around the corner quilt
Be-witched!!! (plus a mini giveaway)

a pillow with a lot of stitches...

010 a different way of describing the above than just calling it a hexagon pillow, which is too obvious a description for me.

This is what I mean by lots of stitches.......

Can you see all the trillions of little hand stitches holding these six siders together?  lots and lots of hours and hours spent stitching and sewing.......

Which is a puzzle to me.  Sometimes hexagon projects take hours and hours and sometimes they seem to come together so quickly you wonder why you don't make them all the time. 

I always worry about the hand stitching ravelling over time, so as an insurance policy I quilted a 1" square grid pattern over the pillow front to clamp it down securely for the foreseeable future.

The back and binding is made out of a beige Ikea sheet (again! but I bought 10 of the super largest fit for a king and his courtyard size - so get used to those words cropping up!!).  I added a machine embroidered cross stitch pattern down one of the over lapping back flaps, must use these stitches more.

I think I'll be laying off the hexagons for a while, I just might have over dosed on them for now!!!

xxx until next week!