cheery cherry on the volcano of duty
new spoonflower fabrics!!!

Belle the cloudbuster!

Introducing my newest baby, no night feeds or nappy changing for this creation:)  Belle was thought up whilst listerning to 'get off my cloud' by the rolling stones of all things when antiquebrowsingshelfhunting 2 sundays ago.  First she got turned into a new-coming-soon-I'm-so-excited-fabric-design, then I got bored waiting for that to arrive (oh spoonflower - why do you take so long!!!) and she got re-born in embroidery.  Asha keeps checking that she is going to live with us as little red riding hood is off course being sent away to live in her new home soon.

She has now been reborn again (nine lives style) in pdf format, in case any of you are as stitch crazy as me and long to re-create her in real live stitch.  Perfect for any little girl to dream along to!!!  Belle is exactly where I want to be, floating in the clouds with the helpful aides of colourful balloons wearing stripy leggings and a bobble hat!!