Cherry Christmas!!!!!!!
vintage summer holiday

The ones that got away


Working on new fabric colours today, I pulled out a few of the strike offs of rejected colorways from 'A Walk In The Woods' and thought you might be interested in looking at them too.  It's interesting to think how different a collection can look re-coloured and how differently it could have been percieved if I'd released it this way.  Above are mostly warm colours, browns and darker pinks (including super girly foxes on pink).


And here are more brown versions with a few olives and a different version of the blue colourway.

I kind of like that they are darker and more intriguing than the chosen colours, in line with the tale itself.  But I feel we went along the right lines with the more nursery friendly colours of the final shades.

But what do you think??????  Do you like the idea of stranger and less obvious shades in fabric or do you like to play it safe???  Do you think of colours in terms of seasons or do find you buy the same shades year round?

I'm looking at colours for new fabric today so any input will help me greatly :)