a little sugar to taste?

from seed to fabric


Everything has a starting point, a particular flashbulb moment when a seed is planted and an idea is born.  In the case of 'little apples' that moment occurred when prompted to design a new fabric line, I began to look for that starting point.  Looking involved flicking through my sketchbooks, most of which are notebooks really, where I jot down my idea's in picture form quickly before I forget them.  Most of the time, these idea's occur when I am busy washing the dishes or meant to be doing something entirely different, so if I don't do a quick squiggle somewhere, the idea is lost as soon as it has been found.

The above detail from one of my sketchbook pages is a real case in point because I do not even remember drawing these little trees with apples for eyes or scribbling down the phrase little apples but when I came across it on the 'flicking for idea's to design a new line of fabric day' I was immediately drawn to it because my mind started coming up with idea's and images galore.

I started sketching a little more whilst I narrowed down the idea's and formed a theme in my mind.  Almost mindlessly I turned an apple upside down and turned it into an a for the word apples. I think this was the exact moment I knew I HAD to call this group little apples because I knew that this little mindless doodle would make a great little selvedge.

And I know I am very heavily biased but I kind of think it does.

So now I had a name, I just had to come up with the actual designs!  The stories behind which will have to wait a day or two.