the long night

christmas came early


Please don't hate me, I know I have used smidges of christmassy stuff in my most recent posts.  I know I am not a fan of stores (yes marks and sparks are at it already) releasing their christmas titbits onto the shelves in September BUT this is crafting, a time ga-zumping pastime of enjoyability and it would be no use starting a quilt Christmas week unless you wanted to start using it at Easter would it??  So this year I have started as far down the productive chain as possibly do-able by creating fabric of my own design through the amazing-ability of Spoonflower.  You may not know this but about oooh 12 years ago I used to be an actual grown up Textile designer.  I worked in New York City for a short time just around the corner from Macy's.  I have also sold designs to the states and Japan as well as designed wrapping paper sold at WH Smith and designs destined to be printed on men's boxer's (???!!!) to British Home Stores.  As I said, this was years ago and I was too young and foolhardy to actually carve out a lasting career out of it at the time having far more important things to do such as hanging out at all hours around Camden and going on cider in the park picnics as you do when you are young.



So I decided to have a go at designing through Spoonflower and decided the fabric style I most wanted but could hardly ever find any decent versions of was Christmas stuff.  So I set to designing something I liked, in colours I wanted that I could fussy cut to my heart's desire and yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!! came up with this!!!  I've already used a robin from this in Sarah's Ten make Two blocks last week and now I am just itching to get creatin' some quilty goodness endevour.  I'm thinking quilts, cushions, tablewear, stockings....................................!!!!!!!!