side saddle pouch

_DSC5067 long CURRENT

I finally have a new pattern release.  The Side Saddle Pouch is a pattern I've been slowly working on and finessing over the past two years.  I've made multiple versions in that time and wanted to make sure the instructions and illustrations were as good as I could get them.  I like to create with purpose and only put out patterns that are well thought through and will stand the test of time.  Both in terms of making and using.  Although I could have rushed this one out about 18 months ago, I know for certain that the pattern has matured well over that time.  

The Side Saddle Pouch has many attractions - It is sturdy with a spacious box shaped interior.  The zipper allows it to open into a wide basket shape when the pouch is in use.  There are two zippered pockets - one each side of the pouch that will hold a multiple of additional tools/pens etc.

_DSC5127 2

I made up these samples using fabrics from my newest collection for Moda Fabrics called Meander.  I put a lot of thought into the prints for this group - I wanted designs that would mix and match well for making projects like this one.  Meander is in shops now (or will be soon depending where you live).

It's going to be another long wait until the next pattern arrives (if ever).  I'm hoping this one keeps you busy until then.

You can find the pattern here.

Meander projects

Meander 16 aneela hoey

As soon as I had handed in the artwork for the Meander collection, I began planning and dreaming up all the projects I could make from it.  As you might imagine, the list was long and time has been in short supply but I've still managed to make a sizeable dent in the sew-it-right-now list.

Meander 32 aneela hoey

Top of the list was more Pop Open Pouches.  I cannot get enough of this pattern!  Love making it and using these for everything from sewing tools and projects to toiletries, pens, sock knitting and more.

Meander 33 aneela hoey

It's a generously size pouch that open wide and best of all has a very minimal list of requirements - Two fat quarters, interfacing, fleece and zipper.

Meander 19 aneela hoey

My Flip Pocket Folio has already become one of my most used pouches for storing materials together.  It's best described as several pouches as one and is especially excellent for keeping small items together neatly.

Meander 34 aneela hoey

Inside there a six vinyl pockets.  The top pocket layers flip up to reveal the contents of those beneath - making everything easily visible and accessible.

Meander 25 aneela hoey

The cover is the perfect way to use a fabric you really want to showcase - I used my horses print in the orange colour way from Meander.

Meander 23 aneela hoey

The final project for now is my Boxy Clear Pouch.  This one is a three dimensional clear pouch that works perfectly for organising sewing tools and notions with the added bonus that you can see what's inside.  Again, it also works well for all kinds of other storage scenarios too.

Meander 17 aneela hoey

I hope this post starts up your imagination to visualising what you can make from this collection of prints.  If you're stuck for ideas there are plenty more projects to entice you here.


Meander 9 aneela hoey

This month finally sees the release of yardage for my new fabric line - Meander.  It's been a 15 month long wait since I handed in the artwork for this group.  I'm more than a little excited to see the line arrive in fabric stores at long last.

As a starting point for this collection - I returned to a few of my very favourite prints from past collections.  You may recognise the foxes, horses and story prints from their previous incarnations.  These are now available in a new range of colours from relaxed denims to brilliantly burnt oranges, the prettiest pinks and palest greys.

Into these I've mixed some highly useable basic and blender prints.  My favourite of these is the Field print - which takes the form of a series of hatched lines forming irregular shapes that interlock into each other.  It started out as a random doodle I found myself making on a regular basis.  One day I scanned a doodle onto my computer, opened it up in Photoshop and immediately became obsessed with making it into a continuous design.  I hadn't really thought much about it as a scribbly little doodle but as a design, on fabric, it's probably one of my most favourites ever.  Look out for it in almost every project I've made so far from this line.

Meander 10 aneela hoey

Other blenders include picnic checks and simple dots as well as a smaller variation of my classic square dot print (you may remember that one from my Sherbet Pips and Make Time lines).  All the prints and colours together make the prettiest classic rainbow of loveliness you ever did see.  I love the richness in tone and variation within each colour.

Meander 8 aneela hoey

I had a lot of fun taking these photos and planning future projects.  High on my list is making a quilt inspired by the photo above.  All I need now is time.

_DSC Meander 5

As you might expect, I've been busy sewing up projects to show you in future blog posts.  I look forward to sharing those soon.

_DSC Meander 4

I hope you have fun thinking and dreaming up plans from this group.  I can't wait to see what you make!

Meander fabric precuts

Meander 1 aneela hoey

This month sees the arrival of precuts from my newest collection - Meander in shops.  Yardage will follow in February but if you are eager to start piecing your next quilt and have a precut friendly pattern in mind - why not start now?

Meander 14 aneela hoey

I've kept the colours for this line classic but contemporary - from easy going navy, through denim-y blue hues, linen greys, pale pinks, sunset oranges to a rich earthy tan.  The colours blend and contrast so well with each other - you'll want to make everything and more with them.

Meander 3 aneela hoey

If you definitely want to start a quilt - Jelly rolls are an unquestionable favourite to begin with.  Not only are there countless make-me-now jelly roll patterns around.  While you choose one, your jelly roll will sit perfectly prettily on your shelf until commitment strikes.

Meander 6 aneela hoey

Other options include buying one of everything.  

Although it may sound excessive in the short term, you'll find yourself covered for all possible future inspiration. 

Meander 4 aneela hoey

If you're looking for a precut that offers the greatest degree of project versatility - the fat quarter bundle is the one you are looking for.  This option will work for making bags, pouches and other small projects as well as quilts.  

Meander 13 aneela hoey

Meander 12 aneela hoey

Charm packs and layer cakes are other options you may wish to consider for quilt making.  If you do go the charm pack route - make sure to buy several if you wish to make a decent size of quilt.

Meander 5 aneela hoey

I'll be sharing more about the collection as well as projects I've made in future posts - for now I hope I've at least inspired you to get thinking about making something.


Make Time Projects

_DSC4645 edit

Yardage for my newest fabric line - Make Time - is now shipping and has started to arrive in stores. I wanted to share some of the projects I've made with Make Time fabric so far. Unsurprisingly there have been a good number of pouches made (and there will be more to come). I created the samples here to both showcase the fabrics AND to use for organising my future projects. 

_DSC4624 edit

I design all of my patterns to be used either on their own or in combination with each other. My Zip Up Tray Pouch and Make And Go Pouch work well solo or as a duo.

_DSC4536 edit

I keep my pouches packed and ready to go for whenever I get some minutes to dive back into something.

_DSC4663 edit

I use my small size of Booklet Pouch for organising threads. The large size works effectively for projects - each page can be used to store different tools, threads and project parts.

_DSC4506 edit

_DSC4721 copy

My Inside Outside Pouch is one of my most used. Tools and threads can be kept in the vinyl pockets - there's one at the front and another at the back. The project can be housed in the main pouch. If that hasn't convinced you, it also has a nice sturdy base.

_DSC4615 edit

Here is an aerial view of the Inside Outside pouch (right) to get a clearer view of the pocket situation.

_DSC1909edit current

I used my Sampler print in Bluebell for the cover of this Make And Go Pouch sample. This is already one of my favourite and most used prints from this line. I created all of the little cross stitch images in Illustrator by lining up rows of crosses in a block. I then removed crosses one by one until I got the image I was after. The process was laborious but also strangely thrilling - like seeing a photo slowly develop and reveal itself.

The needle book on the left is also available with this line - look for it in your favourite quilt shop. There are two different sizes and various image options from Make Time available on the needlebooks.

_DSC4649 edit

All pouches in this post were made using Make Time fabric. See photo below for a closer look at the prints.

_DSC1643 copy

Ask for Make Time at your favourite fabric shop. I hope this post has inspired you to make something with the line.

You can find all pouch patterns here.

Bloom quilt

Bloom MTsmall front

My Bloom quilt pattern is back! I first released this design way back in 2012 to coincide with the release of my Sew Stitchy fabric line for Moda.  It has been unavailable for a few years but after repeated requests I've reintroduced it to my line up of patterns.

The cover design shows how the quilt would look made up in my new Make Time fabric line for Moda. Precuts of the line are now available with yardage to follow soon. The pattern requires a fat eighth bundle for the flower like design at the centre. I've paired this with a Moda Bella Solid in Galactic for the background fabric and Moda Bella Solid in Bronze for the centre. Binding is Bias Stripe in Strawberry from Make Time.  I'd suggest either the Scissors print in Iris or Check in Strawberry for the backing fabric but really any of the Pins or Sampler print colorways would work perfectly. 

Bloom MT scissors

You can find the Bloom pattern here.

To see more of the prints in Make Time click here.

Make Time

Make Time 7

This month sees the release of my newest fabric line - Make Time - for Moda Fabrics. Precuts have already started arriving in stores with yardage due to follow in a few weeks.

I put this group together during summer 2020. Foremost in my mind was that the act of creating had become an essential part of getting myself through some of the trickier emotions thrown up as a result of the pandemic. 

I pulled together a collection of my artwork that reflected the tools, fabrics and textures that both facilitate and inspire me to make. There are the ever present scissors, simple cross stitch motifs inspired by samplers, pins, checks and woven details. I wanted to keep the group simple and fun with easy to use prints in soft and pretty colours.

_DSC1643 copy

If you know me at all you'll know that I was already dreaming up pouches and organisers while putting this group together. I wanted to create the kind of fat quarter bundle you could just grab and have fun auditioning fabric combinations for future pouch possibilities.


Or if quilts are more your thing, all you need do is decide between layer cakes...

_DSC3014 copy2

Jelly rolls..

_DSC1565edit copy2


_DSC3020 copy

honey buns?? or perhaps charm packs? or maybe back to layer cakes...

_DSC1385edit copy

Whatever you decide upon, I hope you have fun playing with the possibilities and making time to make.


_DSC3000 copy2

Make Time precuts are available now, yardage will be shipping soon.

Look for it in your favourite quilt store or search online for a stockist.

Go Easy Tote

Go easy tote pattern by aneela hoey

Today I'm introducing my newest pattern, the Go Easy Tote.  I've been making variations of this one for the past couple of years and it has quickly become my go to pattern for a fast make that I can't find enough uses for.  

I originally created it because I wanted a strong tote that was large enough to carry multiple wholesale pattern orders to the post office but was also easy to fold up and throw into my bag once I was done.  I find a lot of tote patterns are either too small or require a long list of materials, hardware and so on before you can get to the sewing part.  I also wanted to create a tote pattern that could easily be made from my stash.  I built up the pattern around the ability to use a fat quarter for the feature fabric.  I tend to have more fat quarters than any other cut of fabric and I like being able to pick from what I have already and audition several options (side note - I usually end up making all the options but that's another story).

Another bonus to this pattern is that there is a choice of two variations - Sturdy (see top photo) is option 1 and creates a strong, robust tote that stands up on it's own.  This one is great to use as both an everyday tote or knitting bag.

Option 2 is the Slouchy version (see photo below).  This one is also very robust (perfect for carrying all those parcels I mentioned earlier) but folds up very efficiently to throw into your bag until you need it.  This version stands up only when filled.

Go easy tote pattern by aneela hoey 2

I hope that you give the pattern a try.  You can find it here.

Happy sewing!

In A Flap Pouch

In a flap 270edit

These past few weeks I've found myself wanting to sew more soothing projects that are quick, easy and mindless to put together.  As I learn more about my making style, I find I'm not good at working on things that are only nice to look at.  Crucial to any project I put together is that it has to be useful and should work well for its intended purpose.

These In A Flap Pouches have worked perfectly to fit this need.  I'm quite happy sitting at my machine producing them at semi-industrial pace.  The most taxing thing about them is which fabric combination to use.  All the ones I've made so far have 100% been put together from my scrap bins which does help to narrow the choices a little.

The Project is super fast to sew and can be made in 4 sizes.  There are no templates involved and if you use the leather strap option it speeds things up even more.  I've been using mine for holding sewing/knitting supplies and also to keep my headphones in.  


I hope you enjoy sewing up some of these.  

You can find the pattern here.

4 pocket case

 4PC 9920 PDF2

I have a new pattern to share today, the 4 Pocket Case.  This one works perfectly for most kinds of hand projects such as paper piecing, appliqué or embroidery.  The  design has 2 zippered vinyl pockets to keep threads and other supplies in AND 2 slip pockets.

There are instructions included to make 2 sizes of case.  The large size easily accommodates letter size/A4 sheets making it perfect for storing pattern sheets or your favourite craft book in the slip pockets along with supplies in the zippered vinyl pockets.  The small size can be used to store pattern booklets, templates or folded pattern sheets in the slip pockets.

 4PC 9819 PDF

I used some of the new CF Collection by Carolyn Friedlander to make the samples for this one along with some Essex yarn dyed linen.  The metal zippers are by Zipit on Etsy.

I hope you enjoy making the pattern.  You can find it here.