Watercolour spiderweb is finished!!!
crazy scrappy quilt

In circulation


Since Friday I have been going round and round in circles as that old chesnut goes.  Or rather round and round and round and round and round........

As you may have gathered, I have the round shape on the brain.


So while I am in that circumferencing mood, I have taken advantage and come full circle to produce my final piece for the Hoop Up swap on flickr.  This one is for Jennie/Sunflower quilt, who wanted overlapping circles in one colour.  And with this final piece, I have reached my destination that brings this swap to a full stop (and you know what shape that is...)



Sorry if you are feeling a little dizzy after all that and need a little drink.  May I at least supply you with a picture of one....................you can try and drink it through your monitor if you like.

Dandelion and Burdock, made with lots of those circular encasings of air in liquid otherwise known as bubbles. 

Now if you could just let me get my feet off this roundabout, I might start talking a little more sensibly one of these days...................................do you think I could?

For now,


or rather