open (see below).


There are instructions for 2 sizes (see pattern listing for dimensions) and other than fabric and the zipper, this one requires only regular woven interfacing plus fusible fleece if you are making the large size.

You can find the pattern listing here.  I hope you have fun making one! 

(Please note - this pattern is not included in my forthcoming book Stitched Sewing Organizers but if you like the general style, the book will be perfect for you!  Preorder here).

zip-up tray pouch


I finally have a new sewing pattern to share with you, say hello to the Zip-Up Tray Pouch.  This sturdy pouch opens up into a tray, to keep contents close at hand and easy to reach.  It can be zipped up when not in use and is great for storage and for when out and about.  It will be perfect for sewing and other crafts, kids toys, travel and more.

I've been working away at this idea for over a year, I wanted something that ended up sturdy without being too complicated in it's construction.  Pattern design can be a long winding and sometimes tricky process.  Once I get an idea into my head for something I want to be able to create, I will just work away until I get the right set of idea's to make it work.

In the samples here, you can see one that is made with a print from my forthcoming line Stay Gold (available to pre-order here).  The second sample is made from yarn dyed Essex linen in Charcoal.  Finished size of the pouch is 11"(W) x 4"(H) x 4"(D) when closed and 11"(W) x 4"(H) x 7"(D) when open.

I hope you enjoy making the pattern!

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Remember the mini flutter quilt I showed you a few week's back?  Well, I've also written up a pattern for a full size quilt version too.  Because, I love to make ALL the quilts!  I've already made my first block and I'm itching to make more.  I'm planning on doing this over the summer so if you've picked up a bundle of Foxglove and are wondering what to do with it, why not join me for an informal kind of quilt a long?  

The best news about the Flutter pattern is, it's available as a free download and you can find it right here - Flutter quilt by aneela hoey

And of course, if you want to make the baby size, you can find that one here - Mini Flutter quilt by aneela hoey


Here's a look at the size difference of the blocks for comparison.  Kind of cute in both sizes don't you think.

p.s. I noticed the other day that Hawthorne Threads are selling a quilt kit for the Flutter quilt

You can find stockists for Foxglove fabric here.


For today's Foxglove showcase maker, we are taking a look at what Sarah of Sarah Quilts has been up to.  Sarah has been busy stitching up a Lawn Diamonds quilt and it is jaw dropping.  The picture above was taken at the start of the project.  Click on the link to go see the finished quilt.

Foxglove nesting boxes


My Nesting Boxes pattern is one of my favourite things to make.  Not only is it super simple to put together, I can never seem to find enough uses for the ones I have.  The more I sew, the more storage problems I solve.  Win Win is a good outcome in anyone's book.

Amongst other things, I find them perfect for housing my ever increasing thread collection habit.  The set of spools above are the ones from my Foxglove thread set that I curated for Aurifil - don't they look pretty?  This thread set should be finding its way to quilt shops very soon, ask for it at your favourite quilt store.

My newest set was sewn up out of Foxglove prints, I used two of the coordinates and the small scale cowslips floral.  They make for a very pretty little set to have on my work desk.


Here, they are partnered with the All In One Box Pouch made from Foxglove I showed you last week.

For more detail photos from the pouch patterns, see my previous posts here and here.


They are perfect for organizing all those essential sewing notions.


You can find stockists for the Foxglove fabric line here.

Nicole 9

Today's Foxglove showcase maker is Nicole of Lillyella.  Nicole does some pretty awe inspiring stuff, the project she created from Foxglove is both imaginative and useful and perfectly executed.  You need to go and see all her pretty pictures and details, you'll be swooning like I did :)