all new double zip box pouch pattern

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Last year I made a new smaller version of my Double Zip Box Pouch pattern which I've found myself using a lot.  Since I'd worked out all the measurements anyway, I decided to add the new size option to the existing pattern.  Once I finally got around to it, I found myself making a few more adjustments including a leather handle option and new finishing instructions.  What should have taken me a few weeks has ended up taking several months.  I could probably have written a whole new pattern in that time....ah well.

The good news is that even though there weren't any problems with the older version the all new version is definitely much improved.  Things I love about this pattern are that it really does hold a lot and the pockets sit very neatly inside.  I use mine for keeping sewing tools and spools of Aurifil and have also found them handy for keeping pens and drawing tools in.

007 (2)

Recently I've been adding bits of leather here and there into my projects, I love the finish when using it for the handles here along with my favourite metals zips with donut shapes pulls.


Anyhow if you've never tried this pattern before (or even if you have,) I hope you decide to give it a try.  You can find the pattern here.

Happy sewing!

zippered basket pouch

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I have a new sewing pattern to share today - This one is called the Zippered Basket Pouch.

The design allows the pouch to open out in a basket shape, making it easy to see what's inside and grab what you need.  When not in use, it zips up securely for storage or travel.  It's a handy one for both sewing and knitting projects as well as kids toys and whatever else you might like to keep in pouches..

The best thing about it is, it's all done in straight seams making this a great choice if you are new to intermediate pouch patterns.


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I hope you make one (or six).  Trust me you'll find a use for them all.

You can find the pattern here.

speedy vinyl pouches


I have a new pattern to share with you today - Speedy Vinyl Pouches

I've been on a big organizing kick lately and have been making stacks of these.  They're fast to sew up and speedy sewing means speedy organizing!  The clear vinyl front lets you can see what's inside each pouch at a glance.  Even when everything's tidied away, I can find what I'm looking for quickly and easily.

I've made plenty of vinyl pouches before but I wanted to keep the construction of these as quick and simple as possible.  You can easily make your first one in under an hour and you can sew up a huge pile of these in a couple of hours. They are great to make for gifts or swaps.  You can use them for sewing, travel, kids toys and more.

Pattern includes instructions for three sizes.


I've found the medium size perfect for keeping exactly 10 spools of Aurifloss (or small spools of Aurifil thread).  Great for keeping colours together for a project you are working on.


You'll also find that these are great for using up scraps of both fabric and vinyl, leftover from other projects.  The small size is made from a couple of charm squares plus binding.  The medium can be made from one layer cake square plus binding :)

You can find more pattern details here

I hope you make one (or more).  I promise it will become your new favourite basic pouch!

3-in-1 pouch

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It's been a while but I finally have a new pattern to share with you today.  I've called this one the 3-In-1 Pouch.  It opens up nice and wide and has 3 pocket compartments to keep the contents nice and organized.  The construction involved is completely new and unique.  I have to admit it's taken me months to get it all figured out but now that I have it's all wonderfully straightforward to put together.  


Although I've written a couple of patterns for multiple pocket pouches before, the construction of this one is entirely different to anything I've done previously.  This is much simpler to put together (no head scratching or origami involved).  It's also very sturdy and can hold a lot whilst keeping its shape (very important when you actually put it to use).  It works perfectly for organizing your sewing tools or Aurifil thread.  I have a feeling it will be just right for EPP projects too.  I made several prototypes whilst I was writing the pattern and I knew I was on to a winner when all my prototypes were in use on my sewing desk before I'd finished them entirely.  Always a good sign!

I was in a nostalgic mood when I made the sample for these pictures and used a few of my older fabric prints from my lines for Moda Fabrics - Sherbet Pips for the exterior and Posy for the lining.  I really need to dig into the stash and use my hoarded favourites more because I love how it turned out.

016 (2)

You can find a copy of the new pattern here.

I hope you enjoy making this one!


boxy clear pouch

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Today I'm introducing my newest pattern, the Boxy Clear Pouch.  

The pattern comes with instructions for two handy sizes.  It features a see through pouch front and a sturdy box shaped base.  This makes it a great storage pouch for keeping threads, notions, hexagons etc. in a way that you can quickly see what's inside.  No more trying to remember which pouch you left a particular shade of thread in or where your bias tape maker is.

025 (4)

It zips up securely to keep all contents together until you need them, great for sewing on the go, travelling, kids bits and pieces, knitting, stationary and anything else you can think of utilizing it for.

034 (2)

The zipper also allows for the pouch to open fully wide.  The aerial view above gives an idea of the storage depth within each pouch.

Again, I used fabric from my stash in a bid to use it up and sew with the fabric I love.  Here I used some prints from Trinket and Basics by Cotton And Steel, along with a little Friedlander by Carolyn Friedlander and my favourite Essex yarn dyed linens by Robert Kaufman fabrics for the binding.  I used Aurifil 2600 for the small pouch and 5015 for the large, both in 50 WT.

You can find further details about finished sizes and material requirements here.

I hope you enjoy sewing this one up!

boxy pocket pouch


The good thing about writing patterns and books is that I no longer have to try and remember how I made a particular project if I want to remake it later.  Previously, I would scribble down notes and measurements in illegible writing on scraps of paper.  Which subsequently would make little sense to me a year or two down the line.  Now that I've published several PDF patterns, along with my book Stitched Sewing Organizers, I thankfully have a library of patterns, ready and waiting whenever I get that elusive 'sewing time' opportunity.

My most recent make was a new version of the Boxy Pocket Pouch project from my book.  It was so good not to be working from scratch for once and having all the instructions, pictures and templates together in one place.  I picked some long hoarded favourites from my stash and it's so good to see these pretty fabrics made up into something I can see and use everyday.  I'm planning several more projects already :)

Fabrics used are from Catnap by Lizzy House for Andover fabrics and Black & White by Melody Miller for Cotton & Steel fabrics.


double zip box pouch


I'm sharing a fun new pattern with you today - the Double Zip Box Pouch!  

This one has been in the works for a while.  I've had many ideas for multi-pocket pouches over the last few years and made some to try out.  Generally I've found that they don't hold very much in total.  My main goal with this project was to create a pouch with two SPACIOUS pockets that hold a lot.  This is a box shaped pouch with BOX shaped pockets, each pocket has a good sized capacity for whatever it is you wish to keep in them.  

To give you an idea - I'll use common sewing item, the Aurifil thread spool as a unit of measure.  Each of the 2 pockets will easily accommodate 14 large spools of Aurifil thread.  So 28 spools in total if you wanted to keep just threads in there.


Or you could keep tools on one side and project components in the other.  Or maybe something completely different altogether - travel, stationery, toys...  Anyhow I'll leave that up to you.  You can find details of size dimensions and material requirements here.

The pouch comes together quickly and there is nothing tricky in the construction.  If you can sew a zipper, you'll find it easy.  I used some floral prints from my new Stay Gold collection for Cloud 9 fabrics.  The line just arrived in stores, such as here.

025 (2)

 I hope you enjoy the pattern!

open-out box pouch


I have a new pattern release to share with you today - the Open-Out Box Pouch.  This one has been on my brain for a while - I wanted to create a fairly standard looking zip pouch that magically expands into a box shape when open.  This means that you can easily see and grab what you need then zip it up to keep contents secure when not in use.  It's a fun project to sew and has so many uses - perfect for projects, tools, travel, kids and more!


The overall style of the pouch has a very modern, angular look.  I used prints from my new Stay Gold fabric line for Cloud 9 fabrics (out in May) along with some favourite Essex linens, corduroy and Shetland flannel (all Robert Kaufman fabrics).

This is a great pouch for showcasing a fun lining fabric as it will be fully visible when open (see below).


There are instructions for 2 sizes (see pattern listing for dimensions) and other than fabric and the zipper, this one requires only regular woven interfacing plus fusible fleece if you are making the large size.

You can find the pattern listing here.  I hope you have fun making one! 

(Please note - this pattern is not included in my forthcoming book Stitched Sewing Organizers but if you like the general style, the book will be perfect for you!  Preorder here).

zip-up tray pouch


I finally have a new sewing pattern to share with you, say hello to the Zip-Up Tray Pouch.  This sturdy pouch opens up into a tray, to keep contents close at hand and easy to reach.  It can be zipped up when not in use and is great for storage and for when out and about.  It will be perfect for sewing and other crafts, kids toys, travel and more.

I've been working away at this idea for over a year, I wanted something that ended up sturdy without being too complicated in it's construction.  Pattern design can be a long winding and sometimes tricky process.  Once I get an idea into my head for something I want to be able to create, I will just work away until I get the right set of idea's to make it work.

In the samples here, you can see one that is made with a print from my forthcoming line Stay Gold (available to pre-order here).  The second sample is made from yarn dyed Essex linen in Charcoal.  Finished size of the pouch is 11"(W) x 4"(H) x 4"(D) when closed and 11"(W) x 4"(H) x 7"(D) when open.

I hope you enjoy making the pattern!

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vignette sewing projects


So here we go with a look through some of the projects that I've been busy putting together to showcase my Vignette fabric line.  

When I first started thinking about what I could sew with these prints I couldn't help but feel that a dressmaking or haberdashery theme would be a perfect starting point to spark off my ideas.  Even though all of the prints are new and original, they seem to have a kind of vintage feel somehow.  I wanted to echo this with an overall look to the projects that was somehow timeless.

To kick start my sewing, I thought it would be fun to make up a few sewing notions or haberdashery items out of the prints which I could use as a starting point for my display at quilt market.  I began with making some bindings wrapped around card and also covered up some buttons and a tape measure (I completely winged this) and decorated some pinwheels - all of these projects were so much fun to put together.


I continued to find creative end uses for the fabrics by making a fabric and leather belt - the buckle was re-purposed from an old belt of mine and I just used the old belt as a guide for how to put things together.  The clothes brush was again, re-purposed (I keep it mostly for de-threading my clothes after sewing).  

Of course it was also a no brainer to use up some of my own patterns to make items, like the hold it all pouch, above.


As well as nesting boxes and foldover mini pouches..


and a foldover sewing pouch



And of course somewhere to stick all those pins.

(wagon wheel pincushion tutorial)


My main aim for these projects was to find slightly less usual ways of working with the fabric and finishing up a few quick makes at the same time.  I'm hoping to get my sewing teeth stuck into some quilts and dresses in a few weeks time.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few more projects I've made with you!