a quilt in time

hello robin


Or for another title, how about 'Yep! I stitched another embroidery' (most likely when I really should have been concentrating on something else entirely).

Or Yep! I really do have robin fever and am addicted to stitching and drawing the little rosy bellied souls.


I'm starting to think my motto could be 'there's always room for another stitch' (or maybe that could be my epitaph??).


Any how if you are feeling a little urge to festive stitch the hours away yourselves, you can find a new set of Crimble-tastic patterns right here.  These are all fairly tiny in size (about a couple of inches each way) because you don't need me to tell you how busy we are all about to get being all jolly and such in the weeks to come.

Now if only real snow was made of french knots (sigh).